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Technomarket Industrie nr. 61

made in Romania 52

made in Romania 52 technomarket – aprilie ‐ mai 2017

made in Romania ROMSEH TOOLS SC. Romseh TOOLS SRL. is a privately owned local company certified ISO 9001‐2008, which continued in 2001 to a smaller scale the activity of SC ROMSEH SA (est. 1/7/1971) and has a tradition of over 30 years in the production of, cutting, hydraulics, dies, matrix, various devices by client’s documentation. Our clients are companies from the engineering industry tools from Romania and abroad: • Companies from din Arcelor Mittal Group; • Delphi ‐ Diesel, Iasi; • Gonzales ‐ Mecanica de precizie, Floresti; • OMV‐Petrom • VDL Rotech‐ Arad • France – Mecan’outil, Setaram, etc.; • Sweden – KMT – Lidkoping, Lidan, UVA, Pullmax, Ursviken, Herber; • Germany – Krause‐Mauser, Wilke, PC Sommer, Wolf Maschinenbau; • Italy – MIMO, Biemme‐Ustensileria; • Switzerland – Muller‐Martini; • UK – Albon. • USA‐ Omni Valve Export production represents over 80% of the annual turnover. The company produces catalog products under the best price‐quality like: accessories for machine tools (mandrels, couplings, rotating tips, reducers, etc.), and as well pieces according to client documentation (dies, molds, machine tool parts, devices, various pieces). Having the advantage of highly skilled employees, the company is equipped with the following equipment: • Universal machine tools (lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, erosion machines, etc.). • CNC machines (centers, lathes, grinding machines); • Thermal and thermo‐chemical treatments; • Metallic coatings. All this is reflected in the high quality of products, guaranteeing long use for their functions. For technical and commercial details, please contact us at the above addresses and our specialists will be at your disposal. We are a company with tradition, results and a complex activity for domestic and export production General Director Ec. Marian Croitoru +40‐722.662.139 Technic & Commercial Director Dumitru Adjudeanu +40‐730.080.662 FOCSANI, Blvd. Bucuresti Nr. 16; Tel: +40 237.615.600; +40 237.216.473 Fax: +40 237.213.633 aprilie ‐ mai 2017 – technomarket 53

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