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MANHATTAN Burbon, Martini roso, Angostura, gheata Timp servire: Before diner SCURTA DESCRIERE: One of the finest and oldest cocktails, the Manhattan is truly a classic cocktail. . Apx 30% alcool . Recomandarea : Timp servire: All day CUBA LIBRE Spiced rum, lime, cola, gheata SCURTA DESCRIERE: Cuba Libre translated means “Free Cuba” and was popularized around the end of the Spanish-American War. This simple mixed drink is similar to a Rum & Coke, but the addition of fresh lime juice lightens up the drink and defines the Cuba Libre as a separate drink. Intre 13 – 18 % alcool Recomandarea : VODKA MIX Vodka, suc portocale / suc mere / suc cranberry, gheata Timp servire: All day SCURTA DESCRIERE: Combinatia va fi la alegerea invitatului. Arome/Gust: Portocale sau merisoare, mere, etc Recomandarea : JAGER CRANBERRY Jagermeister, suc cranberry, felie portocala, gheata Timp servire: After diner SCURTA DESCRIERE: Digestiv Apx 15.3% alcool Arome/Gust: mix plante, aromat-acrisor Recomandarea : 8

Timp servire: All day WHISKY ENERGY Whisky, Red Bull, gheata Recomandarea : TOKIO ICE TEA Vodka, rom, gin, melon liqeur, sweet&sour, sprite, gheata Timp servire: All day SCURTA DESCRIERE: Apx 21.3% alcool Recomandarea : LONG ISLAND ICE TEA Vodka, rom, gin,tequila, triple sec, sweet&sour, cola, gheata Timp servire: All day SCURTA DESCRIERE: Apx 24.3% alcool Recomandarea : GIN TONIC Gin, kinley, gheata Timp servire: All day Recomandarea : 9