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18 Who chooses our

18 Who chooses our products? Our products are recommended by Jean-Claude Le Joliff One of the creators of cosmetics line VISION Skincare, founder of R&D Chanel laboratory, international consultant on innovation of Hermes, Chanel, Dior and L'Oreal. “Participating in the creation of VISION Skincare cosmetics line is a pleasure. Excellent products for the beauty of any person. I have been working with the most successful cosmetics companies in the world for more than 30 years, and we were the first to combine this experience with the latest scientific achievements and to create something totally unique - absolutely natural anti-aging product.” Victor Tutelian Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Institute of Nutrition” of RAMS, RAMS academician, professor. “VISION participates in a study of quality of life of the population in different regions. VISION offers the most advanced methods, the latest technology, including extensive educational programs, to improve the quality of human life.” Leo Bokeria Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medical Sciences, leading Russian cardiac surgeon. “Health of the Nation is something especially important for the country, so that it could develop efficiently. VISION Company is highly respected in this regard, because it deals with the problem of health of the population in our country.” Oz Garcia World-renowned expert in healthy nutrition, winner of the “Best Nutritionist of New York City” Award (2006), author of the bestseller about the proper diet. “VISION offers consumers an excellent line of dietary supplements, which could make the pride of any company engaged in health issues. But the most striking thing to me is that how important VISION headed by Dmitry Buriak is in the lives of many, many people.”

From discount card to financial independence 19 scientists, sportsmen and celebrities Tatyana Vasilyeva People’s Artist of Russia “I have been using VISION products for many years. First, I was presented with a wonderful Millennium Neo gel. It appeared to be extremely effective for my face. I used it at night and in the morning I felt great. So I began to buy it and use actively. I also tried VISION dietary supplements, and I really liked them. I think that out of all of the products that are sold today through multilevel marketing this one is the best. Both cosmetics and vitamins are perfect and of high quality.” Sergey Bezrukov People’s Artist of Russia “Yes, I take VISION dietary supplements and feel great. Of course, I cannot say that I had no energy before I knew about VISION, on the contrary, I have always been some kind of “Energizer”. God grant that dietary supplements help me to maintain this state for years to come.” Aiva Vysotsky Four-time Champion of Europe, three-time vice World Champion in bodybuilding “When you start taking new drugs, there are always some concerns related to doping control. But during all those years I have been using VISION dietary supplements, I had no single trouble. Moreover, I occasionally used the vitamins and mineral complexes of various companies and failed to achieve such a result as when using VISION.” Viktor Afanasyev Hero of the Soviet Union, Knight of the Legion of Honour, astronaut “If everyone starts taking VISION products, a man at the age of 120 years will cease to be regarded as long-liver.”

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