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22 What is

22 What is VISION Premium Club? VISION Premium Club Gazillion bonuses and minimum difficulties! ... why worth joining today? Using VISION products you will gain Healthy and attractive appearance Superb feeling every day Healthy family

From discount card to financial independence 23 VISION is beneficial to everyone! Well ... so what is the Premium Club? This is not only a convenient way to accumulate bonuses and receive advantageous discounts from the acquisition of useful and proven products! This is also the opportunity to receive money award by participating in the affiliate programs. You just recommend VISION Premium Card to friends and acquaintances and get special bonuses, gifts, as well as cars and vacations. discount 20-40% your discount on all products Gifts for each order Personal online account Personal consultant Valuable bonuses for recommendations even without personal selling How can I become a member of the Premium Club? To do this, you just need to order VISION Premium Card! Registration is available online at or in one of the trading companies (addresses at the end of the brochure). Contact your consultant using the contact details provided at the end of the brochure.

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