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24 Why become a member

24 Why become a member of the Club? Improve the quality of life starting from now! 1 You use VISION products at a special price You recommend VISION Premium Card to friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances 2 3 You receive bonuses, gifts and monetary prizes, as well as become a member of special programs of VISION Premium Club! 56% of the turnover is allocated to payments to the VISION Premium Club members ...and you can become one of them! 1 000 000$ or more - have already been earned by 127 most active members each! ... how to achieve this goal? Learn more!

From discount card to financial independence 25 CAR already in the third month of active participation +50 000 EUR Luxury Bonus to make your dream come true LUXURY VACATION payment of holidays at the best resorts in the world

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Мир гриля Weber 2016 Inspiration Magazine
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