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34 What kinds of

34 What kinds of discounts and bonuses are available to members of the Club? 2nd way: Through orders of your customers in the online store at a retail price Each order made on your recommendation in the online store using your Consultant Code increases your Personal Volume (PV), and, accordingly, your discount. your Consultant Code PV Senior Consultant 3rd way: Through orders of your partners with the status of Premium Customer and Consultant Personal Group Volume (PGV) is the sum of your PV and PV/PGV of Premium Customers and Consultants who are part of your team, except for PGV of partners with the status of Senior Consultant. Premium Customer 47.5 CV PGV 190 CV 40% Consultant PGV 95 CV Premium Customers PV 47.5 CV Senior Consultant PV 47.5 CV Consultant 95 CV Consultant 47.5 CV Premium Customer 47.5 CV Senior Consultant Consultant Premium Customer

From discount card to financial independence 35 What are the benefits and profits you receive at each stage of the Premium Club? The higher your PV/PGV, the higher is your partner status in VISION Premium Club, and, respectively, discounts and bonuses. Your status PREMIUM CUSTOMER Your status CONSULTANT Your status SENIOR CONSULTANT PV 47.5 CV PGV 95 CV PGV 190 CV Your discount – 20% Your discount – 30% Your discount – 40% 5% under Loyalty Program 20% Recommendation Bonus 5% under Loyalty Program 30% Recommendation Bonus Return Bonus up to 10% Consultant Bonus up to 10% 5% under Loyalty Program 40% Recommendation Bonus Return Bonus up to 20% Consultant Bonus up to 20% Unilevel Bonus and Development Bonus! You receive 5 to 15% of PGV of your Senior Consultant to the bank account. You will receive bonuses, gifts and earnings in the end of the month

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