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36 What kinds of discounts and bonuses are available to members of the Club? Receive gifts and bonuses together with discounts! Gifts under Loyalty Program 5% of the amount of PV is awarded to you under the Loyalty Program. You can spend these bonuses for gift products in the following months! Recommendation Bonus You can accumulate or increase PV through the customers’ orders on your recommendation in the online store using your Consultant Code. Thus you get a Recommendation Bonus - 5 to 40% of the profits from sales in the online store. The company registers a purchase, delivers the product to the customers - and the income is yours! Your personal orders 0 € Senior Consultant PV 190 CV 40% If the orders of your customers in the online store at a retail price totaled 190 CV within a month your Recommendation Bonus 163.2 € (40% of the order) Your investment in this case 0 € Return Bonus If within a month you increased your PV from 47.5 CV to 95 CV or 190 CV, you will receive a Return Bonus of 10 to 20% of the orders that you have made personally at the price of Premium Customer or Consultant. Consultant Bonus You get it in the amount of 10 to 20% of the orders of your partners. It’s the difference between your discount for the month and the discount of your partners in the status of Premium Customer or Consultant. * Money accumulated in the Bonus Account can be used to purchase products in the following months. CV of these purchases will be added to your PV. ** Percentage on these bonuses is calculated of the retail price and the exchange rate of purchased products.

From discount card to financial independence 37 You can invite friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbors to VISION Premium Club. As soon as one of them becomes a Club member, you will become his/her personal consultant and he/she - your partner, who... Buys VISION products for himself/herself at a discount of 20 to 40% Recommends products to other people and receives bonuses Invites new members to the VISION Premium Club You can have any number of Premium Customers, Consultants and Senior Consultants. It is enough to give your friends a VISION Premium Card or share your referral link to sign up for the VISION Premium Club. Premium Customer Senior Consultant

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