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40 What kinds of

40 What kinds of discounts and bonuses are available to members of the Club? You can get any product for free! PV= 20% Senior Consultant 47.5 CV 20% 20% 20% 47.5 CV 47.5 CV 47.5 CV PGV 190 CV 40% By inviting just three Premium Customers to VISION Premium Club, you get 100% rate of return and purchase products for bonuses. Congratulations, your PGV is 190 CV, so now you are a Senior Consultant and may participate in receiving additional bonuses and monetary awards to the bank account! 100% rate of return and plenty of gifts!

There is still a lot of interesting to learn! BOOSTER If the amount of your one-time order is 475 CV and more, you will receive the products as a gift for 95 CV at the time of order! From discount card to financial independence 41 ... if you are making progress quickly and have become a Senior Consultant, you can get even more gifts. VOLUME BOOSTER If your PGV in the past month was 600 CV and more, you get products for free for 120 CV*! Gifts with a total value of 110 - 140 € Gifts with a total value of 135 -180 € Volume Booster Program PGV = 600 CV Gift products for 120 CV Senior Consultant 47.5 CV 95 CV 75 CV 82.5 CV 47.5 CV 50 CV 60 CV 47.5 CV 47.5 CV 47.5 CV * Gifts are provided at the end of the month as a part of the next order.

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