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44 How to receive

44 How to receive monetary remuneration monthly? What is VIP status? ... and what are its benefits You are professionally involved in VISION Premium Club you have your own strong team of Consultants, Premium Customers and Senior Consultants Possibility of 100% return on purchases Now you can take care of your body profitably Income to bank account is several times more than the income of a Senior Consultant How to get VIP status? GV1 1 140 CV PGV 190 CV Within one calendar month Be a Senior Consultant (PGV 190 CV) VIP Have three and more Senior Consultants in the first level (including compression) SC >190 CV SC >190 CV PC C C Have GV1 equal to 1140 CV, where GV1 is the sum of Personal Group Volume and PGV of Senior Consultants of the first level (including compression) SC >190 CV PC

From discount card to financial independence 45 Now you as a consultant with VIP status receive to your bank account: Unilevel Bonus VIP* 5 to 10% of PGV of your Senior Consultants from the first to the sixth level YOU are VIP Consultant and receive a commission 2 times more than a Senior Consultant Senior Сonsultant VIP Сonsultant 5% First level 5% First level 5% Second level 5% Second level 5% Third level 10% Third level 5% Fourth level 10% Fourth level 5% Fifth level 10% Fifth level 10% Sixth level *Unilevel Bonus calculated from the turnover of New Senior Consultants, whose orders are used to pay the Development Bonus, is 5% from the first to the sixth level.

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