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48 How to receive

48 How to receive monetary remuneration monthly? How to get VIP 1Star status? ... if you help your partners to get VIP status - it will increase your income You are VIP Consultant You have 2 or more VIP Consultants in the first level in view of compression Turnover of your team in six levels (including your PGV) = 4000 CV* GV6 4 000 CV *it is called Group Volume Six VIP 1Star GV6 VIP SC SC SC SC VIP SC SC SC SC SC Now you, as a consultant with VIP 1Star status, receive to your bank account: Unilevel Bonus - 5 to 10% of PGV of your Senior Consultant from the first to the sixth level Infinity Bonus** - 1% of PGV of all your Senior Consultants Jump Bonus - 250 c.u. in case of meeting all the conditions within the first two months of the date of registration in VISION Premium Club Together with VIP 1Star status you get the opportunity to participate in VISION Auto Program and get a branded car priced at 10,000 EUR, fully or partially paid by the Company! ** The amount of Infinity Bonus of the partner with VIP 1Star status and higher does not include the amount of Infinity Bonus of partners in his/her team.

From discount card to financial independence 49 Development Bonus VIP 1Star Development Bonus continues to increase and may range from 5 to 20% of PGV of your New Senior Consultants who have reached this status for the first time. 5% 20% 20% VIP 1Star 10% 10% goes to the first upline sponsor in the status of Senior Consultant 5% goes to the first upline sponsor with VIP status 15% VIP NSC PC PC 10% 5% NSC NSC NSC goes to the first upline sponsor with VIP 1Star status Development Bonuses are added together! If the first upline sponsor of New Senior Consultant has VIP 1Star status, he/she receives a Development Bonus of 20%. +10% as Senior Consultant +5% as VIP +5% as VIP 1Star

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