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70 VISION Vision International People Group was founded in 1996 and is one of the largest companies in the health and beauty industry, which now offers innovative products of its own production in the world market. Please contact your personal consultant for more information: Full Name Your Consultant’s ID Phone E-mail Registration in VISION Premium Club

HOW IT WORKS? 1. You ordered a Premium Card and received a discount 2. Order VISION products in the online store or trading companies 3. Tell a few friends about the VISION Premium Card 4. Get your bonus on further purchases 5. Receive money to a bank card 6. Get additional vacation paid by the Company, a new car, other awards

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Мир гриля Weber 2017 Inspiration Magazine
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Suspension rubber parts for special machinery - Резинотехнические запчасти для спецтехники
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Мир гриля Weber 2016 Inspiration Magazine
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