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8 What is

8 What is VISION People throughout the world trust us! What else do you need to know about VISION? 1996 - the year the Company was founded Russia, CIS countries, Europe and Asia – official representative offices Delivery to any part of the world is carried out by the Company Regular customers from more than 55 countries: Russia, Germany, Israel, Japan, Bulgaria, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, Vietnam, Poland, India, Australia, UK, China, USA, CIS countries and others. Delivery to more than 3,600 localities in Russia and CIS Buyers of VISION products… 34% men 66% women 28% family couples

Part 2 What you need to know about VISION products Why our products are safe and effective? What can you find in the range of VISION products? Who chooses our products? Why working with our products is easy and comfortable?

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