Målgruppsanalys - BADA


Målgruppsanalys - BADA

Our purpose with this report is to define Salming Underwear’s new intended target group and

how the market perceives the brand. We intend to shift the focus and approach to the

traditional target group and open up the company to new opportunities.

In order to fulfill the purpose we chose to do an extensive survey with representatives from

both existing as well as non-existing customers of Salming Underwear.

The results of our study show that Salming are having trouble communicating their brand

value out to customers. Their core values are "No Nonsense" and affordable underwear,

which is not consistent with how consumers perceive the brand. It was also found that the

majority of costumers were not interested in being placed in a target group based by age. They

were only interested in comfort and price. One option we present is that Salming can turn to a

non-age dominant audience and highlight the function and comfort of their products out to the

market instead.

The conclusion to be drawn from our study is that the target group analysis is difficult and

that there is not a template that works for every company. However, we can due to our survey

present a potential target group for Salming Underwear and suggestions on how a company

can change its approach to the target audience.

Key words: Target group, Salming Underwear, Market Analysis, Communication


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