Examensarbete Sven Marklund.pdf - Svenska ESF-rådet


Examensarbete Sven Marklund.pdf - Svenska ESF-rådet


Author: Sven Marklund

Title: Trainees and well-being – the look on long time unemployed trainees on the

workplace. [translated title]

Supervisor: Max Koch

Assessor: Agneta Hedblom

The purpose of this study was to compare what trainee supervisors think of long

time unemployed trainees. Two groups were compared, one group that had gone

through a course in improving their psychosocial work environment and one

control group that shares the same characteristic but hasn't had the same course.

The study was based on seven semi structured interviews, where four of the

interviewees have had the work environment course, and three hadn't had it. The

perspective used in the analysis was based on parts of Warr's vitamin analogy

model. Warr's theory contains twelve environment characteristics that all are

necessary for peoples' well-being at work. Five of the twelve environmental

'vitamins' were used to analyze the data from the seven interviews. The following

five characteristics were used: Opportunity for personal control, externally

generated goals, environmental clarity, contact with others and supportive

supervision. The conclusions made were the following: The persons who had

attained the course in improving psychosocial work environment showed in the

interviews a more understanding point of view towards long time unemployed

traines compared to the control group.

Key words: work environment, activation programs, unemployment, vitamin

analogy, trainee, well-being

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