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Rapport - Teknisk Design

Rapport - Teknisk Design


CHALMERS TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLA, Teknisk Design, Kandidatarbete, PPUX03, 2010Produktutveckling av klädvårdsskåp-med förskolemiljön i fokusKandidatarbete i Teknisk designMARIA ARVIDSSON, SOPHIE KANERVA,NADJA LEJON, KARIN LJUNGBERG,MARIKA OLSSON OCH MARIA WIDING© MARIA ARVIDSSON, SOPHIE KANERVA, NADJA LEJON, KARIN LJUNGBERG,MARIKA OLSSON OCH MARIA WIDING, 2010Kandidatarbete PPUX03Institutionen för Produkt- och ProduktionsutvecklingAvdelningen Design & Human FactorsChalmers tekniska högskolaSE-412 96 GöteborgSverigeTelefon: + 46 (0)31-772 1000Omslag:Slutkoncept; Ställning i skåpTryckeri / Institutionen för Produkt och ProduktionsutvecklingGöteborg, Sverige 20104 Maria Arvidsson, Sophie Kanerva, Nadja Lejon, Karin Ljungberg, Marika Olsson, Maria Widing

ABSTRACTThe project was conducted as a thesis project at bachelor level, for Knycer AB. The aim was to furtherdevelop a clothes care unit for a preschool environment. The assignment covered the rack and cabinet asa whole, but also the development of modules and a folding clothes rack. The clothes care cabinet usesdehumidification technique to dry clothes, something the project group has not developed further.During the development great emphasis was placed on flexibility and foldability. By shipping the rack ina flat package it is possibile to buy separate racks without the cabinet, this gives the opportunity to haveseveral racks per cabinet. A flat package also allows better storage and shipping possibilities that are betterfrom an economic and environmental point of view.The concept is based on user studies and interviews at preschools where the use of existing products wasstudied. The needs from preschools and the user’s behavior of hanging clothes resulted in concepts ofmodules which will enable users to hang the clothes correctly, without stopping the flow of air. The studiesshowed that there is a need for larger units than the 600 mm wide cabinets available today thus a 1000 mmwide cabinet was developed.To separate the clothes care unit from other cabinets on the market, doors with a curved surface weredesigned. This gives the cabinet a different expression as well as additional storage in the door.Within this project, the product Torka Smart has been further developed by optimizing use of space,improving the way of hanging and creating a design that attracts the targeted group. The result was a widercabinet for enhanced space, a flexible and mobile rack, instructive coloration and modules optimized forgloves and boots, all this corresponding to preschools needs and requirements.Keywords: drying cabinet, clothes care unit, rack, care of clothes, drying, dehumidificationPRODUKTUTVECKLING AV KLÄDVÅRDSKÅP -med förskolemiljön i fokus 5

Teknisk Kommunikation - Design
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