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The Silence of the Shadows

Programmheft zur Abschlussveranstaltung: Das Schweigen der Schatten Poesie & Zeitgenössische Musik (In deutscher Sprache und schwedischer Übersetzung) Duo TonSatz & Gäste Composer's & Writer's Residency-Programm Eine Kooperation zwischen VICC and BCWT. 11. Mai 2018| 20:00 Uhr | Almedalsbiblioteket Cramérgatan 5 | 621 57 Visby | Schweden

Eva Batt Composition &

Eva Batt Composition & Piano Born in 1965 in Hamburg, lives in Homberg/Ohm (Germany). Member of IAWM (International Alliance for Women in Music), Society Schreibwerkstatt Marburg and MELODIVA (female music networking/Frankfurt). Composer of contemporary music incorporating stylistic elements from jazz, classical & world music. Piano Studies Berklee College of Music in Boston/USA Jazz- and Rock-School Freiburg/Germany Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz /Germany (Diploma Jazz and jazz-related music) Additional education Congas/Cajón, electric bass, functional vocal education Awards / Grants / Residencies 2018 Artist-in-Residence at the invitation of artbellwald und Canton of Valais / Switzerland 2018 Composer-in-Residence at the invitation of VICC – Visby International Centre for Composers / Sweden 2017 Artist-in-Residence at Centre d'Art Marnay Art Centre (CAMAC)/France (sponsored by the Fondation Ténot) 2017 Soltau Artist´s Follow-up-Scholarship / Germany 2015 Soltau Artist´s Scholarship / Germany 1999 Jugend jazzt with her schoolboy's combo (2nd place) 1996 Jugend jazzt with her schoolboy's combo (2nd place) 1989 1st German federal music party / Trier (1st place) 4

Composer & Pianist Eva Batts' compositions arise from a deep need to transform experiences, feelings and atmospheres into a musical language. As a pianist, she fascinates by the change from lightness and transparency to powerful attacks. Playful presence gives rise to atmospheric density. Her literary scorings are "translations" from word to sound; transmissions of concrete literary statements and/or unspoken intentions between the lines. Duo TonSatz Because of Eva Batt’s particular focus on literature and her intention to tell stories with her music, it was only a consequent decision to form a musicalliterary duo together with author Christiane Schwarze. The artists gave her duo the programmatic name: “TonSatz”… one of her stands for the sound, the other for the words. Since 2000 both compose and write explicitly for each other. That is to say, their works relate directly to each other. With the interdisciplinary works of art, Eva Batt and Christiane Schwarze want to build a bridge between artistic aspiration and social commitment. (More Information: Releases Four literary-musical audio books with her Duo TonSatz 2015 Café Zeitvergessen 2013 Wie ein Augenzwinkern der Zeit 2003 Losgehen und Möglichkeiten atmen 2001 Als Wir Uns Trafen Other CDs 1999 Step By Step / EVA BATT Trio 1993 It never ends / Tin Roof Rusted 5