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00Trilye sayi30_Layout 1 - Trilye Restaurant

Famous People Visit

Famous People Visit TrilyeEVERYBODY’S ELDER BROTHERSyzmanski turned bright red and responded,“I was actually quite offended to saysuch a thing. But I swore on the holy bookthat I would tell the truth.”Hikmet Çetin has served at the highestlevels of responsibililty, but as he rose topower, he never lost his modesty, and is anincredibly valuable politician. After graduatingfrom the Social Sciences Faculty ofAnkara University, Çetin began his duties atthe State Planning Organization, where heprovided analysis on many countries, includingthe United States. Later, he completedhis Master’s Degree at Williams College inthe United States in DevelopmentEconomics.SUCCESSFUL MINISTRYOF FOREIGN AFFAIRSIn the 1940s, Notre Dame midfielder Szymanskitestified as a witness in a case.The judge asked, “Are you playing for Notre Damethis year?”“Yes sir.”“In what position?”“Midfielder sir.”“How good are you at playing as a midfielder?”Szymanski shuffled a bit and said, “Sir, I am the bestmidfielder that Notre Dame has seen to date.”In the courtroom, coach Frank Leahy took his place,and was shocked. Szymanski was always humble, aplayer who never recognized his own value.After the deposition, Szymanski retreated to a corner,and was asked why he responded in such a way.In 1988, he was a researcher on the subjectof Planning Models at Stanford Universityin California. After serving as a professorat Middle East Technical University, between1991 and 1994, Hikmet Çetin trulyshined, as he became the Minister ofForeign Affairs, and the envy of the opposition.Everyone was his fan. Between 1997 and 1999,it cannot be denied that as President of the GrandNational Assembly, Çetin created a structure thatembraced all people of the world. Because of theinfrastructure and equipment, General Secretariat ofCHP (Republican People’s Party), Çetin held a specialplace as a type of head advisor to President SüleymanDemirel’s foreign policy.FISH TO AFGHANISTANFor being born in a city without a seaside, HikmetÇetin is quite fond of fish and seafood. In January of2004, he began his dutes as Senior CivilianRepresentative of NATO in Afghanistan. On a lunchoccasion with me once, with the same kindness as74

always, the time came for our farewell.I said to him, “I will not leave you withoutfish in Kabul.” On a special occasion,I sent him a package of sea bass sofresh, as if it were just caught, thatwhen he opened it, he was so happyand immediately called to thank me.Hikmet Çetin always utters the words,“Stability equals success.” Çetin, who isthe most experienced name in Turkishpolitics, and is the most unique namethat everyone calls on for subjects thatare ever present.WISDOM IN WORKOnce upon a time, when thePresidential elections were at a hopelessdeadlock, the first name to come tomind in the parliament was HikmetÇetin.“Who should head the CHP?”“Who can save the left?”“Who is the most reliable name inNATO?”“Who should go to Afghanistan?”“Who should Sarıgül establish theparty with?”“Who should head the HighCouncil for the Prevention ofTerrorism?”“Who should be the head of theFootball Federation?”“Who should be the head ofBeşiktaş?”The answer to these and other suchquestions was always, “Hikmet Çetin”.What a great feeling to be the namethat is called upon for any subject, tobe a big brother to everyone.Let alone the fact that people likeHikmet Çetin are a rare find in ourcountry, in the best of times and worstof times, we are glad to have our elderbrother, Hikmet Çetin....AND THE SWANSRETURNED TOTHEIR HOMEThe swans of Kuğulu Park, which was the location of theTaksim Gezi Park protests in Ankara, that were transferredout of the park to protect them from the gas that was usedby the police have been returned to their home after 40 daysat Ördekli Park. Çankaya Mayor Bülent Tanık released themto the pond one by one. Mayor Tanık said, “It is just asimportant for these swans to be returned to the home thatthey have missed as is for Ankarans. For every Ankaran, thispark is a memory, a mark of history.”THE PARK OFTHE STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOMIn mentioning that Kuğulu Park, which has a 40 year historyof being a park of love, Mayor Tanık emphasized that thepark is now a park of the struggle for freedom, stating, “Asmany other cities in Turkey, Ankara is without a main square.Nonetheless, the youth have given the parks a new identity.I view the clever movement to change the parks intospaces for discussion and resistance spaces with respect andadoration.”75

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