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Konfeksiyon Teknik Şubat 2018


ENGLISH 80 KONFEKSİYON TEKNİK ŞUBAT | FEBRUARY | 2018 I always carried through with promises I made no matter what the cost was. Malkan still practices this principle without compromise today.” The after sales services are the same. Services are provided quickly and efficiently from our own structure within the warranty period and through authorized services established in provinces and districts after the warranty period. A 1971 model machine is still functional and its spare parts are still available in our warehouse.” How do you see the future of the textile industry? “The textile and garment industries are a must for our country. The knowledge and experience gained over the years, its geographical location, fast service and young work force will carry the sector further forward. The acceleration of increase in the export rates measured every year show this. We have been through crises at various times. Importer companies have tried countries with cheap labor like China, India and Bangladesh but they have returned to Turkey because they could not find the same drive and quality as they do here. This is why I say this industry will not end.” What plans do you have for the next 5 years? “First of all a new factory. Our factory is not enough for us anymore. We cannot fulfill the orders. We need a new factory with new production technology. We plan to increase our staff of 145 to 200 and increase our professional training. We plan to increase the number of machines produced. We plan to increase our market share in countries where there is a concentration of European companies and the garment sector. Does Malkan have cooperation for research and new technologies? “The industrial type iron equipment production, which started in the 70s in Turkey with Malkan, existed 50 years before us in the US and Europe. German and Italian irons are still more widespread and dominant in the world market. But with the progress made by Malkan Makine in the last 15 years, it is a fact that it is among the top brands in the global market. Interest in Malkan is growing more all the time because we don’t just sell machines, we share knowledge and experience. We present them with solutions to improve in all processes from cutting to ironing, from interim ironing to final ironing that directly impact their production quality. We make sure they get the best products that support these recommendations. We are one of only 3 companies in the world that can create template designs according to the model and needs of the customer. This makes the customer’s product more unique. We guide the customer through every stage, from delivering the product to commissioning it. This may be easy to do in the domestic market but we also provide this to all of our foreign customers abroad. We use materials and equipment recognized throughout the world with proven quality in our products. We have TUV and CE declarations and certificates showing that we produce all products at European norms. We were the first to earn a TSE certificate. These are processes that take a significant amount of time, labor and cost. While undertaking all these, Malkan still manages to present quality products to the market at more affordable prices than its European rivals. This makes the interest of our customers grow more every day. Also the Malkan R&D and Design team is comprised of 10 experienced and specialized engineers, making up 6% of the total number of employees. This is a very significant rate considering the average rate of R&D employees expressed in percentages for Turkey. The product development process that starts with 3D solid modeling in our R&D and Design department continues with prototype production, testing and acceptance stages under customer conditions and finally the industrial production stage before presenting products to the market. We have 9ad Industrial R&D projects on the subject of TÜBİTAK supported technological products realized in the last 10 years. We also receive Industrial Application Project support from KOSGEB for these projects that we have TÜBİTAK support for on the prototype production.” I thank you on behalf of company for visiting us, for contributing to the development of our sector and providing information. We wish you success in all your endeavors.

Gazete baskılarında Türkiye’nin en geniş web ofset makine parkur ağına sahip olan“İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş.” bünyesinde, Türkiye gazetesi başta olmak üzere, günlük olarak çok sayıda ulusal ve yerel gazeteyi, 6 bölgede bulunan tesislerimizde basmaktayız. Heatsetlerde (63 kesim günlük 800 bin forma), (58 kesim günlük 800 bin forma) yüksek üretim kapasitemiz baskı makinelerimizdeki üretim özellikleri sayesinde siparişlerinizi terminlerine uygun ve kaliteli bir şekilde hazırlayıp teslim ediyoruz. Modern renk kontrol ve izleme-denetim sistemleri ile maksimum renk kalitesine ulaşılmakta kokulu sayfalar, özel renkler ve silikon uygulamaları ile siz müşterilerimize farklılık kazandırmaktadır. WEB OFSET İhlas Matbaacılık Baskı Tesisleri, tabaka ofset baskı alanında sektörün önde gelen isimleri arasındadır. Tabaka ofset baskı makine parkurumuzun zenginliği ve profesyonel ekibimiz sayesinde tek renkli işlerden, çok renkli işlere kadar her türlü baskılarınızı uluslararası standartlara göre yapmaktayız. Mürekkep kontrolü ve renk yönetim sistemleri ile çalışan tabaka ofset baskı makinelerimiz; laminasyon çeşitleri ile de hizmet vermektedir. DÜZ OFSET İhlas Matbaacılık Baskı sonrası tesislerde. Modern makine, ekipmanları ve kalifiye personelimiz ile hizmet vermekteyiz. Amerikan cilt, iplik dikiş, mukavva taslama cilt, iplik dikiş flexi kapaklı cilt, tel dikişli cilt (tel-omega) spiral cilt, işlere çeşitli fonksiyonlarla birlikte yapılmaktadır. MÜCELLİT İhlas Matbaacılık, ambalaj alanında da faaliyetlerine başlamıştır. Baskılı ve baskısız dopel koli, krome karton ve sıvamalı kutu üretimini bünyesinde toplayarak, ürün yelpazesini daha da genişletmiştir. AMBALAJ “İşi profesyonellerine bırakın” Merkez Mah. 29 Ekim Caddesi İhlas Plaza No:11 A / 41 Yenibosna / İSTANBUL - TÜRKİYE Tel.: + 90 212 454 30 00 Detaylar İçin:

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