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Konfeksiyon Teknik Şubat 2018


ENGLISH 86 KONFEKSİYON TEKNİK ŞUBAT | FEBRUARY | 2018 Parcel Monart was transformed into a completely different state No limits on advertising and promotions with Monart... Meet the specially designed new ‘wheeled box’! There are a limited number of models and functionality in mind. Monart Packaging have the infrastructure to meet the production demands of different packing boxes, they don’t produce only products but also they find solutions. Murat Çıkan of Monart Packaging introduces us to an innovative product that is newly designed and can be the favorite product of the fair. Who wants to introduce himself more? Murat Çıkan tells this product that Monart Packaging designed special for exhibition considering both the company and the customer, as follows; ‘’Every company which attach great importance on brand awareness can use. This product you can think of like a wheel catalog is a ‘wheeled box’ . The main features of this box are as follows; • Fully environmentalist • Each side can be advertised visually • Provides ease of transport for visitors in terms of wheel formation • Space-saving, affordable Aims to exports more in 2018! Planning to increase the export volume in year 2018, the brand, is hopeful for 2018 with rapid growth rate.

87 ENGLISH KONFEKSİYON TEKNİK ŞUBAT | FEBRUARY | 2018 COTTON USA to unveil the latest apparel innovations at Première Vision See What’s new in cotton at the COTTON USA booth in Hall 6, at Première Vision in Paris from 13-15 February 2018. COTTON USA will feature new blended technologies in U.S. cotton apparel that could drive sales growth. “What’s new in cotton is our new platform to show COTTON USA’s commitment to innovation,” Cotton Council International (CCI) Executive Director Bruce Atherley said. “We introduced this platform in apparel at Première Vision in September 2017, and we are excited to bring this back to this spring’s show. The mission of this program is to inspire the textile industry to think about new, innovative waysto use U.S. cotton, so we are thrilled to share new ideas, technologies and opportunities with our partners at Première Vision to help them see the potential that U.S. cotton can add to their business.” COTTON USA also invites attendees to visit the booth to learn how to license the COTTON USA Mark, which quantitative consumer research proves is of high value to consumers and can drive both preference and higher prices. In a recent global consumer study conductedin the EU, North America, China and India, the COT- TON USA Mark was preferred by a 4-1 margin over a 100% cotton label. Furthermore, nearly 2/3 of consumers said they would be willing to pay more money for products with the COTTON USA Mark. The booth will also give visitors a closer look at U.S. cotton’s sustainability, quality, transparency, premium value and innovation, as well as the ongoing COTTON USA Sourcing Programs that match U.S. cotton buyers and suppliers throughout the supply chain.

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