HTE March 2023

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6<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

Home Textile Exports<br />

Group Chairman<br />

Publisher<br />

Managing Editor<br />

(Responsible)<br />

H.Ferruh ISIK<br />

ISTMAG Magazin Gazetecilik<br />

Yayıncılık İç ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.<br />

Mehmet SOZTUTAN<br />

(mehmet.soztutan@img.com.tr)<br />

Life is going on,<br />

Advisory Board<br />

Osman Nuri CANIK<br />

Ufuk OCAK<br />

Hilmi GULCEMAL<br />

Pınar TASDELEN<br />

Ayse Mehtap EKINCI<br />

let’s go to Almaty<br />

We woke up to a nightmare on 6 <strong>March</strong> before we set on the way<br />

to Almaty for Home Deco fair. We are now en route with a broken<br />

hearth and extremely sad because of the severe earthquake hit<br />

and devastated the southern part of Turkiye. Still, the life is going<br />

on and our responsibilities increased more.<br />

As we do for many years, we are attending the Home Deco Fair<br />

organized by Turkel in Almaty. This important event offers a good<br />

opportunity for promoting home textile and interior design products<br />

to all Central Asia regions through representatives of reliable<br />

wholesaler companies and trade shops. We have prepared a<br />

special issue for this important event to display at the show and<br />

to promote the Turkish home textile and decoration products at<br />

the fair.<br />

We will continue running from one country to another with every<br />

issue of <strong>HTE</strong> magazine because we have a mission to promote<br />

our sector worldwide. As the most experienced and most professional<br />

media group of Turkiye, we have been proudly fulfilling<br />

our job. I am extremely thankful to our business partners and<br />

customers who have confidence to walk with us. Together we will<br />

heal the wounds caused by the earthquake and we will stand up<br />

stronger. May Allah protect our nation and our country from all<br />

tragedies.<br />

With the next issue, we will be in Italy for doing our job in iSaloni<br />

Super Salons in Milan and at Proposte fair held in Como.<br />

Editorial Consultants<br />

Correspondents<br />

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Sales Manager<br />

Technical Manager<br />

Art Director<br />

Chief Accountant<br />

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www.hometextile.com.tr<br />

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KONYA<br />


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Mehmet SOZTUTAN<br />


8<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />


Recycling is<br />

now in our<br />

bedrooms<br />

W<br />

Cottonbox presented<br />

its new collections,<br />

which it recycles and<br />

uses less water while<br />

producing, to the taste<br />

of consumers.<br />

With the awareness of building a “sustainable<br />

life”, Cottonbox adds energy to<br />

bedrooms with their Pouf Embroidery<br />

series by creating nature-friendly designs<br />

with its 2022/<strong>2023</strong> Autumn Winter Collection.<br />

Designed with the idea of being cheerful and positive<br />

makes life beautiful, the series displays a modern<br />

stance with its vibrant colors and stylish design.<br />

With its original design and quality production, setting<br />

the trends in home textiles, Cottonbox renews the energy<br />

of bedrooms with its Puff Embroidery series. Elio<br />

Copper & Black duvet cover set in the series integrates<br />

the romantic spirit of copper with the nobility of black.<br />

Liya Tile & Beige and Mirely Tile & Black duvet cover<br />

sets heat up the air of bedrooms with the warmth of<br />

tile color.<br />

Healthy Sleep with Cottonbox…<br />

Cottonbox brings simplicity and peace to homes with<br />

its new designs made from recycling and using less water<br />

to emphasize sustainability in home textiles. With<br />

its unique and innovative style, the brand brings new<br />

products obtained from recycling to its users with its<br />

respect for nature. Cottonbox, which carries out production<br />

at European standards in all printing and dyeing<br />

stages, balances body temperature through to its<br />

designs with high air permeability and breathable cotton-like<br />

surface. In this way, Cottonbox prevents the<br />

formation of allergies by preventing sweating during<br />

sleep and offers comfortable sleep through all seasons.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Hacıeyüplü Mah. 3128 Sok. No:4/A Merkezefendi/DENİZLİ +90(258) 265 31 80 www.mesahometekstil.com @home.mesa @ipeksihomecollection

10<br />


<strong>HTE</strong><br />

SweetNight launches<br />

Mobile Warming Blanket<br />

TThe Mobile Warming Blanket is a versatile<br />

blanket that can be used around the home,<br />

during light outdoor trips and at the office.<br />

The blanket is light for travel, foldable,<br />

hypoallergenic, wind/splash resistant and<br />

provides great heat insulation. In cold environments users<br />

can turn on the blanket’s built-in heating element by<br />

plugging it to a USB power bank for powered warming.<br />

“When we designed the Mobile Warming Blanket, we wanted<br />

a product that was not only versatile, but could provide<br />

more warmth when we needed it,” said SweetNight<br />

founder Tony Huang. “Since quality sleep and comfort are<br />

affected by temperature, you need a product that could<br />

help provide much needed insulation in a variety of indoor<br />

and outdoor situations. It is our hope that our customers<br />

would enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed<br />

the development process.”<br />

up as normal. You can reach and close the zippers easily<br />

from outside or within with its two-sided rotating zipper<br />

design.<br />

For added warmth you can connect a standard USB power<br />

bank to the USB Type-C connector to turn on the in-built<br />

heating element that is stitched into the back region of<br />

the blanket. The heating element provides safe warming<br />

at 60°C(140°F) indoors which automatically shut off after<br />

one hour to ensure comfortability.<br />

The blanket contains 700 fill power goose down while<br />

providing excellent heat insulation for the user. The fabric<br />

material is finished with Teflon providing resistance<br />

against wind, splash, and dust. What sets this product<br />

apart from your everyday blanket is that it is designed with<br />

the option to be worn like a vest. The blanket is made with<br />

zipper slits for both your arms and three clasp buttons so<br />

that you can secure the blanket, while you move or cover<br />

The brand also teased new products to come, “<strong>2023</strong> will<br />

be a big year for us as we transform the SweetNight brand<br />

from an affordable mattress company to an actual sleep<br />

solutions provider. We have been hard at work in the last<br />

three years to develop this new line of products and we<br />

want customers to understand how important finding a<br />

mattress that fits really is from the perspective of quality<br />

sleep,” said Tony.<br />

Having more than a decade of hard work, tireless research<br />

and understanding of quality sleep needs, SweetNight<br />

continues to bring quality sleep solutions to the world.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

14<br />


<strong>HTE</strong><br />

Bedsure announces the launch<br />

of its Spring <strong>2023</strong> Collection<br />

Bedsure, a global-leading home textile brand with diverse<br />

products that provides the utmost coziness, is excited to<br />

announce the launch of its Spring <strong>2023</strong> Collection with<br />

blooming flower patterns to cater to the <strong>2023</strong> Spring Trend.<br />

T<br />

The Bedsure Spring <strong>2023</strong> refreshed lineup<br />

is rich in design and texture. From lightweight<br />

quilts to cozy duvet covers and soft,<br />

breathable sheets, Bedsure has everything<br />

you need to create a comfortable and inviting<br />

atmosphere in your home.<br />

Some of the debuting Spring <strong>2023</strong> products include vibrant<br />

and blooming flower botanical patterns, such as:<br />

Bedsure Botanical Floral Duvet Cover Set: bring<br />

the beauty of spring into your bedroom<br />

The Bedsure Botanical Floral Duvet Cover Set features<br />

Bedsure’s most popular floral print design from its 2022<br />

comforter lineup. Inspired by the joyful spring energy, the<br />

refreshing and elegant floral design symbolizes the blooming<br />

spring season, and Bedsure is excited to expand the<br />

pattern into even more product categories, adding a fresh<br />

and inviting vibe to customers’ home spaces. The set includes<br />

a duvet cover and two pillow shams, all made from<br />

soft and durable brushed microfiber fabric. The floral<br />

print is a mix of green leaves and delicate flowers. This<br />

machine-washable duvet cover set makes a practical and<br />

stylish addition to any bedroom decor.<br />

Bedsure Farmhouse Floral Quilt Set: a lightweight<br />

quilt set that transforms your bedroom into a<br />

tranquil oasis<br />

The Bedsure Farmhouse Floral Quilt Set brings a peaceful<br />

farmhouse vibe into a modern bedroom with its delicate<br />

floral print design. Its elegant floral bouquet pattern creates<br />

a charming and serene ambiance in any space. Made<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

16<br />


<strong>HTE</strong><br />

with durable and lightweight microfiber, this lightweight<br />

quilt set provides the comfort of spring all year<br />

long. Experience the beauty of nature all year round<br />

with the Bedsure Floral Quilt Set.<br />

Bedsure Springtime Floral Comforter Set:<br />

experience a cozy and blooming spring vibe in<br />

your bedroom<br />

The Bedsure Springtime Floral Comforter Set features<br />

a delicate floral print design with green leaves and<br />

vibrant flowers, adding a touch of nature to your room<br />

and expanding the springtime vibe year-round. The<br />

comforter is filled with high-quality, hypoallergenic<br />

down alternative fill, providing warmth and comfort<br />

throughout the night. The Bedsure Floral Comforter<br />

Set is machine washable and easy to care for, making<br />

it a perfect addition to your bedroom decor.<br />

In addition to the botanical floral designs, Bedsure<br />

has also expanded its product lineup with traditional<br />

products for an elevated look and rich texture:<br />

Bedsure Tufted Embroidery Comforter Set: a<br />

cozy comforter now comes with the elegance<br />

of the classic tufted embroidery pattern<br />

The Bedsure Tufted Embroidery Comforter Set features<br />

delicate embroidery and a tufted design that<br />

adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom. Made with<br />

ultra-soft microfiber fabric and filled with plush down<br />

alternative, this comforter set provides exceptional<br />

comfort and warmth. Available in multiple colors and<br />

sizes, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your decor.<br />

Bedsure Washed Cotton Denim Duvet Cover<br />

Set: Add a touch of western vibe to your cozy<br />

space<br />

Bring a touch of fresh springtime to your bedroom<br />

with the Bedsure Washed Cotton Denim Duvet Cover<br />

Set. Made from 100% washed cotton, this duvet cover<br />

has a soft, lived-in look and feel for the season. A<br />

hidden zipper closure and eight interior ties keep your<br />

comforter in place for a comfortable night’s sleep.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

18<br />

EVENTS<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

Textile and raw<br />

materials of Türkiye<br />

Today, the Turkish textile and raw materials<br />

industry has competitive advantages in<br />

international markets, particularly in terms<br />

of its technology, extensive product range<br />

and the quality, design and creativity of its<br />

products. Turkish Ministry of Trade offers<br />

accurate information about the subject as<br />

follows<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

19<br />

HHaving the largest share in Turkish industrial<br />

production, the textile and readywear<br />

sector is one of the first established<br />

industries in Türkiye. Fabric, yarn and<br />

home textile industries constitute the<br />

huge Turkish textile and raw materials industry that has<br />

improved significantly in the last decades. Especially<br />

Turkish fabric and home textile industries have had a<br />

significant role in the world’s clothing and home textile<br />

markets in the last two decades. This sector is equivalent<br />

to the European Union in terms of processing<br />

capacity, modern technology, qualified workforce, and<br />

especially product quality.<br />

Today, the Turkish textile and raw materials industry<br />

has competitive advantages in international markets,<br />

particularly in terms of its technology, extensive product<br />

range and the quality, design and creativity of its<br />

products. In addition to its well-developed structure,<br />

it employs a highly skilled labor force. Moreover, the<br />

sector has great flexibility and ability to modernize its<br />

production, and adapt itself to new technologies. This<br />

ability allows the industry to reduce its reaction time<br />

to changes in consumer demand in international markets.<br />

Thus, the Turkish textile and raw materials industry<br />

satisfies its customers by meeting all their needs<br />

with the quality of its products together with its strong

22<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

EVENTS<br />

service ability of quick response and on-time delivery.<br />

All these features have enabled Turkish manufacturers<br />

and exporters to earn a good reputation in international<br />

markets.<br />

Textile production in international trade has emerged as<br />

an important segment since the Industrial Revolution. In<br />

2020, covid-19 negatively affected the textile industry<br />

as well as all other sectors all over the world. With the<br />

elimination of the devastating effects of the pandemic<br />

in 2021, textile exports increased by 4.6% all over<br />

the world compared to the previous year and reached<br />

381.3 billion dollars, even exceeding the pre-pandemic<br />

figures. When it is looked at the world trade of the textile<br />

sector, the leading exporter countries according to the<br />

their share of the world market are China (35,0%), India<br />

(6,9%), USA (5,3%), Türkiye (4,2%) and Germany (4,1%).<br />

While Türkiye’s textile exports increased by 31,0% in<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

24<br />

EVENTS<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

2021 compared to the previous year and increased<br />

to 16,2 billion dollars, it rose to the 4th rank with an<br />

4.2% share from the world market.<br />

Regarding to textile and raw materials imports;<br />

prominent countries are USA (with a 11,4% share),<br />

Vietnam (with a 7% share), China (with a 6,4% share),<br />

Germany (with a 4,8% share) and Bangladesh (with<br />

a 4,4% share) respectively. Compared to the previous<br />

year, Türkiye’s textile and raw materials imports<br />

in 2021 dropped to 9,98 billion dollars by the rate<br />

of 28,4% and it has maintained its place in the 7th<br />

in the world.<br />

Looking at the world’s major importers and exporters,<br />

it is revealed that developed countries do not<br />

actually leave the textile sector. It is observed that<br />

the largest textile importing countries are also textile<br />

exporters. It can be understood from the figures<br />

that developed countries still engage in production<br />

and trade of the textile and raw materials products.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

26<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

EVENTS<br />

Türkiye’s Textile and Raw Materials Sector<br />

Foreign Trade<br />

Considering the overall export performance of<br />

Türkiye’s textile industry over the years, it was realized<br />

as 9,4 billion dollars in 2010, 13,1 billion<br />

dollars in 2014 and 12,3 billion dollars in 2020. On<br />

the other hand, with the contraction in the global<br />

textile industry because of the covid-19 pandemic,<br />

negative effects were experienced in our exports of<br />

the textile and raw materials industry, as in all sectors.<br />

However, as a result of the pandemic directly affecting<br />

the purchasing decisions of global brands, especially<br />

orders from far east countries shifted to our country<br />

(nearshoring) and with the elimination of the negative<br />

effects of the pandemic in 2021, our exports of the<br />

textile and raw materials sector increased by 31%<br />

compared to the previous year and reached 16,2 billion<br />

dollars. Textile and raw materials sector is one of<br />

the sectors that have foreign trade surplus. The sector<br />

imports was realized as 9,4 billion dollars in 2010,<br />

8,6 billion dollars in 2015 and 7,7 billion dollars in<br />

2020. The sector imports, which has the same trend<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

28<br />

EVENTS<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

in recent decade, rose to 9,9 billion<br />

dollars by the rate of 28,4% compared<br />

to previous year.<br />

- Exports<br />

When the exports of the textile and<br />

raw materials sector are analyzed on<br />

the basis of countries, to which we<br />

exported the most in 2021 were USA<br />

(with 12,9% share), Germany (with<br />

7,7% share), Italy (with 7,25 share),<br />

United Kingdom (with 4,8% share)<br />

and Bulgaria (with 3,4% share), respectively.<br />

On the other hand, our<br />

main trade partner, EU27 (except<br />

United Kingdom) countries, increased<br />

by 33,8% in 2021 compared to the<br />

previous year and reached 6,6 billion<br />

dollars. Furthermore, it is seen that almost<br />

half of the Türkiye’s total exports<br />

are made to EU countries.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

30<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

EVENTS<br />

- Imports<br />

When Türkiye’s textile and raw materials sector imports<br />

is analyzed on basis of the countries, it is seen that<br />

China (with 17,7 % share), India (with 6,8% share), USA<br />

(with 6,2% share), Greece (with 5,2% share) and Brazil<br />

(with 5,1% share) were the most imported countries in<br />

2021, respectively. Moreover, total imports of the most<br />

20 imported countries constituted 83,4% of all world<br />

imports.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

36<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />


Lanorra on<br />

the way to<br />

be a world<br />

brand<br />

LLanorra is a brand recently<br />

founded by the<br />

couple Cristian and<br />

Zeynep in Istanbul. The<br />

brand, which makes<br />

post carpets from natural calfskin<br />

and fur products, also produces<br />

various decoration products and<br />

carpets. Cristian Ruiz and Zeynep<br />

Enöz, from whom we listened to<br />

the short story of the brand, announced<br />

that they want to make<br />

the brand known in the world in<br />

the coming period.<br />

Could you give us information<br />

about Lanorra?<br />

Lanorra Leather was founded in<br />

Istanbul in 2020 by Cristian Ruiz<br />

and Zeynep Enöz. We produce<br />

home decoration products and carpets<br />

using natural calfskin and natural<br />

fur. We personally select the<br />

best products from the best quality<br />

tanneries of Latin America and<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

38<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />


bring them to the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets.<br />

All hide and fur products, which we prepare with great<br />

care in our production line, adorn the homes of our<br />

customers with their unique design and quality workmanship.<br />

What are the features of your product?<br />

We aim to appeal to different tastes by constantly adding<br />

new products to our collection. In our main palette,<br />

there are products that we have designed entirely from<br />

genuine leather and fur, such as leather and fur carpets,<br />

throw pillows, runners, butterfly chairs, poufs.<br />

What kind of market is Turkey for hides and<br />

leather carpets?<br />

Can you mention about your export markets?<br />

The main countries we export to are Russia, Albania,<br />

Lebanon, Iraq and Canada. We want to increase this<br />

number in the coming period and export to different<br />

regions and countries. We do regional studies related<br />

to this, and we aim to expand our export market by<br />

participating in fairs.<br />

It has been a short time since we were founded. But<br />

we are very happy that Lanorra is the known face of the<br />

industry. The fact that we have a young and dynamic<br />

team affects this very much. We are excited and our<br />

goal is to see Lanorra in a place known to the whole<br />

world in the coming years.<br />

Turkey is a great marketplace for our products. Turkish<br />

people have traditionally already mastered the use of<br />

post. Unfamiliar customers get used to the comfort and<br />

convenience of natural hide very quickly when they use<br />

it for the first time. It also acts as a bridge in our sales<br />

to Turkey, the Middle East and the Balkan countries.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

42<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

EVENTS<br />

15th Homedeco<br />

Fair opens in<br />

Almaty<br />

15th HomeDeco Kazakhstan<br />

International Exhibition for Home<br />

Textile, Interior Design and Sleepwell<br />

will be held its traditional venue of<br />

Atakent Exhibition Center, 13-15<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

HHomedeco Kazakhstan will showcase<br />

the latest trends set in the home textile<br />

and interior design industry.<br />

Attending Homedeco <strong>2023</strong> will provide<br />

a good opportunity for exhibitors<br />

and visitors to trade on Home Textile and Interior Design<br />

goods addressing to all Central Asia regions through representatives<br />

of reliable wholesaler companies and trade<br />

shops.<br />

As an experienced event organizer in international markets<br />

in general and in the Central Asian countries in particular,<br />

Turkel promotes the event all around the world<br />

and arranges B2B meetings to generate a respectful<br />

amount of trade through the event. B2B meetings with<br />

buyer delegates and the key persons of the Industry from<br />

Kazakhstan and Turkey and neighborhood countries have<br />

already been arranged.<br />

81 exhibitors from 11 countries (Turkey, Kazakhstan,<br />

Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan, Belarus, Russia, India, Poland,<br />

Italy, China, Malaysia, India , Uzbekistan) on a gross area<br />

of 3.850 sqm will be exhibiting their latest products in<br />

the products categories such as interior fabrics, curtains,<br />

drapery and curtain hardware systems, window decoration<br />

accessories, sun-protection systems, carpets&flooring,<br />

bedroom textiles, smart bedding, bathroom textiles,<br />

kitchen textiles, home accessories, wallpapers to whole-<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

<strong>HTE</strong> 43<br />

EVENTS<br />

salers, retail shops, shopping mall authorities, hotels, interior<br />

design companies, studios, designers, academies,<br />

press, associations, government bodies, and general<br />

public.<br />

The fair makes a lot of sense for exhibitors because<br />

Kazakhstan is a petrol rich country with other various<br />

natural resources. It is also the commercial hub of the<br />

Central Asia and a fast growing market in terms of construction,<br />

textile, and automotive. The domestic production<br />

of the country is not so significant which makes<br />

Kazakhstan highly dependant on imports. Being very rich<br />

in the natural resources increases the overall GNP of the<br />

country and also affects the living standards of the Kazakh<br />

people enabling high purchasing power. The surrounding<br />

countries like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan<br />

are very much commercially bound to Kazakhstan which<br />

creates an immense potential for the exporters.

46<br />


<strong>HTE</strong><br />

German design award to<br />

Swan Sofa Set!<br />

Standing out with Enza Home’s unique style, Swan, the new<br />

sofa set, won the “Special” award in the furniture category at<br />

the German Design Award <strong>2023</strong>, one of the most prestigious<br />

design awards in the world.<br />

TThe winners of the German Design<br />

Awards <strong>2023</strong>, one of the most distinguished<br />

design awards in the world,<br />

given by the German Design Council,<br />

the German brand and design authority,<br />

have been announced. Enza Home was awarded<br />

the “Special” award in the category of “Furniture” for<br />

its unique designs by saying “You are the most” for<br />

those who are looking for more than just a piece of<br />

furniture.<br />

Having a timeless design, the Swan Sofa Set is fed<br />

by a simple, pure and fluid expression like its name.<br />

The calm structure in Swan’s strong design language<br />

provides the same feeling in terms of comfort. The<br />

angled arm structure supports the head to provide<br />

comfort during rest, while the height on the arms and<br />

back offers comfort. Swan’s high legs, which support<br />

a clear and clear stance, add elegance to the design.<br />

Consisting of 3 modules as 3-seater, 2.5-seater and<br />

wing chair, the Swan Sofa Set draws attention with<br />

its boucle fabric application and stylish metal leg design.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

15th International Exhibition for Home Textile,<br />

Interior Design and Sleep Well<br />

13-15<br />

MARCH<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Atakent Exhibition Centre<br />

Almaty / Kazakhstan



5-7 SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />

DUBAI / BAE<br />

www.turkel.com.tr<br />

arzug@turkel.com.tr<br />


SHOW<br />

17-19<br />

S E P T E M B E R<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />


52<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

EVENTS<br />

CIFF Guangzhou <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The doors are about to<br />

open wide!<br />

The 51st CIFF Guangzhou <strong>2023</strong> is ready to open its doors giving an enthusiastic<br />

welcome to all the players in the furniture, home textile and interior decoration industry<br />

and providing a concrete response to the major changes and new challenges<br />

at play in the market.<br />

F<br />

For thousands of years, Guangzhou has<br />

been an open and inclusive commercial<br />

hub. The city attracts businessmen who<br />

bring in their innovation and pragmatism.<br />

Located in Guangzhou, CIFF also shares the city’s characteristics,<br />

welcoming visitors from all over the world. As a<br />

global trade fair hosted by a direct subsidiary of China’s<br />

Ministry of Commerce and a comprehensive platform that<br />

covers the entire chain of the furniture industry, CIFF plays<br />

a crucial role for China’s furniture industry to open up and<br />

trade worldwide, disclosing the huge opportunities of the<br />

vast Chinese market.<br />

The situation in the last 3 years<br />

During the past 3 years it has not been convenient for<br />

international buyers to visit their Chinese clients at fairs.<br />

Despite of that, the accumulative export value of Chinese<br />

furniture and its parts exceeded 400 billion yuan from<br />

2020 to 2022. In 2021, the number hit a record high of<br />

477.19 billion yuan. Looking back at 2022, China’s economy<br />

grew by 3%, maintaining stability in employment and<br />

prices. The total import and export value exceeded 40<br />

trillion yuan for the first time, and reached 42.07 trillion<br />

yuan, with an increase of 7.7% year-on-year.<br />

Just as Mr. Liu He, Deputy Prime Minister of the State<br />

Council, stated in his speech at the World Economic<br />

Forum <strong>2023</strong> in January, Chinese economy will see an<br />

overall improvement this year, with a high probability of<br />

reaching a normal growth rate. It can be projected that<br />

imports will increase significantly this year, enterprises<br />

will increase investment and residents’ consumption will<br />

return to normal.<br />

The current entry policy<br />

As of 8th January <strong>2023</strong>, anyone arriving in China from<br />

abroad will be permitted entry without centralized iso-<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

53<br />

lation. Currently inbound passengers need only show a<br />

negative result from a molecular test done 48 hours before<br />

departure. Furthermore the number of international<br />

flights has been increasing steadily.<br />

“Integration” is the key-word<br />

In the last few years, CIFF Guangzhou has put great efforts<br />

on integration.<br />

The first integration relates to import and export. Currently,<br />

China is building a new development paradigm with domestic<br />

circulation at its core, and the domestic and international<br />

dual circulation mutually promoting each other.<br />

CIFF is the only exhibition in China that drives the domestic<br />

circulation as well as the international circulation for<br />

the furniture and interiors sector, being a bridge between<br />

China and the world.

56<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

EVENTS<br />

On one hand, CIFF firmly implements the national strategy<br />

of expanding domestic demand. China is a large economy<br />

on its way to becoming the world’s largest consumer<br />

market. In recent years, CIFF has taken precise measures<br />

to target domestic sales channels, helping both domestic<br />

and foreign exhibitors penetrate the Chinese market. In<br />

2021, the number of domestic visitors to the show exceeded<br />

350,000, reaching a record high.<br />

On the other hand, the new development paradigm featuring<br />

“domestic and international dual circulation” lets<br />

China to open up its doors even wider and wider.<br />

Before 2020, every edition of CIFF Guangzhou received<br />

over 30,000 overseas buyers from more than 200 countries<br />

and regions, definitely a great gathering for all furniture<br />

professionals worldwide. Over the past three years,<br />

CIFF has also actively expanded the circle of foreign trade<br />

friends, linking up with many of the world’s top buying<br />

groups and representatives of sourcing companies stationed<br />

in China. And the international media have never<br />

stopped promoting the fair globally, thus helping to promote<br />

high quality international trade.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

60<br />

EVENTS<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

The second integration relates to the full industry chain.<br />

CIFF Guangzhou consists of “three major sections”:<br />

Home Furniture, Office and Commercial Space, and<br />

CIFM/interzum guangzhou, which together form a powerful<br />

one-stop sourcing platform.<br />

The 51st CIFF Guangzhou <strong>2023</strong> will take place in two<br />

phases at the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou<br />

Pazhou, covering a total exhibition area of 700,000<br />

square meters and hosting 4,000 companies and<br />

brands.<br />

The first phase, between 18-21 <strong>March</strong>, dedicated to<br />

the Home Furniture section, will present an optimized<br />

layout and innovative design trends, green and health<br />

products, digital and smart technologies, and quality<br />

lifestyle. Area A will showcase home space, upholstered<br />

furniture and the “Design Spring CIFF Contemporary<br />

Design Exhibition” which will bring together the highest<br />

level of contemporary original Chinese design. Area B<br />

will focus on upholstery, dining and living room furni-<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

64<br />

<strong>HTE</strong><br />

EVENTS<br />

ture; this aims to provide domestic and foreign buyers a<br />

one-stop shop for large-volume purchases and for OEM<br />

and ODM products. Area C is for home decor and home<br />

textile; it will offer domestic and foreign buyers a full<br />

range of soft furnishing products and design services.<br />

The Poly World Trade Center Expo is for outdoor leisure,<br />

covering outdoor furniture, sunshade systems, leisure<br />

camping and other outdoor categories in full, creating<br />

a comprehensive sourcing platform with a leisure-style<br />

outdoor experience.<br />

During the second phase between 28-31 <strong>March</strong>, the<br />

Office and Commercial Spacesection as well as CIFM/<br />

interzum guangzhou will use the newly built hall in Area<br />

D. The overall exhibition scale will be larger than that in<br />

2019. Let’s expect an international event of high-standard,<br />

high brand-concentration and high-technology.<br />

Office and Commercial space will host top brands from<br />

home and abroad and lead the trend of green and low<br />

carbon. CIFM/interzum guangzhou will also present top<br />

names, showcasing cutting-edge technologies from the<br />

upstream industries.<br />

The third integration relates to online and offline, creating<br />

a highly effective trade platform for CIFF exhibitors<br />

and buyers globally. Since 2020, CIFF has created an<br />

“8+365” online and offline service to help businesses<br />

expand trade and secure orders. During the 8-day exhibition,<br />

CIFF will provide a full suite of services to VIP<br />

buyers. This covers food & beverage, accommodation,<br />

transportation and business matching. It will be also<br />

launched a special program named “Greater Bay Area<br />

Furniture Market Study” which provides customized itinerary<br />

based on visitor requirements. Foreign buyers can<br />

visit companies, factories and markets, enriching their<br />

business journey in China.<br />

In addition, CIFF offers uninterrupted trade and business<br />

matching services throughout the year: for example, the<br />

currently ongoing online business matching meetings,<br />

and a new function on CIFF website for overseas buyers<br />

to raise their requests all year round.<br />

The upcoming CIFF is China’s first global furniture fair this<br />

year. It will give full play to its full-supply-chain advantages<br />

and build a communication platform for greater cooperation<br />

and business opportunities.<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

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