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Volume 10 Number 5 September 2013





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Crime, fear and subjective well-being: How victimization and

street crime affect fear and life satisfaction

Michael Hanslmaier

Marriage and transitions between types of serious offending

for high-risk men and women

Nata/ie Mereer, Maria Vasilica Zoutewel/e-Terovan

and Yictor van der Geest

Migrants' perception of the police: Should it be a cause

for concern in Finland?

Egharevba Stephen and CrentsiJ Perpetual

Responding to denial, minimization and blame in correctional

settings: The 'real world' implications of offender neutralizations

Karen Bul/ock and Rachel Condry

Measuring gang membership in England and Wales: A latent

class analysis with Eurogang survey questions

Juanjo Medina, Judith Aldridge, Jon Shute and Andy Ross

Does vocational schooling facilitate criminal offending?

A study of educational tracking in Finland

Jukka Savolainen, Lorine A Hughes, Tuula M Hurtig, Hanna Ebeling

and Anja M TaaniJa

Who does what to whom? Gender and domestic violence

perpetrators in English police records

Marianne Hester









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