O projektu Cesty k účinnému fundraisingu - Neziskovky


O projektu Cesty k účinnému fundraisingu - Neziskovky

About the Project

About the “Approaches to Successful Fundraising”


The Spiralis civic association, together with its partner the NGO Information

Center (Informační centrum neziskových organizací), was involved with the

Approaches to Successful Fundraising project from January 2003 to June

2004. The project was supported by the European Union through the Civil

Society Development Foundation (Nadace rozvoje občanské společnosti), by

the Robert Bosch Foundation, by Philip Morris and the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Why did we take on this project at the beginning of 2003 We were

concerned, as were other non-profit organizations at the time, about the

approaching changes, some already implemented, in the arena of finance for

non-profit organizations. Such many changes were taking place at the same

time. Financial resources from American and multinational foundations as

well as from foreign embassies in the Czech Republic were coming to an

end. Channels were being prepared to allow the inflow of new European

resources. Public funds were being transferred from the ministries to the

regions. The regions continued establishing their own systems of grantmaking,

in some cases according to European Union standards. Change in the

financial environment of the Czech non-profit sector was underway and the

only certain thing was that nothing was certain.

The sole ambition of the Approaches to Successful Fundraising project was to

inspire and motivate non-profit organizations to think about their fundraising

more thoroughly and broadly, and provide them with the necessary

information and skills to be able to develop an effective and thorough

fundraising approach that would assure their long-term development.

What did we want to achieve

• Raise awareness in the non-profit sector about the current state of fundraising

in the CR.

• Expand NGOs’ knowledge of accessible financial resources and about the

“keys” (methods and mechanics) needed to open them.

• Improve the network of Czech fundraising tutors and consultants.

• Increase contact between Czech and foreign fundraisers.


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