The Country of Jordan

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The country of Jordan is an Arab Kingdom in the Middle Located on the East Bank of

the Jordan River; Syria to the North, Israel to the West and Saudi Arabia to the South

and East border Jordan. Jordan is about three-quarters the size of Pennsylvania and

slightly smaller than Indiana. The country shares a coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba,

which feeds into the Red Sea making Jordan nearly landlocked. The languages

spoken in the country of Jordan are Arabic and English, Arabic being the official

language and English being widely understood among upper and middle classes.

They are ethnically 98% Arab with Armenian and Circassia making up the other 2%.

92% of the population’s religion is made up of Sunni Muslim with Christianity making

up the other 6%. On May 25, 1945 they gained their independence from the League

of Nations mandate under British administration. The type of government they

engage in today is a constitutional monarchy with King Abdullah II as their monarch

and Abdullah Ensour as prime minister. The literacy rate for the country is Jordan is

on the greater side, sitting at a mighty 91%.

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