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Non-Powered Accessory Matrix

Non-Powered Accessory

Altus has made your accessory selection a snap. Find the cart you have selected. Under that, you will see which accessories are compatible with your selection. Accessory Matrix There is a limit to how many accessories can be configured with each cart. Please contact customer service to see how we can assist in your configuration. ACCESSORIES LEGEND: COMPATIBLE NOT COMPATIBLE INCLUDED LAPTOP CARTS HLC7P2 MPC-42P MPC-33P MPC-43P MPC-44P MPC-46P MED-80P2 CLP LCD CARTS HHC6P (P5/P6) HHC8P (P5/P6) HMC5P5 HMC7P (P5/P6) MPC-47P (P5/P6) MPC-58P (P5/P6) AB BCH-7 BCH-11 CCS CF CL CMH-PC CPC-5 CPC-8 CPC-8-BRK CPU-2 CT CW EP-1 HC-4 HC-5 HB HFH HN MH MPS-6 RB-2 RB-3 SAM-3 SAM-3L SF-1 SW-1 UB-11 U222-004-R 16 ALTUS | T: 888.537.1311 I F: 616.233.9549 I ANSI/BIFMA & CARB 93120 COMPLIANT