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Brihaspati বৃহস্পতি Bangla Magazine 2/1 October 2015

Brihaspati বৃহস্পতি is the First Bangla 'Web' Magazine of Mumbai, India. It was formed to propagate Bangla language in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane districts of Maharashtra state, India.

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¤õÒÑš[t¡ s "ìC¡à¤¹¡ 2015 s s 2015 Brihaspati October 2015 >ì¤àƒÚ ÎVQ, =àìo l Salient Points of our Club, Pujas Performed and Social Activities 1. Navodaya Sangh A multicultural Club with “an essence of Bengal” was formed in 1995 and registered under Trust (Reg No. MAHA/1052/02) 2. The Club is involved in performing various Puja i.e. Durga / Lakhsmi / Maha-Kali / Saraswati Puja and various Cultural Programme like Bengali New Year’s day, Prabhat Pheri (to commemorate Rabindranath Tagore’s Birth anniversary), Organising Picnics for amongst Members etc. The Club involves in a number of Social Activities like Free Medical Check-up Camps / Distribution of Cloths for the Needy in the Villages, Donating for Natural Calamities like Uttarakhand Flood, Nepal’s Earth Quake, Supporting Senior Citizens, Orphanage Centres like Ma-Niketan, etc. 3. Navodaya Sangh will celebrate 20th Year of Durga Puja at Maharashtra Nagar Pallika Maidan, Near Dr.Ganekar’s Natyagruha in a Big way from 17th Oct to 23rd Oct 15. The Festivities starts on 17th October 15 (Saturday) with Sharad Mela. It’s a Funfare Programme with Stalls of Mouth Watering Treats, Games, Drawing Competition and Lucky Draw etc. The Pandal will be Unique which is the Replica of a Famous Temple of South. This is done by Skilled Craftsmen from Bengal. The Lighting arrangement will be done by People from Chandannagore (West Bengal). This will be unique and will convey Public Awareness Messages on Pollution Control / Obeying Traffic Rules / Avoid Cutting Trees / Save Water etc. along with Religious Replicas and excellent Designs. The Club invites Under Privilege Children at Bhog Distribution on Saptami Day every year. All the Children are given Utility Gifts and sometimes useful necessary things like Computers, Geysers, Water Filters etc. as per their requirements. The Durga Puja is done in Traditional Style with complete Religious and Devotional offerings. The Club organises “Kumari Puja” in Traditional ways which is liked and draws large number of devotees. The Club organises Cultural Programme for all the Puja Days from Panchami (18th Oct 15) to Navami day (22nd Oct 15). These consist of In-house Programme performed by Club Members and its Well-wishers & Patrons. Music, Dance & Verities programme by renowned Artists / Group forms an integral part of Cultural Programme. The Club will follow the Norm of Sound Decibel Limits (45 dcl at Night) as decided by Maharashtra Govt for all Festivals. Accordingly all Cultural Programme is planned keeping in mind of the same. The Club organises Sindur Khela (exchange of Vermillion among Married Ladies) on the Dasami i.e. Bisarjan Day which can be termed as a similar function like Maharashtra’s “Haldi-Kumkum”. The Club Takes lot of care towards Hygiene and Security including Fire Fighting Arrangements for any eventualities. This is done by Professional Security / House Keeping / Fire Fighting Agencies. There will be at least 18-22 Security / House Keeping Personnel every day during the Puja days. To control Traffic Bouncers are hired as well. The Club has allocated substantial budget for these precautions and cleanliness. All are invited to witness and participate in this Unique Traditional Indian Puja cum Festival. ¤õÒÑš[t¡-¹ ÎA¡º šàk¡A¡ìA¡ Åใ ǡ쮡Záà \à>àÒü¡ú 7

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