Lublin is considered not only a key location for the ICT industry in Eastern Poland but also one

of the six largest IT ecosystems in Poland. It is a city where both quantitative and qualitative

evolution of the IT business has been observable in the last few years. Moreover, particular

focus has been shifted towards modern business services. What exerts the most considerable



It was six years ago when the industry boomed.

It was also the time in which it was perceived in the

context of the largest, well-known global companies

running their businesses here. In the period of 2009-

2012, the number of IT companies increased by

50%. It was one of the most considerable growths

in Poland and nowadays we can notice another

expansion wave. In the last three years, over thirty

new IT companies have been opened in Lublin and

the number of employees working in this industry

doubled. It is estimated that currently, in our city,

there is a few hundred ICT companies with over

5 thousand members of staff. According to Central

Statistical Office of Poland, there are 22 ICT

companies per each 10 thousand Lublin citizens.

Ten of the largest IT companies operating in Lublin

include Asseco Business Solutions, Compugroup

Medical, Infinite, Billennium, Sii, Britenet,

eLeader, DataArt, Comarch, Mobica Limited.


Entities shaping the IT ecosystem in Lublin include

not only companies but also universities, students,

IT graduates, informal circles and their members,

business incubator networks, as well as a number

of initiatives undertaken by local government

institutions and business environment organisations

aimed at consolidation and support programmes.

Currently, there are 4,6 thousand students attending

seven IT programmes on 5 out of 9 universities in

Lublin. There is approximately 900 graduates every

year who do teleworking or get employed in IT

companies located in Lublin already during studies.

Others enter the job market immediately after

graduating and get hired in start-ups, IT projects,

or in global companies.

There are a few formal and informal circles and social

groups dealing with new technologies, programming

tools, cyberspace, and game development. They

are the ones behind over one hundred IT events

organised in Lublin every year not only weekly

social meetings attended by a few-few dozen

individuals but also large-scale events visited by

hundreds of people.

Currently, there are 14 incubators and business

accelerators of different sizes. Their netowork

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