advanced solutions in the scope of customer service

also chose Bydgoszcz as the location for one of its


The development of the IT sector in the City does not

include only big companies, but also SMEs stemming

from Bydgoszcz. OPONEO.PL S.A. is an all-Poland leader

in the online sale of tyres and rims and a major seller in

the country. It is successfully developing a trade in other

European countries such as France, Italy, Turkey, Great

Britain or Spain. Vivid Games S.A. is one of the most

modern and independent development companies

and the biggest Polish producer of mobile games.

T Komp is a producer of software that supports

information management. The company, among

others, offers document management and

information security systems. There is also The

Bydgoszcz Information Cluster operating in the City,

which forms an association for IT sector companies

cooperating within mutual business activities.

Human resources is an extremely important factor

for modern service development in the City. Bydgoszcz,

with its 37,000 students, is the largest academic

centre in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

In 2014/2015 there were altogether 742 daily and

567 extramural students of IT specialisations. In the

same academic year, 450 graduates left the walls

of all colleges and universities graduating from this

field. Local colleges also prepare personnel for work

in a foreign language environment offering English,

German, Russian, Spanish, French or Italian language

studies. Qualified management staff may also be

trained additionally on a range of postgraduate studies

in the fields of F&A, IT, logistics or management.

Concluding, the City is in possession of well-developed

technological and educational foundation, being

a powerful argument for further companies wishing

to establish their representation on the Brda River.

Bydgoszcz puts a particular emphasis on vocational

and technical education. Taking into account longterm

development of the IT sector, the City focuses on

educating future staff who are to make a contribution

to the local information, telecommunication and

outsourcing companies.

With this end in view, it supports the development

of technical schools. During a year, IT classes and

related public vocational schools were attended by

1,571 students, and private schools by 758 students.

At the same time, 382 students graduated from the

public centres and 196 from the private ones. In

the IT classes of all kinds of post-primary schools

(junior high school, vocational, technical, secondary,

post-secondary schools) there are as many as 2,543

students in 92 classes.

This human potential reflects advantageous

conditions for BPO/SCC sector development in the

City. Of the same importance, there is a professional

service provided for business partners, thanks

to which Bydgoszcz was recognised by Eurobuild

Awards 2015 as the most investor-friendly city.

There is office area extending continuously in

Bydgoszcz (altogether 56,000 sq m and 32,000 sq m

planned to be developed). In July 2016, the

first building of Optimum Park will be put

into operation, which is an A class office park with

a target area of 18,000 sq m Immobile K3 at Plac

Kościeleckich Street, Arkada Business Park at

Rondo Fordońskie roundabout and Biznes Park

at 1 Kraszewskiego Street are other construction

investments. The Bydgoszcz Industrial and

Technological Park is also worth mentioning since

as many as 60 companies have their offices there.

Created in 2013, the Bydgoszcz Regional

Develop- ment Agency supports the completion

of investment projects in the City, helping

entrepreneurs at every stage of their investment

realisation process. The effect of the BARR activity

is brought in the first place in an independent

report “Doing Business Poland 2015” published

by the World Bank. Taking into consideration

the fact that the progressing BPP/SCC sector is

beneficial for all Bydgoszcz citizens, BARR would

like to keep searching for new companies interested

in investing in the City. Therefore it continues the

“Bydgoszcz open to outsourcing”, “BPO School”

and “Bydgoszcz is looking for talents” campaigns,

supporting the IT business centres located in

Bydgoszcz. █

More information

Bydgoska Agencja

Rozwoju Regionalnego

Sp. z o.o.

ul. Mennica 6

85-112 Bydgoszcz

Tel. +48 52 585 88 23

Best2Invest | March - April 2016


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