Elbląg is a dynamically developing city, which is especially attractive for modern IT

companies. It is the second largest city in WarmianMasurian Voivodeship and for many

years it has been associated with specialized heavy industry. The WarmiaMazury Special

Economic Zone, numerous schools educating graduates in the field of modern services and

institutions supporting the development of innovation, are all to be found within the borders

of Elbląg.

Apart from Elbląg’s favorable geographical location

(it is located at the intersection of routes of various

types of transport near Tricity, Olsztyn and

Kaliningrad), its business is growing. Aside from

the capital of the companies located here, Elbląg is

becoming a satelite of Tricity in terms of attracting

business and already conducts its activity in

Pomeranian Voivodeship. It should be emphasized

that the modernised S7 route which shortened

the time of transport between the cities and the

human capital of Elbląg, thanks to properly chosen

type of education and which is really valuable for

potential investors, influenced the aforementioned


In Elbląg there are two universities and the fields

of study offered by them are striclty connected

with the needs of the growing business.There are

also a few schools offering foreign language studies

i.e. philology or language courses at advanced levels.

It is mainly English, German, Spanish, French and


The biggest school in Elbląg State Higher School

of Vocational Education offers the following

specializations: network administration, computer

graphic, designing databases and utility software.

At present the school of this profile is educating

approximately 400 students.

The Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone

mentioned above is also located in Elbląg, with its

attractive investments areas and Elbląg Technology

Park based there, as the centre of innovation,

which are to elevate the competitiveness of Elbląg’s

economy. It is the place where ambitious

technological projects are realised and top class

experts from Poland are invited, but first of all own

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