The activities supporting startups development are becoming more important for particular

regions in Poland. The actions of local governments - focused on creating an effective

ecosystem for startups, become more visible these days. Good examples in this area represent

the cities of Poznań, Gdańsk, Warsaw or Cracow. There is a great need to meet the expectations

of growing number of young, innovative companies.

In Podkarpackie Voivodeship, activities

dedicated to the grow and development

of a young business companies are being

realized by Academic Business Incubators

(ABI), which operate at two Universities in

Rzeszów: University of Rzeszów and Rzeszów

University of Information Technology and

Management. Academic Business Incubators are

implemented within the framework of the project

called "Road to Entrepreneurial Poland", which

aims to create and implement the best Europewide

system for encouraging entrepreneurship,

which shall automatically lead to the creation

of innovative companies. Academic Business

Incubator is a foundation that supports startups by

offering them the tools to test, invest and develop

business. Currently, Academic Business Incubators

is Europe’s largest network of incubators, bringing

together more than 2,000 companies. It provides all

forms of support and tools that allow them to focus

only on developing their own business. Since 2011,

Academic Business Incubators in Rzeszów support

people who want to take their first step in business

and want to test their innovative business ideas.

Also, since 2011 in Rzeszów Academic Business

Incubators, more than 200 startups were founded,

from which approximately 40 have set up their

own business. Currently there is about 70 active

startups operating under the ABI Rzeszów, that

test their initiatives for business activity.

Effective startups ecosystem could not function

without the events during which enterprising

people running their own business or just thinking

about starting up a business, have the opportunity

to increase the scope of their knowledge, and

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