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For many companies and institutions success is associated with innovation, the

latest technologies and the ability to effectively use the main tool which is INTERNET.

IT market in Poland is growing at a rapid pace, thus increasing the demand for skilled

workers. Competition on the market creates constant need for specialists, of whom in

large metropolises there is continuous deficit.

Therefore, investors are looking for locations in

smaller cities, where access to professional staff

is much easier. Radom, which is a city enjoying

a growing interest of companies in IT industry,

thanks to the cooperation of the local IT sector

and vocational institutions, holds in its educational

professional offer many courses of education related

to information technology.

Radom is in many respects the most important

economic center of southern Mazovia. One of the

advantages of the city is qualified technical personnel.

Here, one can study in the field of computer science,

electronics, electrical engineering and automation

at both secondary and higher education level.

Specialists in these fields are currently being sought

by the companies of IT industry. However, because

of the disparities between education system and

the growing demand of companies and institutions

for workforce ready to enter the labor market there

is still a number of job positions that remain open.

Therefore in Radom, schools and colleges implement

curricula tailored to the needs of employers.

Radom School of Electronic is an example

of a school teaching specializations most sought

after by IT industry. There, the future students may

choose among such specializations like: electronics

technician, information technology technician,

data communications and electronics fitter. Upon

receiving electronics technician degree the student

has knowledge and skills in the following areas

of electronics industry: mounting and operation

of the computer and peripheral equipment, design

and construction of local computer networks,

administration of these networks, database design

and database administration, creating websites

and web applications, the administration of these

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