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representatives of local companies and investors that

have successfully been doing business for several years,

are looking for new areas for the development of the

business activities.

The meeting was held under the slogan “Business is

drawn to Warmia and Masuria, to Olsztyn and Elbląg”,

and one of its main goals was to show Tricity guests

other advantages than those that are known based on

the general impression of the Warmian and Masurian

voivodeship, namely lakes, green areas, and tourism.

In their presentations, both Presidents, Piotr

Grzymowicz from Olsztyn, and Witold Wróblewski

from Elbląg, underlined the business profiles of their

cities, discussing important issues regarding the

diversity of the sectors, human resources, office

properties, and business environment that are present

in Olsztyn and Elbląg. One of several topics that were

discussed was the readiness of Olsztyn and Elbląg for

the acceptance and development of investments related

to outsourcing and shared services centres.

HR profile

The number one need reported by the BPO (Business

Process Outsourcing), SSC (Shared Services Centres), as

well as IT (Information Technology) sectors are human

resources, their profile, availability, and experience.

From the presentations that were discussed during

the meeting in Gdańsk, participants could learn that

both cities have available human resources with

economic and IT profiles and the knowledge of foreign

languages (English, German, Russian) as well as

a strong educational base. Also worth underlining

is information regarding the level of remuneration

which is at a lower level in Olsztyn and Elbląg than in

many other Polish cities. The level of remuneration is

an important parameter taking into account the size

of the operational teams that are usually built by the

BPO/SSC sector.

Offices for businesses

The biggest cities in Warmia and Masuria are aware

of the expectations that the outsourcing sector has in

regard to office real estate. So far, Olsztyn and Elbląg

lack available new buildings with floor spaces of more

than ten thousand square metres, but they are there,

somewhat smaller office buildings are being expanded,

and the construction of very modern offices is planned

soon. City authorities are closely cooperating with

Real Estate agencies and local developers thanks

to which office space in Warmia and Masuria continues

to increase and become more modern. It is worth

noting that science parks operate in both cities.

In Olsztyn, the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park is

already the seat of more than 60 companies that take

advantage of a business incubator, innovation centre,

or technology transfer centre. A total floor space

of almost 14,000 sq m is composed of 140 office spaces,

numerous laboratories and conference facilities, as well

as co-working spaces. In Elbląg, the Elbląg Technology

Park, or more specifically, the business part, namely

the Business and Innovation Development Centre has

more than 3,000 sq m of space occupied by more than

20 companies. This park also has conference facilities

and laboratories.

Why BPO and where is the development

of foreign investments headed?

The BPO sector is currently one of the fastest growing

areas of business in Poland and Central Europe.

The needs regarding the development of this sector

continue to increase, but also to evolve and enter

new fields, both in regard to the business processes

that are being carried out, as well as the locations

of operational centres.

The focus by Olsztyn and Elbląg on investors from the

BPO sector is not a matter of coincidence. Both cities

already have the operational centres of such companies

as Citi Bank, Transcom Worldwide, BEST, Grupa Arteria,

CSC, and others. The presence of these entities, their

development, and as such, the development of the

qualifications of employees that can constitute human

resources for new investors are factors that encourage

the local governments to uncover the business potential

hidden in the two biggest cities of Warmia and Masuria.

Both cities already have a solid base for the development

of the outsourcing sector which will probably be noticed

first by smaller and medium businesses, but should

also attract the attention of larger corporation.

The meeting concluded with a longer business

networking period during which the Presidents, the

representatives of investor services centres, as well

as the guests could informally share their knowledge

and experiences. What will 2016 bring to Olsztyn and

Elbląg? We will see, but we can be sure that these are

locations in which the most significant development

of BPO is still to come. ⎔

OUTSOURCING&MORE | March-April 2016


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