customers and receiving the right inquiries for strategic

outsourcing partnerships.

O&M: Romania, Poland, Ukraine and other countries in

Eastern Europe are competing for new ITO investments

and IT projects. Do you think besides competition there

is a place for collaboration, to present the strengths of the

CEE and compete with Asia or Africa?

LN: The ITO investments in the area would be found in all

of the outsourcing destinations mentioned, and rarely an

ITO investment would be all spend in one country. Across

a few years any company, especially the significant ITO

investments would spread across the entire region trying

to ensure the workforce availability and also to mitigate for

country risk.

Collaboration in the region makes especially the local

companies stronger, most of them developing only through

such partnerships and I have seen many examples of this


Outsourcing companies still sell on price when this is by far

the biggest issue for these companies when building the

customer expectation. While no doubt the ITO investments

always go towards economies of scale, these are not realized

on price alone and the more mature customers, especially

in the US and Western Europe are very much aware of the

total cost of outsourcing, not just the actual lower fees. Many

studies have proven that the price is usually the 4 th or even

lower ranked factor in the decision to outsource, overpasses

many times in the decision to outsource by the level of skill,

the provider maturity and stability, the communication and

cultural factors and others.

In Romania, great advantages can be gained in the ITO sector

by tapping into underdeveloped cities, with a great potential

in terms of labor and skill. I am speaking here about Nord-West

and the South-West region of Romania, which both show the

premise of next hot outsourcing destinations.

O&M: Thank you very much. ⎔

Romania is a European Union member state

and this simplifies legal and financial issues.

This allows companies that are located in

Romania to develop very quickly and find easily

partnerships outside Romania and cultural

similarities push us to Poland, Ukraine and other

countries in Eastern Europe in the first place for

strategic alliances.

If we take NNC Services into account, we are

already creating steps for cooperation between

European countries. According to our partnership

with Pro Progresio, will be

seen as a platform for creating strong partnerships

between countries that are concerned about

outsourcing international markets. Mutual

cooperation can only strengthen the development

of the industry and we are seeing it as a win-win

situation between Poland and Romania.

O&M: What advice would you give to IT

companies who are looking for new projects?

Is there a repeated mistake IT companies

make while offering their services?

LN: Find your place in the world, specialize and

own your area of specialization, invest in your

workforce, build a name for your company; get

away from the commodity business model. Learn

from the ones that succeeded, adopt proven

models and concepts, do not give up easily on your

strategy and plan and make this work. Clients

become more demanding of their outsourcing

partners. We should speak the clients’ language,

industry specific software and applications,

understand the trends, keep up-to-date with

the new tendencies, and get qualified help when


OUTSOURCING&MORE | March-April 2016


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