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Wiktor Doktór talks to Oliver Berks, Business Processes

Services Poland Director at HP Global Business Center Ltd

Oliver Berks

Business Processes

Services Poland


at HP Global

Business Center


Wiktor Doktór: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

is very well recognized brand worldwide. Most

of us limit HPE activities to printers or computers,

but this is not all what HPE does. What is Business

Process Outsourcing?

Oliver Berks: The matter of outsourcing has been

a hot subject in the recent years. For Polish and global

economy, it is an important topic that is associated

with dynamic growth and that carries optimistic

forecasts. According to The Association of Business

Service Leaders (ABSL), the industry growth is around

15-20% annually. A CBRE Group, Inc. report indicates

that Poland is the most popular market in Central and

Eastern Europe for investors in the sector of modern

business services.

But let’s start from the beginning: what is actually

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or as we term it

Business Process Services (BPS)?

BPS/BPO involves entrusting certain functions, tasks or

business processes to an external company. The most

commonly outsourced processes include finance and

accounting, HR, sales and marketing, data processing,

information provision and supply chain management.

Traditionally, outsourcing is used when the available

resources of external providers are cheaper than

internal, which gives a reduction in operating costs and

increases the competitiveness of the business. It saves

time and money which then can be used for further

investments. But recently companies are recognizing

OUTSOURCING&MORE | March-April 2016


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