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The information technologies industry is among the most dynamically developing industries

in Polish Economy. One can clearly see it’s development in the data provided by the Central

Statistical Office, according to which number of entities in the IT sector (NACE rev.2 code

62 Computer programming, consultancy and related activities) grew from 28 k up to 50 k

over a period of five years (2008-2013), and the whole sector employs currently over 185 k


The high level of competence of Polish computer

scientists was widely recognized around the globe.

Polish IT teams have been repeatedly awarded and

recognized in international programming and coding

competitions such as Microsoft Imagine Cup, Facebook

Hacker Cup, International Olympiad in Informatics

or Hello World Open to name just the few. Moreover

we increasingly hear about success stories of Polish

technological start-ups. As a good examples we should

name Finanteq, which was awarded one of the main

prizes in New York City’s Finovate in 2015; Valuto,

which in February 2016 was named “Best of Show”

of Europe’s Finovate; or Azimo a company that is

often named in multiple rankings as one of the most

innovative companies of the FinTech sector. Polish startup

success stories, international accomplishments

of companies like CD Project or CI Games or recent

launch of Google’s “Warsaw Campus” result in

international’s IT sector eyes turning towards Poland

and Polish IT specialists.

The increasing interest in the Polish IT sector and its

specialists has boosted investment rate within the

sector. Investments in this sector are widely dependent

on talent and experienced workforce availability,

presence of IT clusters as well as good cooperation

between the universities and the entrepreneurs. Which

locations are top of the class?

Just a short look on the IT students and graduates

statistics will reveal major locations for the investments

in the IT sector. With regards to the number of students

three cities Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw emerge

as country’s leaders. Nevertheless smaller cities

represent a significant share of the educational base.

ICT Students

IT Graduates

Warsaw 13303 1901

Krakow 7991 1572

Wroclaw 7144 1324

Lodz 5104 920

Katowice 4985 1275

Tricity 4489 876

Poznan 4387 900

Rzeszow 2695 452

Szczecin 1761 303

Source: Central Statistical Office; data for students for academic year 2014/2015;

data for graduates for 2014

Krakow can boast two top of the class Universities

with IT faculties AGH University of Science and

Technology and Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

Three faculties of those two Universities have been

named outstanding in their performance by the Polish

Accreditation Committee (PKA). Same assessment was

awarded to the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics

and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw, whereas

faculties at the Warsaw Technical University and Polish-

Japanese Academy of Information Technology received

partially outstanding assessment.

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