It is worth noting that Wroclaw University of

Technology, University of Wroclaw, University

of Zielona Gora and Poznan University of Technology

have all received the outstanding assessment in all

the criteria. All of the abovementioned universities are

the prime sources for highly qualified IT graduates.

What is the position of the Polish cities with regards

to the presence of the IT software development

companies or support for the technological startups?

Again three main centers emerge as leaders of the

pool: Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw. Krakow, being

the headquarters of Comarch, one of the biggest

Polish IT companies, which closely cooperates with

AGH University, managed to attract many foreign

investors. Among them foreign companies like Sabre,

Motorola, Nokia, Epam, Ericpol, Luxoft, UBS, Infusion,

Sii, HSBC, IBM, SMT Software located their software

development centers there providing job to thousands

of highly skilled IT specialists. Krakow became Mecca

for IT specialists leading to a situation in which, 4 out

of 5 job ads is for the IT positions.

Nevertheless it is Warsaw that due to its size can boast

the highest number of IT firms in Poland though with

lower average employment than Krakow. Next to the

giants such as Samsung, HP, Asseco noteworthy are

the smaller companies such as Sygnity, Simple, Sage,

PGS Software, Mobica, Macrologic, Acxiom or 7N.

Only recently F5 Networks opened their R&D center

in Warsaw. In addition to those thanks to newly

emerging initiatives like Warsaw Campus, Center for

Entrepreneurship Smolna, start-up platoforms such

as Warsaw Reaktor or currently developed Center for

Creativity Targowa, Warsaw could emerge as a regional

technological start-up valley.

Next to Warsaw, Wroclaw emerges as a research and

development hub for IT sector. Only during the last year

Wroclaw has attracted multiple investments in this

sector, featuring companies like Red Embedded, which

will open software engineering center for the digital

television, Ryanair Travel Labs, which plans to employ

around 200 IT specialists or DataArt. Companies that

are also expanding their activities in Poland, often

choose Wroclaw e.g. Luxoft, which will open their next

Polish office hiring over 150 people.

Among smaller locations of high attractiveness for

the IT sector are Rzeszow, Lublin or Bydgoszcz.

Rzeszow had been originally associated with its strong

aviation sector, however in the last years the city has

strongly developed its IT sector. Both city hall and

universities are in close cooperation with local IT

companies such as: Asseco, OPTeam, ZETO-Rzeszów,

Softsystem, Ideo. Moreover we can observe dynamic

activity of the Eastern Poland IT Companies Cluster as

well as Informatyka Podkarpacka Association. Among

the companies that have located their investments in

Rzeszow is Mobica which at the end of the year 2015

have opened their office there with 130 employees incl.

software developers.

Lublin is another location that has attracted many

interesting investments from the IT sector. Similarly

to Rzeszow those are usually small or medium

size investments, however still very significant for

the development of this industry within the region.

Only in the last years, companies like Mobica, SII,

Transition Technologies, Soft System, Billennium,

Sollers Consulting, Baxter Manufacturing or Swiss

startup Aryxe have invested in Lublin. One of the core

incentives for the investors locating their business

there are the European Funds, which are aimed for

innovation in the SMEs. Moreover one of the regional

smart specializations for Podkarpacie region is ICT and

for Lubelskie informatics and automatization.

With regards to the cooperation between the

academia and business there are three outstanding

locations: Tricity, Poznan and Szczecin. In Tricity

young IT specialists can benefit from scholarships

and possibilities for professional growth in the

Lufthansa Systems Poland Tester’s Academy (in the

area of testing and software development). Poznan

University of Technology is in close cooperation with

Samsung in the “Samsung App Challenge”, a competition

aiming at the talented programmers. It is also Samsung,

which in close cooperation with the West Pomaranian

University of Technology in Szczecin, has developed

“Samsung Labo” a series of workshops and trainings

offering Samsung’s certificate for the most talented

students. The program provides students with the

outstanding projects with financial support for

implementation of their ideas.

Poland is a dynamically developing country and the IT

sector has played a great part in the transformation of

the Polish economy. Increasing number of ICT students

and graduates provide growing number of companies

with highly qualified specialists but also stimulates

growth of the startup scene in Poland. Initiatives

of global players, such as Google but also local

authorities, provide young polish IT professionals with

institutional support throughout the incubation process.

The size of the country as well as decentralization

of the IT industry helps investor of any size locate

a perfect niche for their operations in Poland. █

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