New, often spectacular office projects and modernization of the centrally located facilities

will bring thousands of meters of high quality office space this year.

Last year tenants demonstrated activity on

Warsaw office market on an unprecedented scale.

A record amount of office space was leased more

than 800 thousand sq. m, which is over a third more

than in 2014.

The developers do not slow down either. Last year

brought more than 20 new buildings to the capital

office market, and it appears that the year 2016

will be in this respect even more fruitful. This year

Warsaw may get 400-450 thousand sq. m of modern

office space.

The completion of construction of the Warsaw Spire

complex with the European Square as well as Q22

office tower on al. Jana Pawła II Street, which will

offer over 52 thousand sq. m of space are among the

plans for the nearest future. In close proximity to their

flagship investment Warsaw Spire the developer will

build Sienna Towers, a new office complex consisting

of three buildings with a commercial, hotel and

conference function.


Among the investments that are under construction

there is also Generation Park complex, located at the

intersection of Prosta and Towarowa Streets, which

will offer a total of 84 thousand sq. m, and its tallest

building will measure 140 meters (with a spire 180).

In the vicinity of Daszyńskiego roundabout, a 195

meter Skyliner tower will be built. It will become one

the highest office buildings in the city, but will not

top the highest in Warsaw, measuring 220 meters

Warsaw Spire.

There are also demolition plans, which will provide

space for the new projects. Ilmet tower located at

ONZ roundabout will be replaced by a 188-meter

high-rise building. It will share the fate of Mercure

hotel the place of which is now taken by Q22 building.

A new facility will also replace Kolmex office building

by Grzybowska Street. Universal building behind

the Rotunda at the junction of al. Jerozolimskie and

Marszałkowska Street is also bound to disappear.

The construction of a new facility providing

28 thousand sq. m of modern office space is about

to begin there.


Next to Warszawa Gdańska railway station,

Ghelamco together with Xcity railway company

plans to implement a spectacular office project, due

12 Best2Invest | marzec - kwiecień 2016

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