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of Walter Herz

to which Warsaw will get over 300 thousand sq. m

of modern office space.

Work of HB Reavis company also has a significant

impact on the development of the capital office

market. The developer is implementing the next

stage of Gdański Business Center investment by

Dworzec Gdański railway station, and is panning

further projects. They intend to complete the

construction of the first stage of West Station

by Warszawa Zachodnia railway station, and

want to build the next stage of the project by

2018. The building will provide a total of over

63 thousand sq. m. of office space.

Among the most spectacular facilities to be built

in Warsaw is also complex, which will be located

at Chmielna 73 Street, at the intersection with al.

Jana Pawła II Street. It is known that the City Hall

has issued development conditions for a cascade

skyscraper, with the building itself measuring

230 meters. With a spire which may measure up

to 80 meters, it can reach 310 meters. Then it

would be the highest in Warsaw. The building is

to have an underground connection with Dworzec

Centralny railway station. It will provide approx.

115 thousand sq. m. of space.


BBI Development company also plans to locate

their new investment near the train station.

Roma Tower with the usable area of 55-60

thousand sq. m is to be built nearby Roma Musical

Theatre by Nowogrodzka Street and Marriott hotel.

The investor expects the area where the building

is to be constructed, to be included in the local

development plan. It would allow to increase the

building's function.

Generation Park is also a large-scale investment.

Skanska Property Poland has already started the

implementation of the project. It is another building

of an impressive size, which will be constructed

at Daszyńskiego roundabout. It will consist

of two buildings with a total lease area of approx.

40 thousand sq. m and a tower measuring 140 sq. m

with more than 44 thousand sq. m. The three

buildings will provide 84 thousand sq. m of office

space, certified as LEED Platinum. The complex

will have an underground connection to the metro

station, and the arrangement of the surrounding

area of the buildings will favor activation of the

local community. The construction of the first

building of the complex is to be completed by the

end of 2017.


Among the offices which will enter the market

in the completed projects are also the ones

in the modernized Warsaw office buildings.

At the end of last year the construction of Class

A office building Nowy Świat 2.0., which is

located between Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe

Nowy Świat, and Trzech Krzyży Square was

completed. The new office building is part

of the development and modernization of the

area. The project also includes the revitalization

of Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe building along

with parking and the courtyard, arranged into an

active urban space. The seven-storey building will

provide after modernization 16 thousand sq. m

of office space, the standard of which will be

upgraded to Class A.

Class A + office space after the reconstruction

will also be offered by the building located at

Trzech Krzyży Square, which for many years

housed the headquarters of ING. After completing

modernization of the facility, the offices located

in it will meet the requirements of BREEAM certificate

at Excellent level. Ethos will gain a new, fivestorey

wing from the side of Vistula embankment,

and the covered with a glass roof patio opening

to Trzech Krzyży Square will become its heart.


The end of the renovation of the tenement at

Poznańska 37 Street is also planned in the second

quarter of 2017. The revitalized historic building

will provide more than 4 thousand sq. m of modern

office space with BREEAM certification.

The tenement of the Branicki family located at

Charles de Gaulle roundabout is also undergoing

renovation. The historic building from the early

twentieth century, is located on the route of Trakt

Królewski at Smolna 40 Street will offer several

thousands of high-class office space.

Europejski Hotel in one of the most representative

places in Warsaw, on Krakowskie Przedmieście

Street, is also under reconstruction, located.

It will include 7 thousand sq. m of modern office

space. Revitalization of the building from the

mid-nineteenth century is to be completed later

this year. █

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