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Primary sectors

that affect

the development

of cities

Poland is a country with diverse business sectors. So far, on the Outsourcing&More website,

we mainly focused on investments related to outsourcing, shared services centres, or

other areas of modern business services. In the last few months however, we changed the

structure of the information that is presented and divided the magazine into two parts,

one strictly related to outsourcing, and the other presenting the investment attractiveness

of cities. This change also coincided with the development of the platform

thanks to which, in both printed and electronic form, we are able to present increasingly

wider ranging topics related to the development of entrepreneurship in Poland, as well as

the world.

In the current edition of Best2Invest we

focused on the primary sectors that affect the

development of cities. It is not difficult to realise

that outsourcing is not the only business activity,

and in many regions, it even constitutes a minor

element in the general economic image of cities,

powiats, and voivodeships.

Historically, Poland could be divided into areas

dominated by the mining, food production, wood,

shipbuilding, metallurgical, and automotive

industries. As time went by, the aforementioned

sectors expanded their presence to new grounds,

which resulted in a departure from certain

specialisations and helped in the development

of competition and rivalries between cities.

Economic progress also gave rise to the creation

of new sectors of the economy such as aerospace,

IT, and finally, modern business services.

We decided to take closer look at select Polish

cities and the sectors that affect their development.

24 Best2Invest | marzec - kwiecień 2016

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