methods (open-source intelligence, data sourcing,

data protection, system and network security)

to the radical ones, allowed e.g. for testing the

safety of one’s own network or system, as well

as including legal aspects of data protection and

electronic evidence. Students attending classes in

specialist subjects are taught the characteristics

of data sourcing and data recovery from remote

and local systems, data media, devices, equipment

or even the electronics itself.


Opole University offers specialised IT studies

centred around the issues faced by IT engineers

in their future professional career. This allows

students to take the best from the studies by

acquiring reliable knowledge and practical skills,

providing them with a competitive advantage at

the beginning of their professional careers. The

university offers students much to choose from,

ensuring programmes and courses individually

tailored for interests and professional plans. In the

University of Opole computer science is studying

270 people.

The specialist subjects and the teaching contents are

revised and updated for the actual and the forecast

market demand, and this is thanks to the ongoing

cooperation and the exchange of experience with

leading businesses operating in the macroregion.

Specialist classes may be conducted by specialists

and experts from the respective market sectors

using IT and mathematical methods. In the

nearest future it is planned to launch courses

of interdisciplinary study connecting philology

with informatics.

The Institute of Mathematics and Information

Technology is a partner of Microsoft MSDN AA,

CISCO® Academy, Sybase Academy, Microsoft

IT Academy and Oracle Academy.


It is a business-related institution forming a bridge

between companies and new technologies available

on the market. The immediate future will see the

construction of the IT High Tech and Engineering

Design building, including Data Processing

Centre. The new IT and engineering design facility

with the total area of about 2,700 sq m will be

equipped with an advanced computer network,

making it possible to rent out computing power in

the form of virtual machines, colocation, website

hosting and electronic mail services, or IT system

administration. It will be the third facility owned

by PNT. 80% of the companies occupying the

existing buildings are related to the IT sector. █


Asseco. The largest IT company in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

The Group provides employment for nearly 20,000 people.

Axxiome Group. The company delivers technological solutions for the financial

services sector, designing innovative IT systems for handling business processes

in global organisations. It develops its own systems, as well as implementing SAP

Banking and SAP Insurance systems. The Branch in Opole specialises in front-end

solutions and Omnichannel, Mobile Apps, Responsive Design and Internet Apps.

Atos provides IT infrastructure management and IT system integration solutions,

as well as dealing in outsourcing and advice services. It is the world’s exclusive IT

partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

jCommerce SA. The company is the provider of user-friendly and functional

business software solutions. It specialises in designing, advice and

implementation of IT solutions in the field of ERP, SFA, systems and dedicated

web, mobile and desktop applications.

Future Processing specializes in developing of software.

Among others in the field of Microsoft technologies, Java and PHP.


A good software developer is an asset on the job market of today. And even

more so a good software developer with the knowledge of foreign languages.

Atos IT Services, a company who recently opened its branch in Opole, decided

to launch trainings intended for the best students of Opole schools and universities

rather than seeking employees through recruitment programmes.

The idea of employing students is not new, but Opole wants it to be slightly

different. At the end of the past year, selected students of Opole University

of Technology and Opole University were invited to the meeting with representatives

of the training company - Training Centre Club. As a result, appointed

specialists checked the students’ soft skills and the interpersonal competence,

and conducted software development and German language competence tests.

All this to select the best candidates based on the specific criteria set by Atos IT

Services. The training was co-financed from the National Training Fund.

It is result of cooperation between the City of Opole, Labor office in Opole,

University and the Technical University of Opole, TCC and Atos.

Best2Invest | March - April 2016


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