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and innovation

"One of the most important centers of Research and Development in Poland”, an aspiring

leader of a “thriving industry” this is how Poznań’s IT-sector was depicted in the Outsourcing

Portal more than two years ago. How does the situation look like today?

Ph. D Robert Romanowski, from Poznań’s renowned

University of Economy recently indicated a fast

development of Poznań’s Outsourcing and Shared

Services sector, revealing the immense potential

of the city: Occupying the seventh place in these

industries today, Romanowski sees Poznań aspiring

to the top three in Poland.

To Romanowski, Poznań is a pioneer in an extremely

important process for the Polish economy the

change from a low wage country to a location for

high quality services. Finances and IT are much

more advanced business processes, requiring a high

amount of expertise.

Why Poznań is so extraordinarily attractive

to international IT-companies? Asked for what

reasons A. Shulman decided to move there Isabel

Casimiro, CFO for Europe, Middle East and Africa,

named the excellent macroeconomic conditions

and the large number of well-educated students

of computer sciences.

Indeed, most experts underline the supply of qualified

personnel as Poznań’s key advantage. Computer

science is taught at seven universities in Poznań alone,

with stably about 5,000 students being instructed.

The large additional potential of Poznań’s metropolitan

region, covering large part of the voivodship

Wielkopolska, is hereby not even mentioned.

Also Capgemini’s press officer Piotr Poprawski

emphasized the high level of education in IT provided

by the city’s universities, when asked why the

company decided to recently open up a branch in

Poznań. He also mentioned something else: the high

quality of living. Competing with cities like Wrocław,

Gdańsk or Kraków, Poznań is one of the most

attractive regional centers in Poland.

The lively metropolis fascinates with a turbulent

history and dynamic present day. With a picturesque

Renaissance old town, countless parks and lakes

Poznań is one one of the most beautiful Polish cities.

Young professionals are attracted by the renowned

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