Łódź a business hub and dynamically developing city consistently implements the program

of cooperation between companies from Łódź and universities. The wide access to educated

staff is provided by 68,000 students, including over 6,000 of computer science students,

enrolled in 23 universities and over 30,000 graduates, the majority of whom speaks fluently

at least one foreign language.

The needs of entrepreneurs are becoming an

integral part of the development of higher

education institutions. They allow to determine

the expectations of a contemporary employer and

thus to increase the attractiveness of graduates

on the labour market. Therefore, the largest

state universities from Łódź the University

of Łódź and the Technical University of Łódź

(TUŁ) continue to expand their offer by opening

new field of studies, e.g. information in the

digital environment or financial market which

are offered since this academic year. To meet the

changing needs of the economic environment,

the University of Łódź provides also a study

programme under the name of InfoGeoLog which

is to educate young people in “future fields”

such as computer science, geo-information and

information technology in logistics.

Opening of the new institution-wide unit of the

Technical University of Łódź, i.e. the Information

Technology Centre, with up-to-date ICT technologies

(Information and Communication Technologies),

new space and innovative approach to education,

was one of the most important events in the past year.

Twenty one highly-specialised didactic laboratories

related to widely understood computer science are

located in the building with an area of over 4,500 sq m.

Scientists and entrepreneurs who are experts in

their field participated in the establishment of each

laboratory. The most significant ones include mobile,

network, industrial and multimedia laboratories.

The Centre supports education related to design and

use of information technologies in various technical

fields implemented by the Technical University

of Łódź in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering,

Electronics, Computer Science and Automatic

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