Annual Report 2014



BC Confederation of

Parent Advisory Councils

Annual Report 2014

BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils Annual Report 2014

President’s Message - 2014 Annual Report

It has been an amazing honour serving the membership of the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC)

in the capacity of President; indeed, being given the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of highly

motivated individuals has been inspirational.

2014 was yet another important year in the on-going evolution of our volunteer non-profit organization. As a Board

this year we decided to go back to our strategic plan to look at how we are attaining effective representation as the

collective voice of BC Parents, collaborating with membership, and how we are being accountable to the membership.

We worked hard this year with our new planners, DPAC meetings, and Classroom Resource Fund to attain the goals for

the betterment of the organization. We are pleased to report we are making strong strides to attain these goals and

have further developed strategies to meet these goals in the coming years.

BCCPAC was the first organization to bring all partner groups together after last Fall’s strike to collaborate on our

Classroom Resource Framework and are pleased that three of the partner groups are staying on to further build on

this initiative. The Board had the pleasure to meet with the presidents of BCTF, BCPVPA, BCSTA, FINSEC, BCASBO, and

BCSSA this past year to have insightful conversations on education, our students, and families in education. We have

been asked to continue to represent parents at their conferences and AGMs, showing that parent involvement is strong.

We have established a schedule of meetings with Deputy Minister Dave Byng and Ministry of Education staff to further

promote BCCPAC’s parent engagement in education.

Outreach to members in 2014 included a successful Fall Conference in Nanaimo board member visits to interact and

assist with members in Fort St. John and Nanaimo, We are revising our Call it Safe resources with a new name Bullying

Stops Here! Also our IEP Guide is available in seven different languages.

BCCPAC also took part in several external representation such as the Provincial review of Assessment, Advisory Group

on K-12 Accountability and Section 177 discussions, as well as various meetings dealing with issues such as: student

physical health, social and emotional well-being, Special Education, First Nations Education, BC School Sports, and the

Teachers’ Regulation Branch.

Our many committees such as Finance, Policy, Human Resources, Conference and AGM continue to address important

internal issues while others such as our Standing Resolution Committees promote our Resolutions Education etc. It was

a crazy busy year for our organization. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our organization.

As we continue this journey we are excited of the changes to this organization that will allow us to be a stronger more

effective organization that really represents the diverse passionate parents of BC.

Finally, I am thankful to the patience of our new staff Marijoel, Julie and my board as I continue to learn and change on

this amazing adventure.

Nicole Makohoniuk, BCCPAC President

2013-2014 BCCPAC Board of Directors

Terry Berting, President

John Puddifoot, 1st Vice President

Nicole Makohoniuk, 2nd Vice President

Wendy Harris, Secretary

Susan Wilson, Treasurer

Darlene Campbell, Director

Angie Carlyle, Director

Ayesha Haider, Director

Bonnie Krisher, Director

BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils Annual Report 2014

2014-2015 BCCPAC Board of Directors

Nicole Makohoniuk, President

John Puddifoot, 1st Vice President

Ayesha Haider, 2nd Vice President

Kendra Mann, Secretary (interim)

Susan Wilson, Treasurer

Darlene Campbell, Director

Angie Carlyle, Director

Bonnie Krisher, Director

Tracy Wright, Director

BCCPAC Financial Statements for 2014


Statement of Operations

Balance Sheet

for the year ended December 31, 2014 as at December 31, 2014

by Project Classification


Grants & Sponsorship:

Current Assets:

Provincial Grant 2013/14 used for Operations 31,250 Cash - Operating 130,031

Provincial Grant 2014/15 used for Operations 93,750 Short Term Investments - operating 22,214

Provincial Grant 2013/14 used for Projects 98,100 Short Term Invesments - contingency 386,903

Provincial Grant 2014/15 used for Projects 12,800 Cash - Deferred Revenue (restricted) 64,700

Direct Access/Gaming Grant - conferences 60,000 Cash - Gaming (restricted) 105

Sponsorship 5,000 Accounts Receivable 24,667

Total Grants & Sponsorship Revenue $ 300,900

Prepaid Expenses 7,646

General Revenues: Inventory - Mktg & Promo 3,000

Membership Fees 44,475 Total Current Assets $ 639,265

Charitable Revenue 2,000

Conferences - Registration & Exhibitors 59,400 Capital Assets (net of amortization) $ 2,960

Magazine Advertising 4,200

Interest Income 5,680 TOTAL ASSETS $ 642,225

Total General Revenues $ 115,755


Total Revenues $ 416,655

Current Liabilities:

Accounts Payable 40,938

Deferred Revenue 64,700

EXPENDITURES (by project classification): Total Liabilities $ 105,638

Operations 134,912 Net Surplus from prior years (unrestricted) 214,787

Internal Committees 575 Current Year's (Deficit) (unrestricted) (65,103)

External Representation 25,650 Contingency Reserve 386,903

Board of Directors 80,844 Total Net Assets (surplus) as at Dec31'14 $ 536,588

Conferences 168,230

Communications & Member Services 16,120 TOTAL LIABILITIES & RETAINED SURPLUS $642,225

Member Resources 21,333

Magazine & Publications 32,997 Complete financial statements for the year ended

Awards 1,097 December 31, 2014, together with the external accountant's

Total Expenditures $ 481,758 reviewed financial statements will be presented at the

Annual General Meeting May 1, 2015. Copies will be made available.

NET DEFICIT for the year 2014 ($65,103)

BCCPAC Representation 2014

Vancouver Island Parents Conference

ERASE Bullying Advisory Group

First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC)

October 2014 education partner meeting, hosted by BC-


Provincial Advisory Group on Assessment

Provincial Advisory Group K-12 Accountability Framework

Standing Committee on Provincial Curriculum

Canadian Home and School Federation

BC School Sports

Dalai Lama Centre

Physical Restraint and Seclusion policy meeting

BC Teachers Council

Teacher Regulation Branch

Section 177 education partner discussions

BC Council on Admissions and Transfers

BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils Annual Report 2014

Other opportunities that BCCPAC participated in include

bringing greetings on behalf of parents to the BC Teachers

Federation, BC School Trustees Association, BC Principals

and Vice-Principals Associations annual general meetings.

Several informal meetings were held between BCCPAC and

the Ministry of Education to discuss resolution updates and

the work of the organization.


BCCPAC extends heartfelt appreciation to the

countless volunteers who work tirelessly every day, in

countless ways, to support the success of all students.

We would also like to acknowledge the contribution

of community members and sponsors along with the

many exhibitors who participate in our conferences.

We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support

of the Province of British Columbia.

Highlights of 2014

BCCPAC gave a presentation to the Ministry of Education regarding Section 177, Maintenance of Order based

upon a 2012 resolution. The Ministry of Education expanded their consultation of Section 177 to all education

partner groups to discuss common areas of agreement and concerns. The discussion continues as the Ministry

of Education prepares reporting templates for the group’s review.

BCCPAC attended an informal dinner with BC’s Education Partner presidents and the Ministry of Education.

The dinner included a presentation by the Innovation Unit which is a UK organization whose aim is “to support

radical innovation in public services. . . to achieve change on a large scale, by creating better system conditions

for innovation.”

The Universal Concerns and Complaints Ad Hoc committee finalized it work and created a page on our website

with valuable conflict resolution information and a sample concerns procedure parents can share with their

school districts for consideration.

A very successful DPAC Summit was held in August bringing together 28 DPAC leaders from across the

province. Important items discussed included resourcing classrooms to meet the needs of all students,

responding to the labour dispute and the need for continued communication between all education partners.

BCCPAC was in the media several times discussing the labour dispute and teachers’ strike. BCCPAC conducted

two surveys of parents with participation from across the province.

An education partner meeting was hosted by BCCPAC on October 20. This was the first meeting post-teachers

strike which brought all education partners together. The main topic of discussion was the Classroom Resource


The Classroom Resource Framework is an exciting new initiative between BCCPAC and Victoria Confederation

of Parent Advisory Councils. Several education parents have signed on to continue discussions and come up

with a development process for a pilot project. There are a few schools who follow a similar model to this


As a an active member of the Canadian Home and School Federation, BCCPAC participated in talks with Luc

Dumont, Regional Director General, Quebec Region, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

to discuss the new shelved First Nations Education Act. Canadian Home and School sponsored an open

house sponsored with Andrew Scheer, Speaker of the House of Commons, for MPs to meet with CHSF board


Committee work:

Several of our committees were active in 2014. The Publications Committee provide an updated Individual

Education Plan: A Guide for Parents and had this resource translated into seven languages. The Publications

Committee also oversaw the 2014-15 Planner which was sent to every school and district in the province.

The Special Education Committee had a name change to Inclusive Education to better reflect the needs of all

students. The Student Safety Committee invited several guest speakers to their meeting to discuss important

issues affecting the health and well-being of our children.


In 2014 we visited members in Fort St. John for a BCCPAC 101 presentation and in Nanaimo for a Treasurer 101

presentation. The Board is pleased to have provided countless hours of telephone and in person support to our

members with answers to questions and providing assistance at PAC meetings.

Big THANK YOU to everyone who helped

BCCPAC in the work of the organization!

BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils Annual Report 2014

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