Is the Course Creation Bootcamp for you?



Is the Course Creation

Bootcamp for you?

Your Questions Answered

Yasmin Vorajee

The doors to the Course Creation Bootcamp are now open but is it right for you?

If you've been thinking about creating an online course, I would love to welcome you to the bootcamp and discover

the small steps that will get you to create your course.

In the Course Creation Bootcamp, I want to show you how to make your first 10k from an online course.

Even if you only made 10k from your course for the whole year (low 5 figures), wouldn't that be exciting to add

that figure to your bottom line?

If I could show you how to create a course and then you knew how to rinse and repeat, would that be worth

taking a little bit of time to learn the methodology AND have lifetime access to it (including any material updates I

will make)?

I'm sure you have questions so let's get straight to it...

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is perfect for you if

* You have expertise in your field and you want to share it.

* You want to know how to structure your knowledge in an easy way for your client to receive the information

* You want to position yourself as an authority in your field.

* You want to create strong credibility.

* You want to stop trading time for money.

* You want to create a passive income stream.

* You want a way to position your expertise at a particular price point so you can charge more for 1:1 work.

* You're ready to play a bigger game in your business and reach more people.

What will be covered in the Bootcamp?

In the 6 week course, this is what we will be doing:


* Get 100% clarity on how you help people

* Know your skills and talents

* Identify any limiting beliefs that are stopping you

* How to pick the right topic for YOU!

* Choose your audience

* Validate your idea


* Know the key stages of the transformation process for your clients

* Be able to clearly articulate the outcome for your clients

* Map out your whole course - EXCITING!!


* How to create attractive worksheets and templates for your students

* Simple video tools and tricks - afraid of being in front of the screen? You'll love this module!

* How to record simple audios

* How to create gorgeous slides


* Easy ways to get started - no tech overwhelm

* How to decide which is the right method/ platform for you

* How to ensure your students succeed!

* How you'll interact with your students


* Why pricing can be a minefield

* How to price to hit your income goals

* How to price your course so you reflect the value and impact

* How to avoid the top 3 pricing mistakes

* Have a clear pricing strategy


* How to create a buzz, not hype

* How to sell from a webinar

* Simple way to launch

* How to up-sell from your course

* How to make sure your course is a high standard so it helps to create raving fans!

You will also receive bonuses worth over $1,000 including time with me

How will the training be delivered?

Each module will be delivered via bite sized training videos and audios PLUS each week, we will have a live call to

cover the content for the week and time for Q&A.

Creating your online course can be a simple process and I want to show you how.

How much is the bootcamp?

The value of the program plus bonuses is $2,745. The normal price is $497.

Until midnight Saturday 9 April, you can secure your spot for only $297.

What if I don't like the course and realise it's not for me?

If after the first live call, you decide this is not right for you, I will refund you your investment.

I want people to complete the bootcamp, create their course and get their message out into the world.

If it's not right for you, let me know straight after the first live call and I will honour the refund.

If you have any other questions about the bootcamp or perhaps you're not sure if this is the right step for you, book a

complimentary call with me and let's chat.

I want to make sure this is the right step for you.

Love and hugs,


Get the guidance, know-how and tech

savvy to create your course in just 6 weeks

with the Course Creation Bootcamp

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