Spring Summer 2016



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Spring Summer 2016


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ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

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Acquisitions | Collection Building 45

Administration | Management 2

Archives and Records Management 40

Buildings | Facilities 11

Career Development 10

Children’s and Youth Programs and Services 61

Information Literacy | Library Instruction 32

Information Technology | Information Studies 22

Intellectual Freedom | Copyright 15

Marketing | Outreach 18

Public Library Programs and Services 12

RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge

and Information Management 49

Reference | Readers’ Advisory | Librariana 56

School Library Programs and Services 76

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Administration | Management

2016 | softcover

192 pp | 6" x 9"

$75.00 | Members: $67.50

Library Improvement Through Data Analytics

Lesley S. J. Farmer and Alan M. Safer | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1425-0

“Show me your data!” More than ever, funding agencies are looking for cost effectiveness. Designed to

be useful for novices as well as those with a background in data, this book introduces the basics of the

Six Sigma framework as a model that can be applied to a variety of library settings. Helping readers make

sense of data, this guide for system based, data driven management covers such key topics as:


the basics of statistical concepts;


recommended data sources for various library functions and processes, and guidance for using

census, university, or chamber of commerce data in analysis;


techniques for cleaning data;


matching data to appropriate data analysis methods;

À À how to make descriptive statistics more powerful by spotlighting relationships; and


14 case studies which address digitization, e-books, reference, and more.

This book’s clear, concise coverage will enable readers of every experience level to gain a better understanding

of statistics in order to facilitate library improvement.

2016 | softcover

208 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$65.00 | Members: $58.50

40+ New Revenue Sources for Libraries and Nonprofits

Edmund A. Rossman III | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1438-0

Libraries can take an innovative, proactive approach to funding. Offering step-by-step guidance, in this

book Rossman shares more than 40 revenue-generating methods to bolster the library’s bottom line.

Through plentiful examples, interviews, and implementation exercises this book


discusses the current context of funding for libraries and non-profits, using the history of Public

Broadcasting as a positive role model for libraries;


examines how general market features from the worlds of advertising and broadcasting, such as

location, traffic, the right cluster of skills, and technology, apply to the library environment;


demonstrates how to utilize these market features in the most professional and efficient manner

to build new revenue streams; and

À À walks readers through numerous plans for raising revenue from memorial considerations, onetime

events like art shows and athletic competitions, naming rights and sponsorships for permanent

resources such as buildings and rooms, location specific promotions, online crowd-funding,

establishing passport services, and many more.

The Purpose-Based Library: Finding Your

Path to Survival, Success, and Growth

John J. Huber and Steven V. Potter | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1244-7 | e-book available

”A practical, innovative, thoughtful and thought-provoking read that should be considered a

‘must’ for all librarians and members of library boards of directors.” —MBR Bookwatch

2015 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$65.00 | Members: $58.50

In this book, Huber and seasoned public library administrator Potter build on insight gleaned from decades

of experience to demonstrate how libraries can create real growth opportunities through concentrating on

their true mission and purpose. With a focus on putting ideas into action, they point the way toward


new ways to think about metrics;


reexamining customer self-driven services;


effectively leveraging the considerable footprint of libraries;


identifying and assessing community needs and realigning library services accordingly;


actively encouraging community fundraising; and


offering cutting-edge services and programs.

2 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Administration | Management

2015 | softcover

232 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$75.00 | Members: $67.50

Assessing Service Quality: Satisfying the

Expectations of Library Customers, Third Edition

Peter Hernon, Ellen Altman, and Robert E. Dugan | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1308-6 | e-book available

Since Assessing Service Quality premiered in 1998, scores of library managers and administrators have trusted

its guidance for applying a customer-centered approach to service quality and performance evaluation. This

extensively revised and updated edition explores even further the ways technology influences both the experiences

of library customers and the ways libraries themselves can assess those experiences. The authors


challenge conventional thinking about the utility of input, output, and performance metrics

by suggesting new ways to think about the evaluation and assessment of library services;


explain service quality and customer satisfaction, and demonstrate how they are separate but



identify procedures for qualitatively and quantitatively measuring service quality and satisfaction; and


encourage libraries to take action by presenting concrete steps they can take to become more


Managing with Data: Using ACRLMetrics and PLAmetrics

Peter Hernon, Robert E. Dugan, and Joseph R. Matthews | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1243-0

”A useful introduction to two of the major data tools that libraries can use to help guide and

shape decisions . . . more experienced data users will still find much of value in the exercise

questions and the overall discussion.” —Technicalities

2015 | softcover

232 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

A companion volume to the authors’ earlier book Getting Started with Evaluation, this guide illustrates how to

use the data to support value, collection use, benchmarking, and other best practices. This important resource


identifies key metrics in ACRLMetrics and PLAmetrics;


demonstrates how to perform techniques for developing and using metrics;


offers exercises that illustrate how to produce meaningful metrics and reports, accessible via a

free web portal;


shows how to move toward outcomes assessments while simultaneously embracing value; and


includes numerous examples to guide readers screen by screen through the data services’

web interfaces.

Getting Started with Evaluation

Peter Hernon, Robert E. Dugan, and Joseph R. Matthews | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1195-2 | e-book available

”For those just beginning to learn about assessment or embarking on a new evaluation

program for their institution, this book offers a valuable entry point into the field.”

—Journal of Library Innovation

2014 | softcover

256 pp | 6" x 9"

$69.00 | Members: $62.10

Finally library managers have a workbook to help them master key concepts of service quality assessment,

offering directed exercises and worksheets to guide them. Firmly rooted in practical application, this book


presents an overview of evaluation and the types of metrics, linking them to strategic planning

and infrastructure;


examines qualitative versus quantitative measures;


shows how to decide which metrics are relevant to one’s own institution, covering benchmarking,

best practices, peer group filters, and those metrics that offer a high return on investment;


includes pointers for launching and maintaining successful library evaluation through flexibility

and smart delegation among library staff; and


offers advice on marshaling data to effectively communicate the value and impact of a library

and its services, no matter the audience.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Administration | Management

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

Forging the Future of Special Collections

edited by Arnold Hirshon, Robert H. Jackson, and Melissa A. Hubbard | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1386-4

Drawing on the expertise of a world-class array of librarians, university faculty, book dealers, collectors, and

donors, this collected volume surveys the emerging requirements of today’s knowledge ecosystem and

charts a course for the future of special collections. The contributors


recount the factors that governed the growth and use of special collections in the past;

À À explore ways to build 21st-century special collections that are accessible globally

À À give advice on developing and maintaining strong relationships between libraries and collectors;


provide critical information on how libraries and their institutions’ faculty can best collaborate to

ensure students and other researchers are aware of the resources available to them;

À À look at how the changes in the way authors work—from analog to digital—increases the importance

of archives in preserving the aspects of humanity that elevate us; and


examine sustainable and scalable approaches to promoting the use of special collections in the

digital age.

2015 | softcover

216 pp | 6" x 9"

$67.00 | Members: $60.30

Library Consortia: Models for Collaboration and Sustainability

edited by Valerie Horton and Greg Pronevitz | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1218-8 | e-book available

“16 fascinating case studies show what can be achieved by diverse libraries working together.

This important volume is a valuable resource for professional collections in academic and large

public libraries.” —VOYA

With over 35 years of experience managing five different library consortia between them, Horton and

Pronevitz cover the history, current landscape, management approaches, critical trends, and key services

that define today’s library consortia. Their book


highlights the current trends impacting consortia and the fiscal difficulties many have experienced

since the 2007–2009 Recession;


presents conclusions drawn from 16 case studies and the results of a recent survey on consortial

environment and priorities;


looks into current management practices and give an overview of consortia activities, such as

e-book technology and delivery methods; and


discusses the Discover to Delivery continuum, a key trend that allows libraries to maximize services.

2015 | softcover

288 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$80.00 | Members: $72.00

Running a Small Library:

A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians, Second Edition

edited by John A. Moorman | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1273-7

Since running a small library—public, academic, school, or special—often means making do with little or

no staff, this challenging task calls for its own set of skills and expertise. That’s where Moorman’s how-to

manual comes in, offering guidance on every essential aspect of what it takes to run a small library. Fully

revised and updated, including a new chapter on digital library services, the second edition covers such

day-to-day issues as


budgeting, from planning to advocacy;


developing and implementing policies and procedures;


maintaining facilities;


acquisition, cataloging, and collection development and management on a shoestring;


programming, outreach, and community partnerships; and


library technology, from computers and networks to automation systems and beyond.

Also featured is an updated resource section listing furniture, automation, book, and periodical vendors;

electronic discussion and support groups; professional organizations; and resources for more information.

4 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Administration | Management

2015 | softcover

168 pp | 6" x 9"

$58.00 | Members: $52.20

Mentoring A to Z

Julie Todaro | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1329-1

A solid, sustainable mentorship program can be a game changer for libraries, with long-term results that

include career development, organization-wide professionalism, and retention. Here, 2016–17 ALA presidentelect

Todaro offers an accessible guide to putting mentorship into practice, complete with scanning checklists

that will assist you in designing, planning, and implementing your own program. This book includes


four case-method scenarios that will prepare you for making decisions in common mentoring



a discussion of mentor, mentee, reverse-mentoring, and co-mentoring terminology, and how to

choose the best language to shape the expectations of your program;


tips on how to apply nine measurements you probably already use for evaluation, plus five new

ones that will make your program even more effective;


suggested content and events in a mentorship curriculum, with sample goals, job descriptions,

and advice on program planning; and


ways to address objections to a mentorship program.

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Practical Tips for Developing Your Staff

Tracey Pratchett and Gil Young | PRINT: 978-1-78330-018-1

Continuous professional development is a crucial component of a successful and satisfying career. This

book offers a wide range of ideas and methods for all library and information professionals to manage the

development of those who work for and with them. Inside, you will find flexible tips and implementation

advice on


enabling others to plan, reflect on, and evaluate their personal development;


appraisals and goal setting by linking personal objectives to organizational objectives;


performance management;


sourcing funding to attend and run events;


planning formal development activities such as courses and conferences;


accessing informal activities;


using social media as a development tool;


the role of professional bodies and networks; and


mentoring, buddying, coaching, and networking.

Leading Libraries: How to Create a Service Culture

Wyoma vanDuinkerken and Wendi Arant Kaspar | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1312-3 | e-book available

”This book is almost dangerous, because no library I know of can implement all the good ideas

these authors have carefully presented and documented.” —Catholic Library World

2015 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$65.00 | Members: $58.50

Effective leadership is customer-focused and collaborative, fostering a service culture that invites the

involvement of individuals in every part and at every level of the organization. Through the use of examples,

exercises, and tools for development, this book walks readers through the steps needed to create a

sustainable, service-oriented model by


explaining how a service culture reaches beyond the individual leader with positional authority

and extends to all individuals;


showing ways to build rapport and trust within an organization, and how to balance encouragement

with accountability;


detailing strategic thinking and planning methods that will lead to improvements in customer

service, human resources, organizational development, and training; and


helping library leaders codify their organization’s values, with advice on policies and procedures

such as recruitment, performance evaluation, compensation, and succession planning.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Administration | Management

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Practical Tips for Successful Library Management

Leo Appleton | PRINT: 978-1-78330-032-7

Today’s library and information service managers need to be multi-skilled practitioners, demonstrating

knowledge and understanding of multiple professional disciplines while working in operational and strategic

managerial and leadership capacities. Drawing from an international field including all types of libraries,

this book takes management theory and practice and places it within a library and information context.

Readers will find flexible tips and implementation advice on such topics as


leadership and self-awareness;


organizational awareness;


project management;


strategic and business planning;


staying in touch with developments and innovations in the field;


time management;


budget and people management; and


working in a team.

2015 | softcover

184 pp | 6" x 9"

$57.00 | Members: $51.30

Library Security: Better Communication, Safer Facilities

Steve Albrecht | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1330-7 | e-book available

For more than a decade, Albrecht, a 15-year police veteran, has presented workshops for libraries on dealing

with challenging patrons. His no-nonsense advice will empower library staff in their personal security

and give them the tools to confidently communicate with their colleagues, patrons, and members of law

enforcement regarding inappropriate behavior. In this book he addresses security issues important to all

libraries, including


specific guidance for common situations, such as unruly teens, unwanted sexual advances,

chronically homeless substance abusers, and more;


the elements of an effective Code of Conduct and how to enforce it;


tips on how to manage internet usage to minimize potential problems;


how to align with patrons and use language that defuses the conflict;


forming partnerships with service organizations, homeless shelters, mental health advocacy

groups, and other community resources; and


how to know when it’s time to call the police, plus ideas for increasing law enforcement support.

2014 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$125.00 | Members: $112.50

A Handbook for

Corporate Information


edited by Katharine Schopflin

PRINT: 978-1-85604-968-9

Corporate information professionals

who serve the workplace

rather than learning

communities or the general

public face specific challenges

and demands, from providing

competitive intelligence to managing

information in a global

environment. Here, international

contributors from a variety of

professional environments share

their experiences and expertise.

2015 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$110.00 | Members: $99.00

Library Management in

Disruptive Times: Skills

and Knowledge for

an Uncertain Future

edited by Steve O’Connor

PRINT: 978-1-78330-021-1

Identifying the key skills and attitudes

needed by the library leaders

of today and tomorrow, this book

delivers a balanced view of the

future of the profession. Library

leaders and educators from across

the globe respond to the challenge

of the current operating environment,

covering important topics of

interest to managers at any kind of


6 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Administration | Management



224 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $64.80



e-book available



372 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $162.00



e-book available



160 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



e-book available

The Academic Library

Administrator’s Field Guide

Bryce Nelson

“Lucky are the librarians who work with a

supervisor who applies even one third of

the recommendations provided here.”


The ALA Book of Library

Grant Money, Ninth Edition

edited by Nancy Maxwell

This all-in-one resource for researching

library and school grants is more useful

than ever, offering refreshed content and

even more guidance on locating grant

funding sources.

Ecology, Economy, Equity:

The Path to a Carbon-Neutral Library

Mandy Henk

“What’s encouraging about this book is that

it connects a lot of dots while encouraging

practical action—now.” —Inside Higher Ed



192 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $76.50





176 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $44.10





192 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



Information Governance and

Assurance: Reducing Risk,

Promoting Policy Alan MacLennan

This comprehensive book discusses the

legal, organizational, and ethical aspects

of information governance and information

security and their relevance to all aspects

of information work.

Letting Go of Legacy Services:

Library Case Studies edited by Mary

Evangeliste and Katherine Furlong

“Changes require that we step out of

our comfort zone. This book will provide

guidance for those who are considering

changes to their libraries and wondering

how to go about it.” —ARBA

The New University Library:

Four Case Studies Matthew Conner

Eschewing abstract theory and speculation,

Conner details real-world practices and

innovations that point the way forward

for all academic libraries.



200 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $58.50



e-book available



168 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $58.50





152 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $35.10



e-book available

The Quality Infrastructure:

Measuring, Analyzing, and

Improving Library Services

edited by Sarah Anne Murphy

Murphy and her team of contributors

describe how quality assessment programs

have been implemented and how they are

used to continuously improve service at a

complete cross-section of institutions.

Researching Prospective Donors:

Get More Funding for Your Library

Susan Summerfield Hammerman

“Enlightening in its comprehensive

coverage of funding possibilities.”

—Catholic Library World

Say It with Data: A Concise Guide

to Making Your Case and Getting

Results Priscille Dando

“Draws on personal experience and is

written in a nontechnical manner . . .

most librarians will find value in this book.”


alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Bestsellers Administration | Management

Management Basics for Information Professionals, Third Edition

G. Edward Evans and Camila A. Alire | PRINT: 978-1-55570-909-9

“Full of great tips and pertinent references on all sorts of skills and concepts . . . a great resource

for library classes and those interested in library management and administration.” —Booklist

“With its excellent organization, detailed table of contents, comprehensive indexes, and

‘key points to remember,’ it can also serve as a reference resource on specific topics.”

—Portal: Libraries and the Academy

2013 | softcover

600 pp | 6" x 9"

$88.00 | Members: $79.20

An expanded text that reflects the rapidly changing sphere of information services makes this best-selling,

comprehensive introduction to the management of libraries even more valuable in its new third edition.

Addressing the basic skills good library managers must exercise throughout their careers, this edition covers

planning, accountability, trust and delegation, decision making, principles of effective organizational

communication, fostering change and innovation, quality control, and marketing. In addition to a completely

new chapter on management ethics, Evans and Alire also pay close attention to management in

“new normal” straitened economic conditions and offer updates on technological topics like social media.



252 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $48.60



e-book available



104 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $41.40



e-book available



304 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $48.60



e-book available

Be a Great Boss: One Year to Success

Catherine Hakala-Ausperk

“Any library director, whether experienced or

not, will definitely benefit from this book.”

—Gwen M. Gregory, AllBusiness.com

The Black Belt Librarian:

Real-World Safety and Security

Warren Graham

“This short guide packs a great deal of tips

into nine succinct chapters.” —VOYA

Build a Great Team: One Year to

Success Catherine Hakala-Ausperk

“Recommended for library managers and

managers-to-be, this is a great source for

what they didn’t teach you in library school.”




184 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $48.60



e-book available



125 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $64.80





192 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $85.50



The Challenge of Library Management:

Leading with Emotional Engagement

Wyoma vanDuinkerken and

Pixey Anne Mosley

“A concise change leadership treatise that

should be required reading in every library

and information science graduate program.”

—College & Research Libraries

Defusing the Angry Patron:

A How-To-Do-It Manual for

Librarians, Second Edition

Rhea Joyce Rubin

“Library staff who have public service duties

will find this book invaluable in learning to

deal with patron anger.” —Library Journal

(starred review)

Evaluating the Impact of

Your Library, Second Edition

Sharon Markless and David Streatfield

“The strength of the book lies in its duality

as both a tool and as an insightful analysis.”


8 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Administration | Management Bestsellers



199 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30





120 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $46.80





175 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $63.00



Fundamentals of Library

Supervision, Second Edition

Joan Giesecke and Beth McNeil

“An absolute gem. Simple, practical advice

from two experienced library managers is

given without being simplistic.” —Australian

Library Journal

Hiring, Training, and Supervising

Library Shelvers Patricia Tunstall

“A compact, no-nonsense volume with

plenty of good advice . . . a welcome addition

to the Circulation Supervisor’s reference

shelf.” —Against the Grain

Lean Library Management:

Eleven Strategies for Reducing Costs

and Improving Customer Services

John J. Huber

“Each reader should be able to take away

something positive from reading this book.”

—Journal of Access Services



208 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



e-book available



328 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30





256 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



e-book available

Library Management Tips that Work

edited by Carol Smallwood

“A core addition to any library science

reference collection.” —Midwest Book Review

Managing Library Volunteers,

Second Edition

Preston Driggers and Eileen Dumas

“A useful text for those who need to manage

volunteer staff regardless of library size or

type.” —Australian Library Journal

Reflecting on the Future of Academic

and Public Libraries edited by Peter

Hernon and Joseph R. Matthews

”Hernon and Matthews have made a major

practical and readable contribution to the

literature of contemporary librarianship.”

—Australian Library Journal



152 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $46.80





152 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



e-book available


softcover book

and DVD

275 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $97.20



Small Public Library Management

Jane Pearlmutter and Paul Nelson

“A vitally useful handbook.”

—Midwest Book Review

The Transformed Library:

E-books, Expertise, and Evolution

Jeannette Woodward

“A worthwhile and timely read for those

interested in taking the current pulse of the

library world.” —College & Research Libraries

Winning Grants: A How-To-Do-It

Manual for Librarians, with

Multimedia Tutorials and Grant

Development Tools Pamela H.

MacKellar and Stephanie K. Gerding

“A handsome, well-designed volume that

lives up to its name.” —Journal of the Medical

Library Association

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Career Development

Workshops and eCourses

Two affordable options for learning and professional development from the

convenience of your desktop!


Workshops are small-group webinars led by recognized experts, offering you

the chance to get authoritative answers to your questions while interacting

with colleagues who have similar concerns. Related readings also enhance

your learning and support-focused discussion chat.

À À eCourses are asynchronous online courses, offering readings and/or media

files, instructor-led discussions, and weekly assignments or activities. The

instructors are experts in their content area as well as in leading interactive

online learning. All interactions take place on the eCourse website, available

24/7. A certificate of completion is available to participants after the course.

For a full listing of current workshops and eCourses, visit alastore.ala.org/eLearning.

Making the Most of Your Library Career

edited by Lois Stickell and Bridgette Sanders | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1186-0 | e-book available

”Chock full of useful career tips and tales from librarians in the field that will help both new

and veteran librarians develop their careers . . . I certainly wish I had had this book to guide me

through my early days as a librarian.” —Technical Services Quarterly

2014 | softcover

120 pp | 6" x 9"

$49.00 | Members: $44.10

Career librarians from every corner of the profession offer a personal, down-to-earth view of “what it’s really

like out there.” Filled with valuable insights into how to better launch and manage a library career, this book

addresses important topics like


how to work and adapt at a new organization;


what management expects and how to view everyday activities from that point of view;


how to make suggestions for change;


advice on navigating the cyclical nature of a librarian’s work year;


the rewards and challenges of professional organizations; and


why a library degree is valuable outside a traditional library setting.

2015 | softcover

160 pp | 6" x 9"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

Building Your Portfolio:

The CILIP Guide,

Third Edition

edited by Kath Owen and

Margaret Watson

PRINT: 978-1-78330-020-4

Thoroughly updated to reflect the

new requirements of the revamped

suite of Professional Registration

qualifications from CILIP

(Chartered Institute of Library and

Information Professionals), this is

the essential guide to producing

a successful portfolio. It’s packed

with examples, tips, personal contributions

from successful applicants,

and useful web links.

Bestseller in Career Development

2010 | softcover

200 pp | 6" x 9"

$57.00 | Members: $51.30

The New Information

Professional: Your

Guide to Careers in

the Digital Age

Judy Lawson, Joanna Kroll,

and Kelly Kowatch

PRINT: 978-1-55570-698-2

“A useful, engaging guide.”


“An easy-to-use career guide

reference for career counselors

and new graduates.” —Journal

of the Medical Library


10 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Buildings and Facilities

2015 | softcover

288 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$72.00 | Members: $64.80

Checklist of Library Building Design Considerations, Sixth Edition

William W. Sannwald | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1371-0

Tighter budgets and the complex demands of both library users and staff call for careful preparation now

more than ever. Whether you’re building from the ground up or simply remodeling, the success of your project

hinges on planning, coordination, and communication. This new update of Sannwald’s classic guide will

help you stay prepared and organized for every phase of your undertaking from conception through the

dedication ceremony. Using a popular checklist format that ensures no detail is overlooked, this planner

covers crucial considerations like


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) factors;

À À sustainable design features, including sensors that save energy and water;


designing makerspaces, digital media labs, or leased library enterprises;


disaster and recovery planning;


creating quiet spaces;


collaborative collections and materials-handling efficiency; and


important virtual presence aspects to bear in mind during physical space decisions.

Library as Safe Haven: Disaster Planning, Response, and Recovery;

A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians

Deborah D. Halsted, Shari C. Clifton, and Daniel T. Wilson | PRINT: 978-1-55570-913-6 | e-book available

”Should be required reading for all librarians who want to better prepare staff for the most dire

of circumstances.” —Booklist

2014 | softcover

160 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$74.00 | Members: $66.80

Libraries have always played a special role in times of disaster by continuing to provide crucial information

and services. The Stafford Act of 2011 designates libraries as among the temporary facilities delivering

essential services, so honoring the federal government directive for a Continuity of Operations Plan for all

its agencies is a planning imperative for libraries. Peppered with informative first-person narratives from

librarians recounting emergency situations, this manual covers such topics as


an eight-step approach to developing a risk assessment plan;


information on how to use mobile devices and social media effectively in times of disaster; and


sample disaster plans, along with model exercises, manuals, and customizable communication.

Bestsellers in Buildings and Facilities

2010 | softcover

192 pp | 8.5” x 11”

includes 16-page,

full-color insert

$62.00 | Members: $55.80

e-book available

Designing Space for

Children and Teens in

Libraries and Public


Sandra Feinberg and

James R. Keller, AIA

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1020-7

“Library staff facing a renovation

must read this book, which fills a

niche covered only by scholarly

articles and a few books on

broader topics.” —Reference &

User Services Quarterly

2007 | softcover

136 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$59.00 | Members: $53.10

Designing a School Library

Media Center for the

Future, Second Edition

Rolf Erikson and Carolyn Markuson

PRINT: 978-0-8389-0945-4

“Buy this book for yourself and

for all of the stewards of your

project.” —School Library Journal

“Of great use to anyone designing

a new or renovating a school

library media center of any size.”


alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Public Library Programs and Services

2016 | softcover

136 pp | 8.5" x 11"


Members: $44.10

Adults Just Wanna Have Fun:

Programs for Emerging Adults

Audrey Barbakoff | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1391-8

Library users in their 20s and 30s constitute one of the most underserved populations

for public libraries, and there's a scarcity of guidance on how to target them. Barbakoff’s

fun and practical programming book helps to fill that gap. A 2013 Library Journal Mover &

Shaker who was also named one of Flavorwire’s “10 of the Coolest Librarians Alive,” she

shows how to draw emerging adults to the library using a mixture of play and engagement

and then keep them coming back for more. Packed with ideas that are real-world tested

and approved, this guide:


examines the unique needs and expectations of millennials, many of whom are

already avid readers and have the potential to become a core part of the public

library user base;


presents easily adaptable programs that are fun for a variety of groups, from “Bad

Art Night” and “DIY Hot Cocoa Mix” to “Library Speed Dating” and “Homemade

Spa Products”;


features a range of events that move the library outside and into the community,

such as hosting a book club in a bar, combining books and bikes, partnering with

a commercial kitchen for a cookbook group, and a book-to-action program that

uses book discussions as springboards to hands-on service projects;


offers advice for garnering funding and support by showing how to connect programming

to the library’s fundamental values; and


provides tips for prep, setup, and teardown, plus pointers on marketing and


2016 | softcover

120 pp | 6" x 9"

$38.00 | Members: $34.20

Five Steps of Outcome-Based Planning

and Evaluation for Public Libraries

Melissa Gross, Cindy Mediavilla, Virginia A. Walter | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1404-5

e-book available

Planning and assessment are both crucial elements of a public library that functions efficiently

and flexibly. So why are they often treated as separate processes? This concise book

combines planning and evaluation in a holistic approach, helping public library managers

and staff put library resources to work for the community. Based on a series of successful

workshops, the authors present a workflow made up of manageable steps for integrating

outcome-based planning and evaluation (OBPE) into the routine functions of the public

library. Offering step by step guidance that’s transparent and easy to follow, this book:


Introduces the concept of OBPE and explains how it can be a streamlined, effective

method of getting library users’ feedback;


defines “outcomes” and shows why public libraries should use them to plan and

evaluate services;


shares methodologies for assessing community needs and interests, including

key informant interviews, surveys, focus groups, and environmental scans;


demonstrates how to use community assessment data to create outcome statements

that not only guide the creation of new library services, but also provide

targets for measuring the effectiveness of those services;


offers techniques for designing services that directly serve the community while

also achieving the outcomes the library has targeted; and


provides tips for sharing the results with stakeholders and maximizing successful

outcome-based programs to leverage the library’s role in the community.

12 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Public Library Programs and Services

2016 | softcover

176 pp | 6" x 9"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

The Librarian’s Guide to Book Programs and Author Events

Brad Hooper | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1384-0

From hosting authors to planning and coordinating book activities such as book signings and book clubs,

libraries are perfect venues for readers to interact directly with authors and their books. In this guide

Booklist’s Brad Hooper inspires, encourages, and advises librarians in providing a wide range of programming

that targets their communities of book lovers. This resource

À À includes step-by-step guidance adaptable to any type of audience, from children and teens to millennials

and older adults;

À À shows how to plan author readings, coordinate book signings, and put together and moderate an

author panel;


offers marketing and outreach pointers, including interviewing authors for local radio, library podcasts,

or webinars;


lays out the nuts-and-bolts of organizing and hosting book clubs, with suggestions for facilitating

book group discussions; and

À À presents ideas for creating displays of “staff favorites” and other ways to get staff involved and


2015 | softcover

256 pp | 6" x 9"

$57.00 | Members: $51.30

New Routes to Library Success:

100+ Ideas from Outside the Stacks

Elisabeth Doucett | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1313-0 | e-book available

In this book, Doucett mines new territory by exploring how successful organizations “outside the stacks”

conduct their business. By analyzing what several private-sector organizations and their leaders are doing

outstandingly well, she quickly hones in on transformational concepts that are ready for application in public

libraries, offering more than a hundred innovative ideas that can be put into practice to improve customer

service and day-to-day library operations. Canvassing the worlds of advertising, online commerce,

fundraising, retailing, and more, Doucett profiles such successful professionals as


Margot Atwell, Kickstarter;


Chris Wilson, L.L. Bean;


Brian Kevin and Ginny Wright, Down East Magazine;


Kate Cheney Chappell, Tom’s of Maine; and


Walter Briggs, Briggs Advertising.

2016 | softcover

176 pp | 6" x 9"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

Digitizing Your Collection: Public Library Success Stories

Susanne Caro, with contributions by Sam Meister, Tammy Ravas,

and Wendy Walker | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1383-3 | e-book available

Digitizing your collection is not only a great way to increase access to your materials, it also engages

patrons on a whole new level and helps communicate your library’s value. Here, the authors share lessons

and tips for success from public libraries across the country. With succinct and practical guidance that can

be adapted to any size institution, this book

À À explains why public libraries should take digitization seriously, listing key points that can be used

to get stakeholders on board;


points out what you should consider before undertaking a digitization project;


discusses copyright and other access-related issues;


shows how public libraries are handling funding and finding collaborative partners;


shares ways that libraries have used digitization projects for community outreach and to promote

collections; and


offers advice on marketing and media.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Public Library Programs and Services



352 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $76.50





184 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $49.50





160 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



Archives Alive: Expanding

Engagement with Public Library

Archives and Special Collections

Diantha Dow Schull

“The examples throughout can be adapted

. . . Recommended.” —Library Journal

Film Programming for Public Libraries

Kati Irons for PLA

”The guidebook every library needs to plan

a one-shot program, weekend festival, or

on-going program . . . Highly recommended.”

—Catholic Library World

Local History Reference Collections

for Public Libraries Kathy Marquis

and Leslie Waggener

“A much-needed guide to both the philosophy

and the housekeeping of a local history

reference collection.” —Library Journal

Bestsellers in Public Library Programs and Services

Introduction to Public Librarianship, Second Edition

Kathleen de la Peña McCook | PRINT: 978-1-55570-697-5

“The work as a whole is a treasure, an essential tool for the LIS teacher.”

—Library Journal

2011 | softcover

524 pp | 6" x 9"

$72.00 | Members: $64.80

“Exploding with examples of current services, policies, and programs in public libraries

around the country, many useful statistics, historical and contemporary anecdotes,

sidebars about underrepresented groups, and a wealth of suggestions for further

reading on every topic, this book tops the 500-page mark, yet nothing feels in excess.

The book not only stands as an excellent introductory text to librarianship for new

students, but it would make an excellent reference for current library professionals and

should be required reading for any faculty members working with future public library

professionals.” —Library Quarterly



280 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $48.60



e-book available



8.5" x 11"

274 pp


Members: $73.80





312 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $66.60



Adult Programs in the Library,

Second Edition Brett W. Lear

Walking the reader through every aspect

of adult programming, this new edition

of a tried-and-true book is truly a librarian’s

best friend.

Finding the Answers to Legal

Questions: A How-To-Do-It Manual

Virginia Tucker and Marc Lampson

“I recommend this book to anyone working

at a public library, as well as anyone

interested in learning legal research without

going to paralegal or law classes.”

—American Association of Law Libraries

Strategic Planning for Results

Sandra Nelson for the Public Library

Association (PLA)

“If you’re serious about strategic

planning, then buy this book.”

—Marketing Library Services

14 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Intellectual Freedom | Copyright

2015 | softcover

296 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$70.00 | Members: $63.00

Intellectual Freedom Manual, Ninth Edition

Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF); Trina Magi, editor; Martin Garnar, assistant editor

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1292-8 | e-book available

The new edition of the Intellectual Freedom Manual is more than just an invaluable compendium of guiding

principles and policies. It’s also an indispensable resource for day-to-day guidance on maintaining free and

equal access to information for all people. Fortifying and emboldening professionals and students from

across the library spectrum, this manual includes


34 ALA policy statements and documents, 17 new or updated for this edition, addressing patron

behavior, internet use, copyright, exhibits, use of meeting spaces, and other common concerns;


at-a-glance lists summarizing key issues such as access, challenges and censorship, access by

minors to controversial materials, and advocacy;

À À explanations of legal points in clear, easy-to-understand language, alongside case citations;

À À numerous checklists to help readers stay organized; and


a glossary and selected bibliography.

2015 | softcover

172 pp | 6" x 9"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

A History of ALA Policy

on Intellectual Freedom:

A Supplement to the

Intellectual Freedom

Manual, Ninth Edition

Office for Intellectual Freedom

(OIF); Trina Magi, editor;

Martin Garnar, assistant editor

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1325-3

e-book available

Collecting several key documents

and policy statements, this supplement

to the ninth edition of

the Intellectual Freedom Manual

traces a history of ALA’s commitment

to fighting censorship.

2016 | softcover

192 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Copyright and E-Learning:

A Guide for Practitioners,

Second Edition

Jane Secker

PRINT: 978-1-78330-060-0

Secker has completely revised and

updated this highly successful text

to take into account all the recent

developments in the field. This

book will help to break barriers

down and equip professionals with

the tools, skills, and understanding

they need to work confidently and

effectively in the virtual learning


2015 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Practical Copyright for

Library and Information


Paul Pedley

PRINT: 978-1-78330-061-7

The UK’s copyright legislation

has been referred to as the

longest, most confusing, and

hardest to navigate in the world.

This new handbook brings clarity

to what would otherwise be

a complex topic, providing sensible

and realistic guidance for

all library and information practitioners,

addressing both print

and electronic materials.

2015 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Copyright: Interpreting the

Law for Libraries,

Archives and Information

Services, Sixth Edition

Graham P. Cornish

PRINT: 978-1-85604-970-2

Cornish’s text explains the provisions

of the UK Copyright Act and

supporting legislation in quick

and easy question-and-answer

form. This sixth edition is revised

and expanded in the light of new

legislation which came into force

in 2014/5. Areas such as originality,

databases, and the use of

broadcast material in education all

receive detailed attention.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Intellectual Freedom | Copyright


2016 | e-book only

48 pp

$25.00 | Members: $22.50

The Library’s Legal Answers for Meeting Rooms and Displays

Mary Minow, Tomas A. Lipinski, and Gretchen McCord | e-book only | E-PUB ISBN: 978-0-8389-1440-3

When your public library invites the community to its spaces—a meeting room, an auditorium, bulletin

board, or exhibit case—you take on the responsibility to uphold First Amendment rights of free expression.

That includes the members of your frontline staff, who are busy fielding calls and responding to emails.

Grounded in the authors’ expert guidance, this e-book will give your staff the knowledge they need to keep

your library out of messy legal problems. The convenient Q& A format offers straightforward answers to

common situations, addressing such topics as:


the legal concept of “public forum” and how it applies to meeting rooms and the outside grounds

of the library;


the rights of religious groups to use library spaces;

À À understanding the balance between free speech rights and offensive ideas or behavior; and


dealing with groups with discriminatory policies.

Providing authoritative answers backed up with case citations for your trustees and attorneys, this e-book

will ensure you feel confident serving your community while staying within the law.


2016 | e-book only

128 pp

$30.00 | Members: $27.00

The Library’s Legal Answers for Makerspaces

Mary Minow, Tomas A. Lipinski, and Gretchen McCord | e-book only | E-PUB ISBN: 978-0-8389-1390-1

Library makerspaces are truly transformative, inviting library users to create, innovate, and collaborate. But

like any cutting-edge initiative, makerspaces also bring up a host of new and unique legal questions. In this

first-of-its-kind e-book, three legal experts deliver detailed and reliable answers in plain language for library

managers and staff, along with legal citations. Organized in Q & A format for quick reference, this concise

resource offers sound advice on such issues as

À À key clauses to look for when evaluating insurance coverage;

À À American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance;


how copyright applies to 3-D printing, plus guidance for handling controversial output such as sex

toys or swastikas;


parental release forms for minors;


what trademark law has to say about action figures and logos;


how to protect the library from secondary infringement claims; and


avoiding negligence lawsuits.

2017 | softcover

192 pp | 6" x 9"

$115.00 | Members: $103.50

The No-Nonsense

Guide to Copyright

in All Media

Alma Hales and

Bernadette Atwell

PRINT: 978-1-85604-764-7

This pragmatic and no-nonsense

practical working tool will make

digital media copyright issues simple

to understand and solve when

you’re struggling with daily deadlines.

Providing a happy medium

between a "fingers crossed"

approach and a "copyright police"

stance, this handbook explores the

principles of copyright for those

with little or no experience.

2015 | softcover

384 pp | 6" x 9"

$99.95 | Members: $89.96

Copyright for Archivists

and Records Managers,

Fifth Edition

Tim Padfield

PRINT: 978-1-85604-929-0

Praise for previous editions:

“Well organized and easy to find

specific topics, this book is a handy

reference for any archivist’s shelf.”

—The Copyright and New Media Law


“Custodians of all manner of

documents, be they digital or offline,

will find this an invaluable handbook.”

—Records Management Journal

16 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Intellectual Freedom | Copyright Bestsellers

Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators:

Creative Strategies and Practical Solutions, Third Edition

Kenneth D. Crews | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1092-4

“An excellent resource for librarians. It provides legal guidance, but it doesn’t require legal

expertise to understand.” —Information Today

“Straightforward ... a terrific way to teach library students a lot in an easy to read book.”

—Lesley Ellen Harris, author, educator, consultant, Copyrightlaws.com

2012 | softcover

208 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$59.00 | Members: $53.10

“The style and approach throughout is sensible, helpful, interesting, authoritative and

approachable and some lively photos, scenarios and real case examples support the book. In

short, this is an exemplary text that seals the standards for such books.”—Managing Information

Drawing on cutting-edge case law in 18 discrete areas of copyright, this succinct guide gives information

professionals the tools they need to take control of their rights and responsibilities as copyright owners

and users.



192 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $46.80



e-book available



296 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $73.80





262 pp

10" x 8"






Complete Copyright for K–12

Librarians and Educators Carrie Russell

Recipient of the 2013 ABC-CLIO Greenwood

Award for the Best Book in Library Literature

“Supplies a coherent, step-by-step

approach.” —Public Libraries

Copyright for Academic

Librarians and Professionals

Rebecca P. Butler

“An excellent resource that deserves to be

in every professional library.” —Catholic

Library World

Complete Copyright: An Everyday

Guide for Librarians Carrie Russell

“[An] excellent addition to a library’s

professional collection . . . A clean layout,

boxed highlights, room for notes, and a

touch of humor contribute to the book’s

readability.” —Booklist



275 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $64.80





760 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $120.60



e-book available



160 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $103.50



Copyright for Teachers

and Librarians in the 21st Century

Rebecca P. Butler

“Given how quickly technology changes,

this title deserves a place on professionalreading

shelves.” —Booklist

The Librarian’s Legal Companion

for Licensing Information Resources

and Services Tomas A. Lipinski

“Thorough, well researched, thoughtfully

written . . . Lipinski’s book will be a go-to

work on my reference shelf.” —Law Library


The No-Nonsense Guide

to Legal Issues in Web 2.0

and Cloud Computing

Charles Oppenheim with Naomi Korn

“From the first page, the reader knows

that this is an authoritative work. . . Highly

recommended.” —Australian Library Journal

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Marketing | Outreach

2016 | softcover

112 pp | 6" x 9"

$50.00 | Members: $45.00

The Librarian’s Nitty-Gritty Guide to Content Marketing

Laura Solomon | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1432-8

What is content marketing? Simply put, it’s the most effective way to increase your value

to customers. When you deliver content that library users find useful and relevant, you

give a compelling answer to their question, “What’s in it for me?” Author of the best-selling

book The Librarian's Nitty-Gritty Guide to Social Media, Solomon speaks directly to public

relations personnel, web librarians, and other staff responsible for the library's online

presence. Filled with nuts-and-bolts advice on how to increase the library's value to its

users, her guide:


defines the essential characteristics of effective content marketing;


explores methods of audience assessment;


demonstrates how to optimize content for sharing;


explains the elements of an editorial calendar for sustainable content, and

shows how to create it once and re-purpose it many times;


describes meaningful metrics for the library context;


points out five common mistakes and how to avoid them;


provides a template for creating personas; and


includes first-hand accounts from library marketers.

Making content marketing concepts bite-sized and easily digestible, this guide shows

libraries how to market effectively by focusing on what library users find useful and relevant.

For best-selling marketing resources by Laura Solomon, see page 21.

2016 | softcover

144 pp | 6" x 9"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

The Heart of Librarianship:

Attentive, Positive, and Purposeful Change

Michael Stephens | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1454-0

Adaptation to change that’s based on thoughtful planning and grounded in the mission

of libraries: it’s a model that respected LIS thinker and educator Stephens terms “hyperlinked

librarianship.” In this collection of essays from his “Office Hours” columns in Library

Journal, Stephens explores the issues and emerging trends that are transforming the profession.

Among the topics he discusses are:


the importance of accessible, welcoming, and responsive library environments

that invite open and equitable participation, and which factors are preventing

many libraries from ramping up community engagement and user-focused



challenges, developments, and emerging opportunities in the field, including

new ways to reach users and harness curiosity;


considerations for prospective librarians, from knowing what you want out of

the profession to learning how to aim for it;


why LIS curriculum and teaching styles need to evolve;


mentoring and collaboration; and


the concept of the library as classroom, a participatory space to experiment with

new professional roles, new technologies, and new ways of interacting

with patrons.

Bringing together ideas for practice, supporting evidence from recent research, and

insights into what lies ahead, this book will inform and inspire librarians of all types.

18 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Marketing | Outreach

Start a Revolution: Stop Acting Like a Library

Ben Bizzle with Maria Flora | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1267-6 | e-book available

”Humor plays a big part in the author’s marketing strategy, and he provides examples of how

his tactics have reached new users . . . All libraries will find the marketing strategies for public

awareness and support of programs valuable.” —Library Journal

2015 | softcover

208 pp | 6" x 9"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

Focusing on creative ways to pull patrons in rather than just push the library out, this book


steers libraries toward defining their brand, explaining why it is crucial to meeting the needs of

their users and potential users;


offers strategies for getting stakeholders on board and engaged, including how to address budgeting



demonstrates the importance of the library’s website as the digital “main branch” of the library,

with guidance for creating and promoting it;


takes the mystery out of how to use social media platforms as public awareness tools, complete

with detailed strategies and step-by-step instructions; and

À À shows how to pull it all together through strong leadership and teamwork.

2015 | softcover

216 pp | 6" x 9"

$57.00 | Members: $51.30

The Library Innovation Toolkit: Ideas, Strategies, and Programs

edited by Anthony Molaro and Leah L. White; foreword by R. David Lankes

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1274-4 | e-book available

”Full of the essentials for innovation: bright ideas and strong will. It allows readers a chance to

look at the experiments of others and encourages library professionals to try them at home.”

— Journal of Library Innovation

This stimulating collection offers numerous snapshots of innovation in action at a range of libraries, showcasing

ideas and initiatives that will inspire librarians at their own institutions. Among the topics covered are


the importance of creating organizational structures that lead to innovation;


strategies for getting library staff and other stakeholders on board and engaged, complete with a

step-by-step toolkit for achieving innovative outcomes;


ways to expand the library beyond its walls to deliver services to library users;


money-saving initiatives that use technology to improve users’ experience; and


innovative uses of library spaces, such as designing and implementing a digital media lab, and

examples of creative programming.

2015 | softcover

216 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$49.00 | Members: $44.10

A Year of Programs for Millennials and More

Amy J. Alessio, Katie LaMantia, and Emily Vinci | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1332-1

This handy guide specifically targets those on the cusp of the born-digital generation and their peers, offering

up a year’s worth of programming suitable for both public and academic libraries. Organized by monthly clubs

or monthly themed events, this resource


provides an overview of what those in their 20s, 30, and 40s want from libraries and how best to

reach them;


gives tips for extending popular teen programs to older teens and those in their 20s;


presents start-to-finish programs sure to be a big draw, such as a “pub trivia” night, recipe scrapbooking

meetup, retro craft club, old school gaming sessions, writer’s workshops, and community

college networking events;


shows how to program on a tight budget by making the most of the library’s existing collection

and resources; and


offers tips on marketing, outreach, and follow-up.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Marketing | Outreach

Marketing Concepts for Libraries

and Information Services, Third Edition

Eileen Elliott de Sáez | PRINT: 978-1-85604-870-5

This best-selling text offers information professionals a comprehensive foundation and structure for effective

strategic marketing and demonstrates how to use this marketing to enable growth, development, and

new perspectives. The book introduces readers to a wide range of marketing concepts and techniques

suitable for library and information services and shows how it is essential for a libary to be truly market-oriented

to ensure its survival and future prosperity. The new third edition is fully updated to encompass

recent developments including social media, marketing 3.0, interactive marketing, values-driven marketing,

holistic marketing, and video marketing, with two new chapters on marketing environments and culture.

2017 | softcover

240 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Bringing the Arts into the Library

edited by Carol Smallwood | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1175-4 | e-book available

“In today’s increasingly commercialized world, the need for a public space to celebrate the arts

rather than the almighty dollar is greater than ever, making Bringing the Arts into the Library

welcome, needed, and highly recommended!” —Library Bookwatch

2014 | softcover

248 pp | 6" x 9"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

Using a library’s facilities to bring arts to the community is a wonderful marketing and outreach opportunity, a

tangible way to show the public that libraries offer value, thus shoring up grassroots support. Editor Smallwood

has combed the country finding examples of programs implemented by a variety of different types of libraries

to enrich, educate, and entertain patrons through the arts. Her book shares such successful efforts as


poetry programs in the public library;


gatherings for local authors at the community college;


creative writing in middle schools;


multicultural arts presentations at the university library; and


initiatives to fight illiteracy through the arts.

2014 | softcover

192 pp | 6" x 9"

$67.00 | Members: $60.30

Marketing with Social

Media: A LITA Guide

edited by Beth C.


PRINT: 978-1-55570-972-3

e-book available

“This book can provide the

novice or skilled marketing

expert with relevant information

that each can use in

promoting library resources

and services, regardless of the

type of library.” —Journal of

Library Innovation

2014 | softcover

128 pp | 6" x 9"

$50.00 | Members: $45.00

Makerspaces: Top Trailblazing

Projects, A LITA Guide

Caitlin A. Bagley

PRINT: 978-1-55570-990-7

e-book available

“Any librarian and library considering

makerspaces should pick up this

title.” —Booklist

“A powerful resource for anyone

working in a library whose patrons

may be interested in learning new

skills and creating tangible projects

related to new and emerging technologies

. . . essential for any library

considering creating a makerspace.”

—Catholic Library World

20 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Marketing | Outreach Bestsellers

Bite-Sized Marketing:

Realistic Solutions for the Overworked Librarian

Nancy Dowd, Mary Evangeliste, and Jonathan Silberman | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1000-9 | e-book available

“Written and arranged in a concise, snappy manner, this book will be a valuable reference tool

for everyone associated with library promotion and marketing.” —Australian Library Journal

“As the title states and the bite-sized candies on the book cover show, there are tasty

marketing ideas scattered throughout the book. The book is designed in bite-sized morsels

to quickly provide busy librarians with realistic solutions.” —Internet Reference Services Quarterly

2010 | softcover

140 pp | 7" x 10"

$49.00 | Members: $44.10

“This useful guide helps libraries tell their story and make their best practices known.”


Doing Social Media

So It Matters:

A Librarian’s Guide

Librarians as Community

Partners: An Outreach


Laura Solomon

edited by Carol Smallwood

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1067-2

e-book available

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1006-1

e-book available

2011 | softcover

80 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$38.00 | Members: $34.20

“. . . The book gives both the novice

and the experienced social media

practitioner advice on how to use

these virtual-communications

tools more effectively and is

recommended for any library

desiring to increase the social

media effectiveness quotient of

the staff.” —Booklist

2010 | softcover

204 pp | 6" x 9"

$57.00 | Members: $51.30

“The book makes a strong case

for the benefits of collaboration,

backed up by specific projects

and quantifiable results.” —VOYA



192 pp

6" x 9"


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200 pp

8.5" x 11"


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e-book available



224 pp

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e-book available

The Library Marketing Toolkit

Ned Potter

“I suggest that you buy, borrow or beg a copy

today.” —Australian Library Journal

Marketing Your Library’s Electronic

Resources: A How-To-Do-It Manual

for Librarians Marie R. Kennedy

and Cheryl LaGuardia

This How-To-Do-It Manual guides readers

through every step of developing, implementing,

and evaluating plans to market


The Librarian’s Nitty-Gritty Guide

to Social Media Laura Solomon

“This is more than just another book

discussing the different types of social

media technologies; it provides a critical,

in-depth look at our understanding of social

media’s role in libraries.” —Journal of Library


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Information Technology | Information Studies

2016 | softcover

648 pp | 6" x 9"


Members: $76.50



Foundations of Library and Information Science,

Fourth Edition

Richard E. Rubin, with foreword by Joseph Janes

“This is a well-written and

comprehensive book, which

has much to offer aspiring LIS

professionals and those already

practicing in the field ... Rubin has

done an excellent job in updating

the book and highlighting the

challenges which the ‘digital

information age’ presents to LIS.

The book deserves to be read

widely.” —International Journal of

Information Management

Today’s LIS professionals are experiencing both excitement and trepidation as sweeping

societal, technological, political, and economic changes affect our users and institutions

and transform our discipline. We are increasingly part of a sophisticated infrastructure:

the boundaries of knowledge creation, acquisition, organization, dissemination, use, and

evaluation are rapidly blurring, creating new challenges. Similarly, we are also part of a

changing environment: an aging population, a ubiquitous and evolving internet, the proliferation

of social media and mobile devices, significant financial stresses on public institutions,

and changing information policies affecting creators and distributors of knowledge.

Responding to the many changes occurring both in the field and in society at large, this

text includes comprehensive coverage of


the history and mission of libraries, from past to present;


digital devices, social networking, and other technology;


the impact of digital publishing on the publishing industry and the effects of

e-books on libraries


values and ethics of the profession;


how library services have evolved in the areas of virtual reference, embedded librarianship,

digital access and repositories, digital preservation, and civic engagement;


new and ongoing efforts to organize knowledge, such as FRBR, RDA: Resource

Description and Access, BIBFRAME, the Semantic Web, and the Next Generation

Catalog (Catalog 2.0);


the significance of the digital divide and policy issues related to broadband access

and network neutrality;


the concept of intellectual freedom, and how it plays out in the real world; and


legal developments like new interpretations of copyright related to mass digitization

of books (Google Books) and scholarly articles.


Chapter 1.

The Knowledge Infrastructure

Chapter 2.

From Past to Present:

The History and Mission of Libraries

Chapter 3.

The Library as an Institution

Chapter 4.

Transforming the Library:

The Impact and Implications

of Technological Change

Chapter 5.

Library and Information Science:

An Evolving Profession

Chapter 6.

The Organization of Knowledge

Chapter 7.

Information Science:

A Service Perspective

Chapter 8.

Information Policy:

Stakeholders and Agendas

Chapter 9.

Intellectual Freedom

Chaper 10.

The Values and Ethics of

Library and Information Science

Appendix A.

Summary of Major Library and

Information Science Associations

and List of Additional Associations

Appendix B.

Accredited Master’s Programs in

Library and Information Science

in the United States and Canada

Appendix C.

Standards for Accreditation of

Master’s Programs in Library and

Information Studies

Appendix D.

IFLA/UNESCO Public Library


22 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Information Technology | Information Studies

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Information Technology | Information Studies

2016 | softcover

328 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Exploring Discovery: The Front Door to Your

Library’s Licensed and Digitized Content

edited by Kenneth J. Varnum | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1414-4

We’re in a new age of Discovery. Not of the physical world but rather one that serves up

appropriate resources for your library’s researchers, thanks to advancements in handling

metadata, natural language processing, and keyword searching. With first-hand profiles of

19 library projects, Varnum and his roster of contributors offer guidance on the complete

range of discovery services. Topics include:


migrating from a traditional ILS to a library services platform;


creating a task list for usability testing of discovery;

À À managing internal development requirements within the constraints of a small

or mid-sized library;

À À applying agile software methodology to a Blacklight implementation;

À À real-world examples of usability testing, including a small liberal arts college’s

implementation of VuFind;


meeting the challenge of three different metadata formats;

À À practices in the Primo community for integrating open access content into the

front end;


serving mobile users with an app and responsive Web design;


analyzing the use of facets in search;

À À using a single discovery tool across a library, museum, and archive; and


implementing discovery with geospatial datasets.

2016 | softcover

176 pp | 6" x 9"

$65.00 | Members: $58.50

Librarians and Instructional Designers:

Collaboration and Innovation

Joe Eshleman, Richard Moniz, Karen Mann, and Kristen Eshleman

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1455-7

When librarians and instructional designers pool their knowledge of curriculum and technology,

together they can impact changes that help to better serve faculty, students, and

staff and address changes that are affecting higher education. Illustrated using plentiful

examples of successful collaboration in higher education, this book

À À introduces the history of collaborative endeavors between instructional designers

and librarians, sharing ideas for institutions of every size;

À À reviews key emerging issues, including intellectual property, digital scholarship,

data services, digital publishing, and scholarly communication;

À À addresses library instruction, particularly the new information literacy framework

and threshold concepts, and how the movement towards online library instruction

can be supported through collaboration with instructional designers;


describes the complementary roles of librarians and instructional designers in

detail, followed by a case study in collaboration at Davidson College; and

À À shows how librarians and instructional designers can work together to encourage,

inform, train, and support both faculty and students in the use of digital

media, media databases, online media, public domain resources, and streaming

media tools.

Sharing best practices drawn from a variety of institutions, this book maps out a partnership

between academic librarians and instructional designers that will lead to improved


24 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Information Technology | Information Studies

2016 | softcover

232 pp | 6" x 9"

$80.00 | Members: $72.00

Neal-Schuman Library Technology Companion:

A Basic Guide for Library Staff, Fifth Edition

John J. Burke | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1382-6

In its new fifth edition, this one-stop overview of all technologies used in libraries today is more comprehensive

and compelling than ever. The perfect primer for LIS students, Burke’s guide should also be at the

top of the list for any current or future library professional looking to stay at the forefront of technological

advancement. Its incisive coverage includes


complete analysis of the librarian’s technological toolbox for teaching, security, databases, and more;


expert advice on how to compare and evaluate competing technology solutions;


mobile devices and technology, social media, and streaming media;


makerspaces and other technology programing;


updated content on open source catalog systems, discovery layers, and related elements of library

management systems;


a new section on learning management systems (LMS); and


websites, web-based services, and free information resources.

2015 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$99.95 | Members: $89.96

M-Libraries 5: From Devices to People

edited by Gill Needham and Mohamed Ally | PRINT: 978-1-78330-034-1

This brand new edition of the highly successful M-Libraries series brings together cutting-edge international

contributions from the leading experts, practitioners, and researchers in the field. Based on the proceedings

of the Fifth International M-Libraries Conference held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, it

showcases the diversity of innovative and inspiring work that libraries are doing across the world to interact

with their users and deliver resources via mobile and handheld devices. Featuring contributions from

international researchers, educators, technical developers, managers and library professionals, this book

explores the following themes:


best practice for the use of mobile technologies in libraries;


challenges and strategies involved in embracing mobile innovation for libraries;


the impact of ubiquitous and wearable technologies on the future of libraries;


harnessing the future for teaching and learning with mobile technologies; and


mobile technologies enhancing information access for all and pursuing the millennium development


2015 | softcover

40 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$43.00 | Members: $38.70

Library Services

Platforms: A Maturing

Genre of Products

Marshall Breeding

PRINT: 978-0-8389-5961-9

Library Technology Reports,

May/June 2015 (51:4)

The genre of library services

platforms helps libraries manage

their collection materials

and automate many aspects of

their operations by addressing

a wider range of resources.

Breeding explores this new category

of library software, including

differences with integrated

library systems.

2015 | softcover

48 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$43.00 | Members: $38.70

Mobile Devices:

Service with Intention

edited by Rebecca K. Miller,

Heather Moorefield-Lang,

and Carolyn Meier

PRINT: 978-0-8389-5973-2

Library Technology Reports,

October 2015 (51:7)

Libraries are now several years

into integrating tablets and smartphones

into programs and services.

It’s possible to take stock of

what’s working and what isn’t, and

this issue of Library Technology

Reports gathers five case studies

involving the use of mobile devices

in library service.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Information Technology | Information Studies

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Exploring the Potential of RFID

and Mobile Technology in Your Library

Mick Fortune | PRINT: 978-1-78330-051-8

Updated from Martin Palmer’s Making the Most of RFID in Libraries, this practical and straightforward

book will help library managers decide whether RFID has anything to offer them and how to make the right

choices for their institution. Offering an accessible starting point for people with no prior subject knowledge

as well as expert advice for more experienced technology users, this book includes


an overview of RFID technology in libraries;


advice on how to select an RFID solution, from choosing between suppliers and evaluating

the competition to designing your own solution and making the right business case;


strategies for ensuring a smooth installation;


case studies of RFID and technology use from the UK, Denmark, US, Italy, and Australia; and

À À a look at the future of RFID, including mobile technology and other uses beyond books.

2015 | softcover

192 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Information 2.0: New Models of Information Production,

Distribution and Consumption, Second Edition

Martin De Saulles | PRINT: 978-1-78330-009-9

Providing a cutting-edge guide to where the profession is going, both in terms of information consumption

and broader societal changes, De Saulles explores the total information lifecycle, including production,

distribution, storage, and consumption, using case studies chosen to illustrate particular issues and challenges

facing the information industry. This text


defines what information is, why it matters, and what components make up the information society;


explores the new models of information production, including blogging, the transition to digital

news, wikis and collaborative publishing, Google, the ascendency of Big Data, and more;


maps the architecture of the internet, digging into key aspects of new models of information

distribution such as copyright, the role of government, and threats to the open web;

À À discusses online video and the video classroom; and

À À looks at mobile devices, apps, HTML5, information overload, and other issues relating to information


2014 | softcover

352 pp | 6" x 9"

$98.00 | Members: $88.20

Exploring Digital Libraries:

Foundations, Practice,


Karen Calhoun

PRINT: 978-1-55570-985-3

“From the ‘cloud’ to ‘community,’

and from the ‘mass digitization’

to the ‘digital divide,’ Calhoun

has meticulously covered

everything the reader needs

to know . . . This is a book by a

librarian for other librarians, and

that really is what makes this

book stand out.”


2014 | softcover

320 pp | 6" x 9"

$57.00 | Members: $51.30

The Network Reshapes

the Library: Lorcan

Dempsey on Libraries,

Services, and Networks

Lorcan Dempsey, edited

by Kenneth J. Varnum

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1233-1

”Dempsey’s uniquely extrapolative

approach to discussing topical

issues means that even out-ofdate

posts have an enduring

relevance.” —Technicalities

26 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Information Technology | Information Studies

Social Media for Creative Libraries

Phil Bradley | PRINT: 978-1-85604-713-5

“. . . a practical and simple, yet honest and accessible mix of the good, the bad and the ugly.”


“. . . impressively instructive and ‘user friendly’, making it a highly prized and recommended

addition to personal, professional, community, corporate, and academic library ‘Library Science’

reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists.” —Midwest Book Review

2014 | softcover

256 pp | 6" x 9"

$99.95 | Members: $89.96

Based on his acclaimed work How to Use Web 2.0 in Your Library, Bradley has restructured and comprehensively

updated this new book to focus on the activities that information professionals carry out on a daily

basis, before then analyzing and explaining how online tools can assist them in those activities. Packed

with features and accompanied by introductory videos on the Facet Publishing YouTube channel, Social

Media for Creative Libraries is essential reading for all library and information professionals.

Is Digital Different?: How Information Creation, Capture,

Preservation and Discovery Are Being Transformed

edited by Michael Moss and Barbara Endicott-Popovsky with Marc J. Dupuis | PRINT: 978-1-85604-854-5

This landmark edited collection brings together global experts on the impact of new technology on information

services. Covering a range of key topics around discovery and preservation, this book explores the

role of information professionals in a rapidly changing digital landscape that is challenging the very existence

of the traditional library. Focusing on the issues surrounding the transition from an analog to a digital

environment, contributors examine whether analog practices and procedures are still valid and if they

shape or distort those in the digital realm. The digital environment has the potential to transform scholarship

and break down barriers between academia and the wider community through social networks and

crowd sourcing, and this thought-provoking collection draws out both the inherent challenges and the


2015 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

2014 | softcover

184 pp | 6" x 9"

$65.00 | Members: $58.50

The Reference Guide

to Data Sources

Julia Bauder

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1227-0

e-book available

“A solid starting guide for

novices . . . may also be valuable

for researchers who are unable

to access expensive databases

or research funds, as the focus

is clearly on free or inexpensive

resources.” —Reference Reviews

2014 | softcover

144 pp | 6" x 9"

$52.00 | Members: $46.80

Planning Our Future

Libraries: Blueprints

for 2025

edited by Kim Leeder

and Eric Frierson

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1207-2

e-book available

“A good resource for anyone

developing a strategic plan, but

even those not directly involved in

administrative duties will benefit

from considering the interesting

ideas.” —VOYA

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Information Technology | Information Studies

2015 | softcover

120 pp | 6" x 9"

$52.00 | Members: $46.80

Technology Disaster Response

and Recovery Planning: A LITA Guide

edited by Mary Mallery | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1315-4 | e-book available

Featuring contributions from librarians who offer hard-won advice gained from personal experience,

this guide


outlines the three phases of technology disaster response, with examples of planning and implementation

strategies from several different libraries;


describes how to conduct an inventory and risk assessment;

À À provides detailed case studies of recent large-scale technology disasters in libraries and documents

how lessons learned have helped to improve technology disaster planning;

À À offers an in-depth look at future trends in cloud computing, mapping out the new field of disaster

mitigation, response, and recovery planning; and


includes useful resources such as checklists, templates, and a sample communications plan.

2015 | softcover

128 pp | 6" x 9"

$65.00 | Members: $58.50

Usability and the Mobile Web: A LITA Guide

Junior Tidal | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1301-7

In this LITA Guide Tidal clarifies the mobile web landscape, helping librarians and library developers create

mobile websites and applications from a user-centered perspective. Inside, readers will find

À À a survey of mobile devices, with an analysis of their commonalities and differences, plus discussions

on hardware and the concept of mobile context;


information on mobile apps, websites, and hybrids, enabling libraries to make informed decisions

on what’s best for their users and institutions;


nuts-and-bolts guidance on text editors, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), web browsers, and

other skills and tools necessary for mobile web development;


an overview of usability and what the concept means with regard to the library experience;


tips for conducting usability testing and research, from planning to execution and analysis; and


sample scripts for recruiting testing volunteers and gathering feedback, a boilerplate consent

form, and a bibliography of additional resources.

2014 | softcover

144 pp | 6" x 9"

$70.00 | Members: $63.00

The Top Technologies

Every Librarian

Needs to Know:

A LITA Guide

edited by Kenneth J. Varnum

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1228-7

e-book available

“Contains excellent advice

about defining the library’s

context, goals, needs, and

abilities as a means of

discerning which technologies

to adopt.”—Technical Services


2014 | softcover

216 pp | 6” x 9”

$65.00 | Members: $58.50

Useful, Usable, Desirable:

Applying User Experience

Design to Your Library

Aaron Schmidt

and Amanda Etches

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1226-3

”Pithy and observant . . . allows

librarians to look at their

libraries with fresh eyes, and it

encourages them to reimagine

their library with an open mind.”

—Serials Review

28 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Information Technology | Information Studies

Reinventing the Library for Online Education

Frederick Stielow | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1208-9 | e-book available

“Provides an innovative framework through which library services should adjust in this

transitional era of education . . . Steilow’s observations enable a librarian to be technologically

conscientious of the patrons and the community at-large while serving in an academic

community.” —Catholic Library World

2014 | softcover

328 pp | 6" x 9"

$77.00 | Members: $69.30

Have changes such as cloud computing, search engines, the Semantic Web, and mobile applications

rendered such long-standing academic library services and functions as special collections, interlibrary

loans, physical processing, and even library buildings unnecessary? Can the academic library effectively

reconceive itself as a virtual institution? Stielow, who led the library program of the online university

American Public University System, argues most emphatically that it can. His comprehensive look at

web-based academic libraries is bursting with stimulating ideas and wisdom gleaned from firsthand experience,

presenting a model for offering outstanding higher education library services in an increasingly

online environment.

2015 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Library Analytics and

Metrics: Using Data to

Drive Decisions and


edited by Ben Showers

PRINT: 978-1-85604-965-8

Using case studies to provide

real-life examples of current

developments and services,

this essential guide brings

together a group of internationally

recognized experts to

explore some of the key issues

in the exploitation of data analytics

and metrics in libraries.

2017 | hardcover

360 pp | 6" x 9"

$165.00 | Members: $148.50

Design and Architecture of

Digital Information Systems

and Services


PRINT: 978-1-85604-936-8

This comprehensive review is organized

around three themes: design

and architecture of digital information

systems and services; knowledge

organization and index; and

access to digital information. Each

chapter provides a review of the

specific area and is cross-referenced

with other chapters to provide a

thorough view of the topic.

2014 | softcover

224 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

Google Search Secrets

Christa Burns and

Michael P. Sauers

PRINT: 978-1-55570-923-5

e-book available

“The authors have researched

each section with an almost

forensic attention to detail.

Virtually every step of the

search process is fully explained

with multiple screen captures.”

—Online Information Review

2014 | softcover

256 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Sustainability of Scholarly


G.G. Chowdhury

PRINT: 978-1-85604-956-6

This landmark text represents the

first attempt to discuss the sustainable

development of scholarly

information in three key areas:

economic, social, and environmental

sustainability. Illustrated with

case studies and informed by the

latest research and policies, this

book is a valuable tool for orienting

students and academics.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Information Technology | Information Studies



32 pp | 8.5" x 11"


Members: $38.70



Library Technology

Reports, April 2015 (51:3)



240 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $58.50



e-book available



112 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $52.20



e-book available

Coding for Librarians: Learning

by Example Andromeda Yelton

Learning even the rudiments of how to code

can increase productivity and effectiveness.

Yelton describes and links to dozens

of short programs, most with less than 100

lines of code, that are in place and solving

problems in libraries today.

The Comparative Guide to WordPress

in Libraries: A LITA Guide

Amanda L. Goodman

“A comprehensive and simple to understand

guide . . . complete with profiles of actual

libraries and outlines of how they utilize the

platform according to their specific needs.”


Data Management for Libraries:

A LITA Guide Laura Krier and

Carly A. Strasser

”Extremely well organized . . . The guide

coaches the reader to carefully tailor data

management to the needs of a particular

institution.” —Library Resources & Technical




160 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $85.50



The No-Nonsense Guide to Licensing

Digital Resources Naomi Korn with

Charles Oppenheim

This no-nonsense guide provides easy-tofollow

and pragmatic solutions to working

with everything from e-journals and repositories

to databases and image collections

from an expert in the field, with case studies

drawn from around the globe.



40 pp | 8.5" x 11"


Members: $38.70



Library Technology

Reports, Aug/Sep 2015


Open-Access Journals: Idealism

and Opportunism Walt Crawford

Here, Crawford shows the state of gold

open access (OA). Break-out data on publishing

activity by academic discipline is

included, plus a handy 14-step checklist

of evaluation criteria will help you identify

questionable journals in five minutes’ time.



152 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $54.00



Responsive Web Design for Libraries:

A LITA Guide Matthew Reidsma

”The information is presented very clearly,

and the writing style is easy to understand.

The inclusion of screen shots of the various

layout options really assists in understanding

the technical information.” —Australian

Library Journal



36 pp | 8.5" x 11"


Members: $38.70



Library Technology

Reports, March 2015


Understanding Gamification

Bohyun Kim

Gamification can engage your library’s users

and help them learn. Kim explores examples

from social causes, education, and libraries.

She points out the gaming elements of apps

like Foursquare or Waze, and explores game

mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics.



192 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $54.00



e-book available

Using Massive Digital Libraries:

A LITA Guide Andrew Weiss

“The issues and themes covered are relevant

to all libraries in the early 21st century that

are affected by the digital revolution—and

that surely is all of us.” —Australian Library




208 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $76.50



Web Metrics for Library and

Information Professionals

David Stuart

As individuals and organizations increasingly

use the web to bypass traditional

publishing avenues and formats, this book

provides the tools to unlock web metrics

and evaluate the impact of this content to

others within the organization and beyond.

30 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Information Technology | Information Studies Bestsellers



300 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $73.80





192 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $76.50





444 pp

6” x 9”


Members: $64.80



Book Repair: A How-To-Do-It Manual,

Second Edition Revised Kenneth

Lavender; revised by Artemis BonaDea

Covering both basic techniques and sound

preservation practices, this practical, stepby-step

manual offers illustrated sections

on cleaning, mending, hinge and spine

repair, strengthening paperbacks, and more.

Digital Humanities in Practice

edited by Claire Warwick,

Melissa Terras, and Julianne Nyhan

“High value for scholars interested in digital

humanities and for academic support staff

who are planning projects and programs.”


Fundamentals of Information Studies:

Understanding Information and Its

Environment, Second Edition

June Lester and Wallace C. Koehler, Jr.

“An updated, near-canonical array of core

concepts in an accessible fashion, aimed at

both undergraduate and graduate students.”

—Journal of the American Society of Information

Science and Technology



156 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $64.80





144 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $79.20



e-book available



508 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $85.46



Going Beyond Google: The Invisible

Web in Learning and Teaching

Jane Devine and Francine Egger-Sider

“Provides a valuable framework for

examining deep versus surface web

searching.” —Public Libraries

Interlibrary Loan Practices

Handbook, Third Edition edited by

Cherié L. Weible and Karen L. Janke

with a foreword by Virginia Boucher

“A thorough guide.” —Public Library Quarterly

Introduction to Modern Information

Retrieval, Third Edition

G. G. Chowdhury

“Will be of great use to information

practitioners to review their IR knowledge,

and bring it up-to-date in many areas.”

—Australian Academic and Research Libraries



225 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $64.80





328 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $58.50



e-book available



192 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $85.50



Getting Started with Cloud

Computing: A LITA Guide edited

by Edward M. Corrado and Heather Lea

Moulaison with a foreword by Roy Tennant

LITA experts demystify language, deflate

hype, and provide library-specific examples

of real-world success.

Using LibGuides to Enhance Library

Services: A LITA Guide edited by Aaron

W. Dobbs, Ryan L. Sittler, and Douglas Cook

“A readable and accessible guide and one I

would particularly recommend to academic

librarians.”—Australian Library Journal

Using Mobile Technology to Deliver

Library Services: A Handbook

Andrew Walsh

“It’s easy to read, the language used is jargon

free, and the opportunities and challenges

are fully explained.” —Refer

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Information Literacy | Library Instruction

2016 | softcover

232 pp | 7" x 10"

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Teaching Information Literacy Reframed:

50+ Framework-Based Exercises for Creating

Information-Literate Learners

Joanna M. Burkhardt | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1397-0

The six threshold concepts outlined in the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher

Education are not simply a revision of ACRL’s previous Information Literacy Competency

Standards for Higher Education. They are instead an altogether new way of looking at

information literacy. In this important new book, bestselling author and expert instructional

librarian Burkhardt decodes the Framework, putting its conceptual approach into

straightforward language while offering more than 50 classroom-ready Framework-based

exercises. Guiding instructors towards helping students cross each threshold, this book


discusses the history of the development of the Framework document and

briefly deconstructs the six threshold concepts;


thoroughly addresses each threshold concept, scaffolding from the beginner

level to the intermediate level;


includes exercises that can be used in the one-shot timeframe as well as others

designed for longer class sessions and semester-long courses;


offers best practices in creating learning outcomes, assessments, rubrics, and

teaching tricks and tips; and

À À looks at how learning, memory, and transfer of learning applies to the teaching

of information literacy.

2016 | softcover

160 pp | 8.5" x 11"

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The New Instruction Librarian:

A Workbook for Trainers and Learners

Candice Benjes-Small and Rebecca K. Miller | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1456-4

The sheer amount of resources on the subject of information literacy is staggering. Yet

a comprehensive but concise roadmap specifically for librarians who are new to instruction,

or who are charged with training someone who is, has remained elusive. Until now.

This book cuts through the jargon and rhetoric to ease the transition into library instruction,

offering support to all those involved, including library supervisors, colleagues, and

trainees. Grounded in research on teaching and learning from numerous disciplines, not

just library literature, this book


shows how to set up new instruction librarians for success, with advice on completing

an environmental scan, strategies for recruiting efficiently, and a training



walks readers step by step through training a new hire or someone new to

instruction, complete with hands-on activities and examples;


explores the different roles an instruction librarian is usually expected to play,

such as educator, project manager, instructional designer, and teaching partner;


demonstrates the importance of performance evaluation and management,

including assessment and continuing education, both formal and informal; and

À À provides guided reading lists for further in-depth study of a topic.

A starter kit for librarians new to instruction, this resource will be useful for training

coordinators as well as for self-training.

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Information Literacy | Library Instruction

2016 | softcover

240 pp | 6" x 9"

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Emerging Strategies for Supporting Student Learning:

A Practical Guide for Librarians and Educators

Barbara Allan | PRINT: 978-1-78330-070-9

Allan presents the first book to bring together recent developments in both theory and practice, covering a

wide range of tools and techniques which will suit students in different contexts, from large groups of 500+

to very small classes of research students. This practical book makes extensive use of examples, checklists,

and tables and contains:


an analysis of the current higher education landscape and the diverse nature of student populations;


case studies demonstrating how library and information workers have applied digital literacy models;


practical guidance on designing, developing, and evaluating face-to-face learning, flipped classroom,

blended learning, and online learning; and

À À an exploration of approaches to personal and professional development including 90+ approaches

to workplace learning; accredited courses; short courses, conferences and workshops; networking

through professional organizations; and developing online networks.

2016 | softcover

228 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Critical Literacy for Information Professionals

edited by Sarah McNicol | PRINT: 978-1-78330-082-2

With critical literacy there is no single “correct” way to read and respond to a text; its use involves a commitment

to equity and social justice through the explicit inclusion of those marginalized on the basis of

gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class or other forms of difference. This book provides a foundation of critical

literacy theory, as applied to libraries; combines theory and practice to explore critical literacy in relation

to different user groups; and offers practical ways to introduce critical literacy approaches in libraries.

Featuring contributions from a wide variety of international experts, this book covers such topics as:


radical information literacy as an approach to critical literacy education;


critical literacy and mature students;


physical and digital disability access in libraries;


teaching critical literacy skills in a multicultural, multilingual school community;


teaching media literacy;


developing critical literacy skills in an online environment; and


new media and critical literacy in secondary schools.

Becoming an Embedded Librarian:

Making Connections in the Classroom

Michelle Reale | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1367-3 | e-book available

“A concise and lucid treatment of the topic. Highly recommended for instruction librarians

working at academic libraries and teaching faculty who have librarians embedded in their

courses.” —Library Journal

2016 | softcover

128 pp | 6" x 9"

$54.00 | Members: $48.60

Here, Reale shares her own university classroom experiences to offer a step-by-step primer for those contemplating

the practice. Demystifying what can sometimes feel intimidating to academic librarians, this

down to earth resource


defines what embedded librarianship is, and isn’t;


explains why being in the classroom is so important, and how it creates communities of learning;


shows how to clarify the role of the librarian in a classroom by being a “facilitator of process”;


offers strategies for relationship building, setting goals, and honing a teaching style; and


discusses embedded librarianship and branding.

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Information Literacy | Library Instruction

2016 | softcover

256 pp | 6" x 9"

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Metaliteracy in Practice

edited by Trudi E. Jacobson and Thomas P. Mackey | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1379-6

In their earlier book Metaliteracy, the authors offered an original framework for engaging learners as reflective

and collaborative participants in today’s complex information environments. Now, they move that comprehensive

structure for information literacy firmly into real-world practice, exploring


relationships among metaliteracy, digital literacy, and multimodal literacy;


incorporating the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education;


the metaliteracy model and emerging technologies;


flexible course design and social media;


students as creators of information;


application of metaliteracy in specialized environments, such as nursing education;


metaliteracy and institutional repositories;


LibGuides as a student information creation tool;

À À the metacognitive dimension of research-based learning; and

À À metaliteracy as empowerment in undergraduate learning outcomes.

Metaliteracy: Reinventing Information

Literacy to Empower Learners

edited by Thomas P. Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson | PRINT: 978-1-55570-989-1 | e-book available

“A broad audience of educators at many levels will benefit from this well constructed, formatted,

and developed study of how best to reach today’s learners.” —Catholic Library World

2014 | softcover

248 pp | 6" x 9"

$67.00 | Members: $60.30

Today’s learners communicate, create, and share information using a range of information technologies

such as social media, blogs, microblogs, wikis, mobile devices and apps, virtual worlds, and MOOCs. In

Metaliteracy, respected information literacy experts Mackey and Jacobson present a comprehensive

structure for information literacy theory that builds on decades of practice while recognizing the knowledge

required for an expansive and interactive information environment. The concept of metaliteracy

expands the scope of traditional information skills (determine, access, locate, understand, produce, and

use information) to include the collaborative production and sharing of information in participatory digital

environments (collaborate, produce, and share) prevalent in today’s world.

2015 | softcover

40 pp | 8.5" x 11"

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Robin Chin Roemer and

Rachel Borchardt

PRINT: 978-0-8389-5965-7

Library Technology Reports,

July 2015 (51:5)

Altmetrics has recently garnered

significant attention as

a promising new area for the

measurement and evaluation of

research impact. The authors

introduce the concept of altmetrics

in relation to existing

citation-based research metrics,

positioning its use in the

larger academic community.

2016 | softcover

40 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$43.00 | Members: $38.70

Learning Management

Systems: Tools for Embedded


John J. Burke and Beth E. Tumbleson

PRINT: 978-0-8389-5970-1

Library Technology Reports,

Feb/Mar 2016 (52:2)

Learning management system

(LMS) embedded librarianship is

partnering with faculty to deliver

research assistance for students

right in their LMS course sites. This

issue of Library Technology Reports

describes the LMS environment

alongside the larger online resource

environment of academic libraries.

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Information Literacy | Library Instruction

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

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Altmetrics: A Practical Guide for Librarians,

Researchers and Academics

edited by Andy Tattersall | PRINT: 978-1-78330-010-5

Alternative metrics for measuring scholarly impact from social networks such as Twitter and blogs to

online platforms such as Mendeley, ResearchGate, and Altmetrics.org, altmetrics are having a huge impact

on how academics and researchers build profiles and share research. This groundbreaking and highly practical

guide looks at the role that library and information professionals can play in facilitating these new

ways of working and demonstrating impact and influence.

The contributors explain the theory behind the growing altmetrics movement, looking at how it came

about, why it can help improve academics and their research profiles, and where it sits among current measurements

of impact. Drawing on the expertise of leading altmetric innovators and the LIS professionals

using their tools, the book explains the connections between research and social media and how academics

can use the multitude of tools freely available to them for their own benefits, empowering readers to

develop the skills and knowledge needed to introduce and support altmetrics within their own institutions.

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

The Data Librarian’s Handbook

Robin C. Rice and John Southall | PRINT: 978-1-78330-047-1

The importance of data has never been greater. There has been a growing concern with the “skills gap”

required to exploit the sheer amount of available data, including the ability to collect, compute, and crunch

data for economic, social, and scientific purposes. This book, written by two working data librarians based

at the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh, aims to help fill this skills gap by providing a nuts and bolts

guide to research data support.

The Data Librarian’s Handbook draws on a combination of over 30 years’ experience providing data

support services to create a must-read book for new librarians, library managers and policymakers, public

service librarians, research data management coordinators, and data support staff. This book zooms in to

the actual library service level, where the interaction between the researcher and the librarian takes place.

Both engaging and practical, this book draws the reader in through storytelling and suggested activities,

linking concepts from one chapter to another.

The Faculty Commons:

Teaching and Researching

in the Digital Age

D. Russell Bailey, PhD

The Student’s Survival Guide

to Research

Monty L. McAdoo

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1276-8

2016 | softcover

176 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$72.00 | Members: $64.80

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1115-0

The faculty commons aims to

provide high-level support for

faculty engaged in electronic

teaching, publication, and

research. Supported with abundant

bibliographic resources,

this book offers best practices

for planners and practitioners

interested in creating their own

faculty commons.

2016 | softcover

232 pp | 6" x 9"

$58.00 | Members: $52.20

”Research can be taught, and

this book offers beginning-to-end

instructions . . . Highly recommended

for high school and undergraduate

students.” —Library Journal

Library instruction expert McAdoo

has penned a primer specifically

tailored to novice researchers,

offering beginning-to-end guidance

for every step of the research


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Information Literacy | Library Instruction

2016 | softcover

208 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$70.00 | Members: $63.00

Visual Literacy for Libraries: A Practical, Standards-Based Guide

Nicole E. Brown, Kaila Bussert, Denise Hattwig, and Ann Medaille | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1381-9

The importance of images and visual media in today’s culture is changing what it means to be literate in

the 21st century. The ACRL Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education were developed to

address these distinct characteristics of images and visual media. Based on those standards, this book provides

librarians and instructors with the tools, strategies, and confidence to apply visual literacy in a library

context. Brown

À À shows how to challenge students to delve into finding images, using images in the research

process, interpreting and analyzing images, creating visual communications, and using visual

content ethically;

À À provides ready-to-go learning activities for engaging critically with visual materials;


offers tools and techniques for increasing one’s own visual literacy confidence; and


gives strategies for integrating, engaging with, and advocating for visual literacy in libraries.

With this book’s guidance, academic professionals can help students master visual literacy, a key competency

in today’s media-saturated world, while also enlivening instruction with visual materials.

Dynamic Research Support for Academic Libraries

edited by Starr Hoffman | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1469-4

This book will enable academic libraries to provide first-class research support for academics and graduate

students and help undergraduates accomplish learning in more hands-on, in-depth ways. Each chapter

focuses on a different aspect of emerging research support that goes beyond the traditional reference

interview. Contributed to by library practitioners from around the world, the chapters describe the type of

service or support, how it was developed, and why it is important. Assisting libraries in tying research support

into the institutional mission and focus effort on what is most relevant, efficient, and beneficial, this

book is divided into three parts:


research as a conversation;


data services and digital humanities; and


utilizing library-faculty relationships.

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$75.00 | Members: $67.50

Teaching Information Skills:

Theory and Practice, Second Edition

Jo Webb and Chris Powis | PRINT: 978-1-85604-949-8

This fully updated edition of the best-selling book shows librarians how to empower their library users and

teach information skills.

Informed by best teaching practice and contemporary learning theories, the text covers both the theory

and practice of library instruction. Each chapter has two parts: a section explaining the principles of

learning and teaching, followed by a section analyzing successful learning and teaching activities, rooted

in personal experience. The book draws best practice examples and brand new case studies from a broad

range of institutions. New and expanded topics for this edition include discussion of distance learning and

technology-enabled learning, and when and how to buy in commercial services to support your teaching.

2017 | softcover

240 pp | 6" x 9"

$99.95 | Members: $89.96

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Information Literacy | Library Instruction



208 pp

6" x 9"


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e-book available



192 pp

6" x 9"


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e-book available



256 pp

6" x 9"


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Fundamentals for the Academic

Liaison Richard Moniz, Jo Henry,

and Joe Eshleman

“The authors have written a work that will

become indispensable to new and experienced

liaison librarians alike.” —Journal of

Electronic Resources Librarianship

Going Beyond Google Again:

Strategies for Using and Teaching

the Invisible Web Jane Devine

and Francine Egger-Sider

“A timely and enjoyable read and should

help combat such myths as searching

is easy, or everything important is free.”

—Information World Review

Information Ethics: Reflection

and Practice David McMenemy

A practical, comprehensive guide to ethical

issues in library and information work, this

book considers the overarching ethical concepts

impacting all library and information

professionals and will be of interest to both

practitioners and students.



224 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $76.50





464 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $85.50





304 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $63.00



e-book available

Introduction to Information

Behaviour Nigel Ford

This landmark textbook is the essential

resource for students, academics, and

researchers globally exploring information

behavior, users, and information literacy,

drawing on international research, practice,

and theory.

Libraries and Information Services in

the UK and the Republic of Ireland,

38th Edition Facet Publishing, UK

“Thoroughly reputable and meticulously

checked . . . should be on every LIS

Professional’s personal bookshelf.”

—New Library World

Library and Information Science:

A Guide to Key Literature and Sources

Michael F. Bemis

“Packed with a lot of interesting and

useful information for library and information

science faculty and students.”

—Reference Reviews



136 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $43.20





152 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $49.50



e-book available



224 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $85.50



The One-Shot Library Instruction

Survival Guide Heidi E. Buchanan

and Beth A. McDonough

“Valuable . . . many of the exercises and

strategies it offers are adaptable to each

unique library instruction situation.”

—Journal of Library Innovation

The Personal Librarian: Enhancing

the Student Experience edited by

Richard Moniz and Jean Moats

“Definitely a book for the actively engaged

instruction librarian . . . an interesting read

just to find new pedagogical methods.”

—Catholic Library World

Practical Tips for Facilitating

Research Moira Bent

This practical book offers a wide range

of ideas and methods to assist library

and information professionals in developing

and managing their role in the research


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Bestsellers Information Literacy | Library Instruction

Academic Librarianship

Camila A. Alire and G. Edward Evans | PRINT: 978-1-55570-702-6

“Chapters are consistently informative and constantly enriched by the knowledge conveyed in

the preceding sections of the book . . . a superior textbook.” —Library Management

“An excellent job of balancing an overview of the academic library’s place within the university

and higher education as a whole, while also examining the details of the library’s inner workings

. . . Essential reading for academic librarians.” —Library Journal

2010 | softcover

383 pp | 6" x 9"

$72.00 | Members: $64.80

“A wonderful resource for LIS students and newly graduated professionals interested in

pursuing a career in academic libraries. The authors provide an insightful exploration of the

unique nature of academic librarianship and the academic environment.” —Journal of Academic




208 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $55.80



e-book available

College Libraries and Student

Culture: What We Now Know edited

by Lynda M. Duke and Andrew D. Asher

“A well-organized and insightful work that

reveals how academic libraries are viewed

and utilized.” —Booklist



128 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



e-book available

Fundamentals of Library

Instruction Monty L. McAdoo

“It will give beginning and experienced

librarians . . . the opportunity to become

leaders in preparing library users to meet the

needs of the information age.”

—Australian Library Journal


softcover book

and CD-ROM

412 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $73.80



e-book available

Information Literacy Instruction:

Theory and Practice, Second Edition

Esther S. Grassian and Joan R. Kaplowitz

“The most comprehensive and detailed look

at information literacy, from historical to

classroom contexts, available.” —YALS



360 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $79.20



e-book available



200 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $73.80





150 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $64.80



Information Literacy Instruction

That Works: A Guide to Teaching by

Discipline and Student Population,

Second Edition edited by Patrick Ragains

“A must-have for every college information

literacy librarian . . . chock-full of practical,

timely, detailed information related to library

instruction.” —Library Journal (starred review)

Instructional Design for Librarians

and Information Professionals

Lesley S. J. Farmer

A comprehensive guide for day-to-day

instructional planning as well as a textbook

for instructional design courses in LIS


Let the Games Begin! Engaging

Students with Field-Tested

Interactive Information Literacy

Instruction edited by Theresa R. McDevitt

Features 60 field-tested games that teach

information literacy skills using fun, interactive

activities at a variety of skill and knowledge


38 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Information Literacy | Library Instruction Bestsellers

The College Student’s Research Companion: Finding, Evaluating,

and Citing the Resources You Need to Succeed, Fifth Edition

Arlene Rodda Quaratiello and Jane Devine | PRINT: 978-1-55570-729-3

“Readers will find this a handy desk reference for a quick dip in a moment of need.” —VOYA

“Written so that a novice can understand, the materials are comprehensive enough to suit even

the graduate student or advanced scholar performing research.” —ARBA Online

2011 | softcover

183 pp | 6" x 9"

$57.00 | Members: $51.30

Here’s a cutting-edge guide that will save your students from fruitless, random web searching, providing up-todate

guidance for using traditional and online sources. Students will learn to select a topic, effectively find and

evaluate the best information in both print and electronic formats, and produce accurate and complete citations

based on current versions of important styles guides and web resources. Each chapter includes exercises

that reinforce the instruction and guidance. A companion website accompanies this new edition to give readers

hot links for all of the book’s URLs, and supplementary materials including additional exercises and examples

that help clarify how to apply the techniques.



200 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $48.60



e-book available



208 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $55.80





175 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $64.80



Making Sense of Business Reference:

A Guide for Librarians and Research

Professionals Celia Ross

“It reads as if you have an expert coach in

business reference helping you each step of

the way.” —Academic BRASS

Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning:

Instructional Literacy for Library

Educators Char Booth

Recipient of the 2012 ACRL Instruction Section

Ilene F. Rockman Publication of the Year Award

“Worthy of a place in any library collection.”

—Australian Library Journal

Teaching for Inquiry: Engaging the

Learner Within Ruth V. Small, Marilyn P.

Arnone, Barbara K. Stripling, and Pam Berger

These planning tools, models, and methods

provide essential guidance to librarians

looking to engage their students in the

world of information.



200 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $73.80





152 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $46.80





256 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $60.30



e-book available

Teaching Information Literacy Online

edited by Thomas P. Mackey

and Trudi E. Jacobson

“A must read for any librarian involved in

online learning or working on developing an

information literacy component for an online

course.” —Journal of Library Innovation

Teaching Information Literacy:

50 Standards-Based Exercises for

College Students, Second Edition

Joanna M. Burkhardt and Mary C.

MacDonald with Andrée J. Rathemacher

“Deserves wide circulation in colleges and

perusal by any instructors of freshmen.”

—Catholic Library World

Web-Based Instruction:

A Guide for Libraries, Third Edition

Susan Sharpless Smith

“Anyone who wishes to embark on a webbased

instruction project should discover

very useful pointers in this work.”

—Online Information Review

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Archives and Records Management

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 7" x 10"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

Digital Library Programs for Libraries and Archives:

Developing, Managing, and Sustaining Unique Digital


Aaron D. Purcell | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1450-2

Purcell combines theory and best practices with practical application, showing how to

approach digital projects as an ongoing effort. He not only guides librarians and archivists

in transitioning from project-level initiatives to a sustainable program but also provides

clear step-by-step instructions for building a digital library program from the bottom up.

This book


traces the historical growth of digital libraries;

À À summarizes how librarians and archivists are adapting to the changing information


À À uses examples to lay out the core priorities of leading digital programs;


covers the essentials of getting started, from vision and mission building to identifying

resources and partnerships;


emphasizes the importance of digitizing original unique materials;

À À addresses metadata and key technical standards;


discusses management and daily operations, including assessment and long

term preservation planning;


provides guidance for marketing, promotion, and outreach; and

À À includes exercises designed to help readers create a real-world digital program


2016 | softcover

320 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

Developing and Maintaining Practical Archives,

Third Edition: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians

Gregory S. Hunter | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1277-5

Since its original publication Hunter’s manual has been “not only a rich and ready reference

tool but also a practical resource for solving problems” (Catholic Library World), and

no text has served as a better overview of the field of archives. Newly revised and updated

to more thoroughly address our increasingly digital world, it remains the clearest and

most comprehensive guide to the discipline. Editor of American Archivist, the journal of

the Society of American Archivists (SAA), Hunter covers such keystone topics as


a history of archives;

À À conducting a survey and starting an archival program;

À À selection, appraisal, acquisition, accessioning, and deaccessioning;


important points of copyright, privacy, and ethics;


arrangement of archival collections, with a discussion of new theories;


DACS, EAD, and tools such as Archon and the Archivists’ Toolkit;


preservation, including guidance on how to handle rare books, maps,

and artifacts;


digital records, addressing new and popular methods of storage and preservation

of email, image files, web pages, Word documents, spreadsheets, databases,

and media files;


disaster planning, security, and theft prevention;

À À metrics, assessment, and other managerial duties; and


professional guidelines and codes, such as the newly developed SAA Statement

of Core Values of Archivists.

40 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Archives and Records Management

2016 | softcover

216 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

Digital Curation, Second Edition

Gillian Oliver and Ross Harvey | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1385-7

As an in-depth explanation of the entire digital curation lifecycle, from creation to appraisal to preservation

to organization/access to transformation, the first edition of this text set a benchmark for both thoroughness

and clarity. Boasting the expert guidance of international authorities Oliver and Harvey, this revamped

and expanded edition widens the scope to address continuing developments in the strategies, technological

approaches, and activities that are part of this rapidly changing field. Filled with up-to-date best practices,

it covers such important topics as

À À the scope and incentives of digital curation, detailing Digital Curation Centre’s (DCC) lifecycle

model as well as the Data Curation Continuum;

À À key requirements for digital curation, from description and representation to planning and collaboration;


the value and utility of metadata;


considering the needs of producers and consumers when creating an appraisal and selection policy

for digital objects; and


the paradigm shift by institutions toward cloud computing and its impact on costs, storage, and

other key aspects of digital curation.

2015 | softcover

736 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$110.00 | Members: $99.00

Preserving our Heritage: Perspectives from Antiquity to the

Digital Age

edited by Michèle Valerie Cloonan | PRINT: 978-1-55570-937-2

Drawing on a multitude of historical texts, this sweeping yet accessible volume provides a broad understanding

of preservation for librarians, archivists, and museum specialists, and related LIS and continuing

education classes. Cloonan offers readers an overview of longevity, reversibility, enduring value, and

authenticity of information preservation. Each section features historical works that form the basis of contemporary

thinking and practices, covering such key topics as


early perspectives on preservation, from 700 BC to the 19th century;

À À cultural heritage and risks to cultural heritage, such as time and nature;


preservation in the context of libraries, archives, museums, and the built environment;

À À digitization, the preservation of time-based media, obsolescence, and other contemporary collection

development and management issues; and

À À important frameworks for the discipline, such as policy, ethics and values, sustainability, and multicultural


2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Archiving Websites: A Practical Guide for Information

Management Professionals, Second Edition

Adrian Brown | PRINT: 978-1-78330-053-2

This second edition has been updated to cover key developments such as advances in the archiving and

analysis of social media, the challenges and opportunities of mobile technology and Linked Open Data,

recognition of the vast potential of web archives to support research, and the adoption of web archiving in

the commercial world to support regulatory compliance. Brown also addresses such important topics as


the development of web archiving, with added case studies from the British Library, TNA, Eastern

Europe, and Asia;


selection policies, including discussion of new types of content to archive;


automatic crawl definition and refinement, similarities and differences between library, archive,

and museum approaches to web archiving, and other preservation issues;


delivery to users, with new case studies for web archives, journalism and media use, education,

academic research data, linked data, and government transparency; and

À À legislation, with a look at the new copyright regulations.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Archives and Records Management

2014 | softcover

560 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$129.00 | Members: $116.10

Rare Books and Special Collections

Sidney E. Berger | PRINT: 978-1-55570-964-8

Winner of the 2015 ABC-CLIO Library Publishing Award

Berger, a veteran of rare book and special collections, offers a landmark examination of this field. This wideranging

book offers coverage of such key topics as

À À the profession’s history and its relevance in the face of an increasingly digital world;


archives’ relationship to the special collections department and their role in the wider institution;


collection development, cataloging, processing, physical layout, and other operational functions;


what everyone needs to know about the physical materials in their care, including preservation,

conservation and restoration, handling, and security;


reference and outreach services;


fundraising and financial management;


legal and ethical issues;


bibliography and its impact on the rare book world; and


the present state of books in our digital environment.

2015 | softcover

360 pp | 6" x 9"

$110.00 | Members: $99.00

Cultural Heritage Information: Access and Management

edited by Ian Ruthven and G. G. Chowdhury | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1347-5

”Provides a number of viewpoints to inform and challenge readers on the primary issues of

digital humanities. Academic libraries serving library and information science programs and

libraries engaged in digital humanities projects would be advised to consider this book.”

—Catholic Library World

Featuring contributions by 17 leading academics from around the world, this volume provides an overview

of the various challenges and contemporary research activities in cultural heritage information, covering

such key topics as:


digital humanities and digital cultural heritage, alt-history and future directions;


artifacts and digitization technologies;


metadata in cultural contexts, from manga to digital archives in a linked open data environment;


information systems architecture;


semantic access and exploration in cultural heritage digital libraries; and


sustainability issues.

Digital Archives: Management, Use and Access

Milena Dobreva and Gabriellas Ivacs, editors | PRINT: 978-1-85604-934-4

This landmark edited collection offers a wide-ranging overview of how rapid technological changes and

the push for providing greater access to digitized cultural heritage holdings are changing the landscape of


Providing inspirational and informative chapters by international experts, this book will help digital

archivists and other information professionals understand the drivers for change in archives and the implications.

Sustainable business models for cultural production, the digitization of analog cultural heritage,

and the related IPR issues surrounding the reuse of digital objects and data for research, education, advocacy,

and art all receive full attention. Contributors also present state-of-the-art solutions in building digital

archives on networked infrastructure, trusted digital repositories to ensure long-term access, and tools to

serve emerging needs in digital humanities.

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

42 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Archives and Records Management

Extensible Processing for Archives and Special

Collections: Reducing Processing Backlogs

Daniel A. Santamaria | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1257-7

“Provides a persuasive argument in favor of increasing access to a broader array of materials,

and offers practical solutions for even the smallest of repositories.” —Technicalities

2015 | softcover

248 pp | 6" x 9"

$78.00 | Members: $70.20

This invaluable book


lays out the six key principles of extensible processing, from creating a baseline level of access to

all collections material and crafting standardized, structured descriptions to managing archival

materials in the aggregate;


provides a start-to-finish workflow adaptable to any collection;


advises how to limit physical handling and processing through a holistic approach;


explains the use of Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS) and Encoded Archival

Description (EAD); and


covers alternative strategies for digitization, like low-res scanning and repurposing existing


2016 | softcover

256 pp | 6" x 9"

$125.00 | Members: $112.50

Management Skills for Archivists and Records Managers

edited by Louise Ray and Melinda Haunton | PRINT: 978-1-85604-584-1

A must-have resource for those at the start of their careers, as well as students who hope to become

leaders in archival and records management, this up-to-date handbook provides guidance on all the

skills needed to succeed. The book’s practical advice is underpinned with current thinking and theory,

and draws on experience of teaching management skills to graduate archivists and records managers.

Chapters cover


identifying management skills for archivists and records managers;


taking the long-term view: corporate and strategic planning;


managing projects successfully;


managing money and other resources;


managing people;


providing accountability: performance measurement;


advocating for archives and records management; and


developing personal management skills.

2014 | softcover

160 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Records Management

and Information Culture:

Tackling the People


Gillian Oliver and Fiorella Foscarini

PRINT: 978-1-85604-947-4

“The book’s real value is its

potential to equip the records

manager with a deeper awareness

of the constraints and

moti vators that shape people’s

attitudes toward information and

recordkeeping and thus provide

the foundation upon which

properly targeted actions and

strategies can be formulated.”

—Archives and Manuscripts

2015 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$115.00 | Members: $103.50

The No-Nonsense Guide to

Archives and Recordkeeping

Margaret Crockett

PRINT: 978-1-85604-855-2

This comprehensive guide to all

aspects of archives and records management,

from creation of records to

making them accessible as archives, is

based on the internationally renowned

training days run by the author. It deals

with all materials, including born-digital

and digitized, photographs, and

audiovisual. Utilizing checklists, practical

exercises, sample documentation,

case studies, and helpful diagrams, the

book ensures a very accessible and

pragmatic approach.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Archives and Records Management

Preserving Complex Digital Objects

edited by Janet Delve and David Anderson | PRINT: 978-1-85604-958-0

“An essential resource for anyone engaged in digital preservation activities . . . bringing

together these outputs from the POCOS meetings in a single print resource provides

much-needed practical assistance.” —Online Information Review

2014 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$115.00 | Members: $103.50

This groundbreaking edited collection explores the challenges of preserving complex digital objects such

as simulations, visualizations, digital art, and video games. Drawing on the outputs of the JISC-funded

Preservation of Complex Objects (POCOS) symposia, enhanced with specialist pathfinder solutions, this

book covers topics such as the legal and technical challenges of preservation, curation and authority, and

digital archaeology. Written by international experts from a broad background of library, collecting institutions,

information and computer science, and digital preservation backgrounds, this collection showcases

the state of the art of the discipline and brings together stakeholder perspectives from across the preservation


Bestsellers in Archives and Records Management



336 pp

6” x 9”


Members: $88.20



e-book available



256 pp

6” x 9”


Members: $79.20





246 pp

7” x 9”


Members: $73.80



Academic Archives: Managing the

Next Generation of College and

University Archives, Records, and

Special Collections Aaron D. Purcell

“Purcell’s style is not overly technical but

it is comprehensive.” —Archival Issues

Archives: Principles and

Practices Laura A. Millar

“An excellent guide to archives

management for all those who work in

and with archives—it will also serve as an

indispensable student textbook for many

years to come.” —Business Archives

Managing Electronic Records,

Fourth Edition William Saffady

“A useful guide for professionals managing

electronic resources.” —Information World




250 pp

8.5” x 11”


Members: $73.80





424 pp

6” x 9”


Members: $73.80





246 pp

6” x 9”


Members: $78.30



Public Relations and Marketing for

Archives: A How-To-Do-It Manual

edited by Russell D. James and

Peter J. Wosh

“A useful resource sufficiently rich and

varied for any archivist to find something

new.” —Catholic Library World

Records and Information

Management Patricia C. Franks

“An up-to-date, coherent, readable, and

highly informative text that all RIM/IG

professionals should keep close at hand

for ongoing reference.”—Information


Web 2.0 Tools and Strategies

for Archives and Local History

Collections Kate M. Theimer

“An informative and approachable

resource for novices as well as experts.”

—Archival Issues

44 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Acquisitions | Collection Building

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

Shared Collections: Collaborative Stewardship

edited by Dawn Hale | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1403-8

Libraries and the organizations that provide services to them are devoting more attention

to system-wide organization of collections—whether the "system" is a consortium, a

region or a country. As a strategy for saving space and money while expanding access to

additional materials and resources, the value of shared collections is indubitable. This collected

volume from the Association of Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS)

spotlights the histories and experiences of several collaborations at academic libraries.

Contributors share winning strategies for intentional decision-making in developing and

managing shared collections, both print and digital, with expert guidance such as:


analysis of six consortia case studies, ranging from giants like CIC and CARL to

regional collaborations like the State of Maine and Manhattan research libraries;


elements to address in a memo of understanding among participating institutions;


risk assessment methodologies that enable institutions to focus local resources

where they will provide the greatest return; and


costs to anticipate for budgeting, such as collection analysis, space, validation,

transport, staff, and administration.

With practical advice on issues such as governance and business models, demand-driven

acquisition, rare works, and access, this monograph is a valuable resource for academic

library directors, administrators, and collection development leaders.

2016 | softcover

160 pp | 6" x 9"

$82.00 | Members: $73.80

Acquisitions: Core Concepts and Practices,

Second Edition

Jesse Holden | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1460-1

As a discipline, acquisitions encompasses everything from purchasing and budgeting to

enabling access to materials; and every format from books, monographs, and serials to

e-books, subscription-based electronic resources, and beyond. In this guide, Holden boils

it to down to its essentials while providing a strategic framework that introduces and integrates

all aspects of acquisitions. Using a holistic, hands-on approach that’s as useful for

working librarians as for those studying the profession, this book


provides an overview of acquisitions as a library profession, with a discussion of

basic competencies, notions of ethics, and the organizing principle of “assemblage”;


lays out a robust conceptual framework that unifies disparate aspects of acquisitions

work and synthesizes its practical aspects;


thoroughly examines acquisitions in all formats, including digital materials;


covers such important trends as the rise of e-books, the ramifications of mobile

devices as a mode of content access and interaction, demand-driven acquisition,

and shifting expectations regarding paid-for content;


tracks advancements in technology, including the widespread implementation of

discovery services for content searching;


underscores the responsive service component of acquisitions as informed by

user expectations, community feedback, and usage standards such as COUNTER

and SUSHI; and


addresses budgetary issues such as changes in services offered by vendors and

subscription agents, and the emergence of a “new normal” for budget constraints

and expectations resulting from the recession.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Acquisitions | Collection Building

2016 | softcover

272 pp | 6" x 9"

$67.00 | Members: $60.30

Libraries, Leadership, and Scholarly Communication:

Essays by Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1433-5

When it’s time for your organization to make choices and set priorities, this collection of essays, articles,

white papers, and blog posts will provide conversation starters for your strategic discussions. A creative

thinker on topics related to library collections and scholarly publishing, Anderson offers engaging, persuasive

arguments on range of timely topics, such as:


the decline of print;


patron-driven acquisitions;


Open Access (OA);

À À blacklisting publishers and relations with publishers’ sales reps;


patron privacy;


symptoms of zealotry;

À À unintended consequences of the print-on-demand model; and


how to define library value.

2015 | softcover

168 pp | 6" x 9"

$62.00 | Members: $55.80

Rightsizing the Academic Library Collection

Suzanne M. Ward | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1298-0 | e-book available

“Recommended reading for all academic librarians and library managers.”

—Library Journal (starred review)

Filled with sage advice and ready-to-implement guidance, this book


introduces the concept of rightsizing, a strategic and largely automated approach that uses

continuous assessment to identify the no- and low-use materials in the collection;


walks you through crafting a rightsizing plan, from developing withdrawal criteria and creating

discard lists to managing workflow and disposing of withdrawn materials;


shows how to identify stakeholders, plus strategies for winning them over;


offers tips for working with consortial partners on collaborative print retention projects;


discusses how growing electronic collections can enhance legacy print collections;


advises what to do with print journals after your library licenses perpetual access rights to the

electronic equivalent; and


looks ahead to the future of physical collections in academic libraries.

2015 | softcover

120 pp | 6" x 9"

$65.00 | Members: $58.50

Getting Started with


Acquisitions for E-Books:

A LITA Guide

Theresa S. Arndt

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1314-7

e-book available

”Deliberating relevant questions

and backing up the answers with

research, this title provides a

framework for thinking through

the concept and workflow of

DDA . . . Essential reading for

academic and public librarians.”

—Library Journal

2015 | softcover

36 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$43.00 | Members: $38.70

E-content in Libraries:

Marketplace Perspectives

Sue Polanka, editor

PRINT: 978-0-8389-5977-0

Library Technology Reports,

Nov/Dec 2015 (51:8)

Satisfactory business models for

e-book lending in libraries remain

elusive. Polanka, creator of the No

Shelf Required® website, gathers

the perspectives of a public librarian

and two information industry

executives who share concerns

and offer ideas for working


46 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Acquisitions | Collection Building

2015 | softcover

216 pp | 6" x 9"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

The Weeding Handbook: A Shelf-by-Shelf Guide

Rebecca Vnuk | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1327-7 | e-book available

Vnuk, author of the popular “Weeding Tips” column on Booklist Online, takes the guesswork out of this delicate

but necessary process, giving public and school library staff the knowledge and the confidence to

effectively weed any collection, of any size. Going through the proverbial stacks shelf by shelf, Vnuk


explains why weeding is important for a healthy library, demonstrating that a vibrant collection

leads to robust circulation, which in turn affects library budgets;


walks readers through a library’s shelves by Dewey area, with recommended weeding criteria and

call-outs in each area for the different considerations of large collections and smaller collections;


includes a chapter addressing reference, media, e-books, and other special materials;


shows how a solid collection development plan uses weeding as an ongoing process, making it

less stressful and more productive;


offers guidance for determining how to delegate responsibility for weeding, plus pointers for getting

experienced staff on board; and


includes a dozen sample collection development plans.

Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management,

Third Edition

Peggy Johnson | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1191-4

“Introduces new concepts by building on the context of the past . . . This resource is a must

have for institutions with library and information science programs, and practicing librarians

and information paraprofessionals in all types of libraries. ” —ARBA

2014 | softcover

568 pp | 6" x 9"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

In this sweeping revision of a text that has become an authoritative standard, expert instructor and librarian

Johnson addresses the art of controlling and updating library collections, whether located locally or

accessed remotely. The text thoroughly considers


traditional management topics such as organization of the collection, weeding, staffing, and policy making;


budgeting, including relations with vendors and publishers, purchasing, and collaborating across

library organizational lines to acquire and manage collections more efficiently; and


the effects of rapidly changing information delivery and access technologies, the evolving needs

and expectations of library users, and new roles for subject specialists.

Customer-Based Collection Development: An Overview

edited by Karl Bridges | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1192-1

“A practical way to learn about questions that may need to be addressed when utilizing PDA,

and the reader will appreciate seeing how other libraries have addressed some of these

questions.” —Serials Review

“Academic library bibliographers and selectors need to read this book.” —Technicalities

2014 | softcover

216 pp | 6" x 9"

$64.00 | Members: $57.60

This book gathers together the best practitioners in the emerging field of customer-based collection development,

whose goal is to find out what library users need and want and manage collections accordingly.

Professionals from a variety of academic and public libraries


offer strategies for planning and implementing a customer-based collection program, including

guidelines for evaluation and marketing;


summarize its potential impact on a library’s budget;


discuss cataloging implications, and other day-to-day operational issues; and


present guidelines for evaluating and marketing.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Bestsellers Acquisitions | Collection Building



216 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $69.30



e-book available


softcover book and


300 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $69.30





224 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $89.96



Building and Managing E-Book

Collections: A How-To-Do-It Manual

for Librarians edited by Richard Kaplan

“Every librarian and library dealing with

e-books should have a copy of this work . . .

the language and practical examples [make]

this book especially valuable.” —Australian

Library Journal

Collection Development

and Management for 21st

Century Library Collections:

An Introduction Vicki L. Gregory

“This is a keeper for students to consult during

their first professional positions and a handy

reference for any librarian new to collection

development responsibilities.” —Library Journal

Collection Development

in the Digital Age

edited by Maggie Fieldhouse and

Audrey Marshall

“Its coverage is extensive and reflects a

cross-section of the experience of librarians

and information professionals.” —Journal of

Librarianship and Information Science



200 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $60.30





184 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $55.80



e-book available



192 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $58.50



e-book available

Developing and Managing Electronic

Collections: The Essentials

Peggy Johnson

“As promised, it delivers a great deal of

practical information and advice to help

librarians navigate the intricate channels

and shoals of electronic collections

management.” —Journal of Electronic

Resources in Medical Libraries

Fundamentals of Managing

Reference Collections

Carol A. Singer

“Useful for both the novice librarian and

those with many years of experience.”

—Serials Review

Managing Electronic Resources:

A LITA Guide edited by Ryan O. Weir

“Highly informative. The content should

prove to be applicable to all library types.”

—Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical




200 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $60.30



e-book available



272 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $60.30



e-book available



384 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $89.96



No Shelf Required: E-Books in

Libraries edited by Sue Polanka

“The best available source for the latest

information about e-books in libraries.”

—Epublishers Weekly

No Shelf Required 2: Use and

Management of Electronic Books

edited by Sue Polanka

“Anyone interested in the discussion of

e-books in libraries will be well served by this

volume.” —Booklist

Organizing Information:

From the Shelf to the Web

G. G. Chowdhury and Sudatta Chowdhury

“The content is of immense practical value

for librarians and information professionals

involved in both traditional and digital

libraries.” —Library Collections Acquisitions

& Technical Services

48 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management


Designed for the digital world and an expanding universe of metadata users, RDA:

Resource Description and Access is the new, unified cataloging standard. The

online RDA Toolkit subscription is the most effective way to interact with the standard.

RDA Toolkit helps catalogers, metadata professionals, and other library staff

transition to RDA with numerous features, including


searchable and browseable presentation of RDA instructions in English,

French, Spanish, and German languages;


editor tools that allow users to create, share, and access user generated

content (workflows, maps, and a host of cataloging specific documents);


access to RDA Toolkit as context-sensitive help from cataloging input forms from within a growing list (see rdatoolkit.org/

linkingpartners) of system vendors and cataloging tools such as Connexion, Skyriver, and many local system vendors; and


full MARC record examples of RDA cataloging.

For pricing and subscription information, visit www.rdatoolkit.org.

RDA: Resource Description and Access Print—2015 Revision

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1346-8

2015 | softcover

1056 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$185.00 | Members: $166.50

The 2015 RDA Print Revision contains:


A full accumulation of RDA—the revision replaces the previous version of RDA Print rather than

being an update packet to that version. Numerous changes to the text of RDA have been made

since the publication of the 2014 Revision. Cataloging practice described by RDA has not altered

dramatically due to these changes, but a significant number of the pages in RDA Print were

affected by the changes, making an RDA Print update packet impracticable.


The most current RDA—the revision contains all changes to RDA up to and including the 2015

RDA Update approved by the JSC. There are two types of changes to RDA that routinely take

place—“Fast Track” changes and RDA Updates. The JSC periodically issues Fast Track changes

to RDA to fix errors and to clarify meaning. These changes do not typically change cataloging

practice as described by RDA. An RDA Update is issued annually. In an Update process the JSC

considers proposals to enhance and improve RDA as a cataloging standard. The 2015 Revision

includes all Fast Track changes and RDA Updates since the 2014 publication of RDA in August 2014.

Bestseller in RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management

2013 | softcover

408 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$67.00 | Members: $60.30

RDA: Strategies for Implementation

Magda El-Sherbini | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1168-6

In this important book El-Sherbini tackles key questions about how the new cataloging standard

will be implemented by cataloging professionals, offering an orientation in the conceptual background

and the structure of RDA: Resource Description and Access from a practical and technical

perspective, including a detailed comparison with AACR2. Firmly rooted in the concrete

application of RDA, with numerous sample records, this book


covers FRBR-driven tasks, FRBR-Group relationships, and principles of FRAD, including

how FRAD impacts the RDA application;


analyzes the roles of manifestations and items, such as pre-cataloging decisions, preferred

sources of information, and mandatory elements of description; and


offers advice for using RDA Toolkit, with tips for efficient navigation in RDA Toolkit using

workflows and searching techniques.

For more bestsellers, see page 55.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management

2014 | softcover

912 pp | 7" x 10"

$125.00 | Members: $112.50

Maxwell’s Handbook for RDA: Explaining and Illustrating RDA:

Resource Description and Access Using MARC 21

Robert L. Maxwell | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1172-3

Winner of the 2014 ABC-CLIO Greenwood Award for the Best Book in Library Literature; Winner of the

2015 Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Outstanding Publication Award

In this clear and comprehensive resource, cataloging expert Maxwell brings his trademark practical commentary

to bear on the new, unified cataloging standard. Designed to interpret and explain RDA: Resource

Description and Access, this handbook illustrates and applies the new cataloging rules in the MARC 21

environment for every type of information format. From books to electronic materials to music and beyond,



explains the conceptual grounding of RDA, including FRBR and FRAD;


addresses the nuances of how cataloging will, and won’t, change in the MARC 21 environment;


explores recording relationships, working with records of manifestations and items, and more; and


provides numerous sample records to illustrate RDA principles.

2016 | softcover

296 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$105.00 | Members: $94.50

RDA Essentials

Thomas Brenndorfer | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1328-4

This concise guide to cataloging with RDA: Resource Description and Access specifically hones in on the

needs of those seeking a simplified path to creating basic RDA records. First describing foundational RDA

concepts and vocabulary, Brenndorfer then distills RDA instructions, matching them to cataloging practice

in easy-to-follow language. Current with RDA instructions through the April 2015 update to RDA, it is an ideal

resource for


small libraries that require standard cataloging but don’t need all the details of structure and content

of the full RDA;


LIS students who need an introduction to cataloging;


paraprofessionals seeking a ready reference for copy cataloging; and


experienced catalogers needing a quick summary of RDA practice.

A handy offline access point for solo and part-time catalogers, Brennndorfer’s guide also supports training

and classroom use in any size institution.

RDA and Cartographic Resources

Paige G. Andrew, Susan M. Moore, and Mary Larsgaard | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1131-0

”Provides solid guidance for map cataloguers of all levels . . . clearly written, detailed and easy

to use. “ —Journal of The Australian and New Zealand Map Society Inc.

2015 | softcover

152 pp | 7" x 10"

$65.00 | Members: $58.50

As the cataloging universe moves into the era of RDA: Resource Description and Access, specialist catalogers

need information on managing the materials in their areas of responsibility. In this manual, expert

catalogers Andrew, Moore, and Larsgaard offer a summary and overview of how to catalog cartographic

resources using the new standard. Through abundant examples and sample records to illustrate the work,

the authors


take a close look at what will remain familiar from AACR2, and what is new and different in RDA;


offer guidance for creating authorized geographic subject headings using Functional

Requirements for Bibliographic Resources (FRBR) and Functional Requirements for Authority

Data (FRAD); and


present a detailed examination of geographic subject headings and subdivisions.

50 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management

2016 | softcover

160 pp | 6" x 9"

$75.00 | Members: $67.50

Linked Data for Cultural Heritage

edited by Ed Jones and Michele Seikel | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1439-7

Today, linked data is essential for sharing library collections on the open web, especially the digital cultural

heritage in the collections of libraries, archives, and museums. In this book, the Association of Library

Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) gathers a stellar list of contributors to help readers understand

linked data, addressing such topics as:

À À a simplified description of linked data, summing up its promises and challenges;


controlled vocabularies for the web;


broadening use of library-curated vocabularies;


how the complexity of AV models reveals the limitations of retrospective conversion;


ways libraries are helping science researchers share their data, with descriptions of projects

underway at major institutions;

À À balancing the nuance within an element set with the sameness needed for sharing; and

À À the influence of projects such as Europeana and Digital Public Library of America.

2016 | softcover

200 pp | 6" x 9"

$50.00 | Members: $45.00

FRBR, Before and After: A Look at Our Bibliographic Models

Karen Coyle | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1345-1 | e-book available

Coyle’s expert ability to draw from the deep historical background of cataloging theory to illuminate the

potentials of library data on the web helped win her the 2011 ALCTS Outstanding Publication Award.

Combining a sweeping perspective with a critical eye, she points the way ahead for catalogers and metadata

specialists, providing clear explanations and analysis on such topics as

À À library data models and their connection to technology, from early printing to relational databases

and the Semantic Web;

À À ideas and influences of leading thinkers such Lubetsky, Wilson, and Tillet, along with lesser-known

theorists like Tanaguchi;

À À IFLA meetings that led to the FRBR study group, including its original charge and final report;

À À FRBR as a conceptual model, and how that differs from data models;


the FRBR document’s flawed entity-relationship model and how it overlooks user needs;

À À efforts to define a work as a meaningful, creative unit separate from the physical package; and


detailed analysis of the FRBR entities.

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Practical Ontologies for Information Professionals

David Stuart | PRINT: 978-1-78330-062-4

The development of robust and widely used ontologies is an increasingly important tool in the fight against

information overload. The publishing and sharing of explicit explanations for a wide variety of conceptualizations,

in a machine readable format, has the power to both improve information retrieval and identify

new knowledge. This new book provides an accessible introduction to

À À the concept and definition of ontology and why it is increasingly important to the information professional;


ontologies and the Semantic Web;

À À existing ontologies, such as SKOS, OWL, FOAF, schema.org, and the DBpedia Ontology;


adopting and building ontologies, showing how to avoid repetition of work and how to build a simple

ontology with Protégé;


interrogating Semantic Web ontologies; and

À À the future of ontologies and the role of the information professional in their development and use.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management

Metadata, Second Edition

Marcia Lei Zeng and Jian Qin | PRINT: 978-1-55570-965-5

Praise for the previous edition:

“A fresh and comprehensive look.” —Journal of Archival Organization

2016 | softcover

584 pp | 6" x 9"

$84.00 | Members: $75.60

Metadata remains the solution for describing the explosively growing, complex world of

digital information, and continues to be of paramount importance for information professionals.

Presenting an authoritative examination of the metadata schemas that exist in

the world of library and information science and beyond, as well as the contexts in which

they operate, this thorough revision of a benchmark text


lays out the fundamentals of metadata, including principles of metadata, structures

of metadata vocabularies, and metadata descriptions;


surveys metadata standards and their applications in distinct domains and for

various communities of metadata practice;


examines metadata building blocks, from modeling to defining properties, and

from designing application profiles to implementing value vocabularies;


describes important concepts such as resource identification, metadata as

linked data, consumption of metadata, interoperability, and quality



offers an updated glossary to help readers navigate metadata’s complex terms in

easy-to-understand definitions; and


includes an online resource of Web Extras, packed with exercises, quizzes, and

links to additional materials.

Essential Classification, Second Edition

Vanda Broughton | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1369-7

2015 | softcover

432 pp | 6" x 9"

$75.00 | Members: $67.50

”The book’s greatest strengths are its focus exclusively on classification (i.e.

without the descriptive cataloging element), a strong theoretical component,

and greater focus on UDC. The additional inclusion of profuse examples,

exercises (with answers), and bulleted summaries makes the book useful as an

introductory library science text, a self-learning manual, or a refresher.” —ARBA

Cataloging authority Broughton leads the novice classifier step by step through the

basics of subject cataloging, with an emphasis on practical document analysis and classification.

Her book deals with fundamental questions of the purpose of classification

in different situations, and the needs and expectations of end users. The reader is introduced

to the ways in which document content can be assessed, and how this can best

be expressed for translation into the language of specific indexing and classification systems.

Key areas covered include:


the need for classification;


the variety of classification;


the structure of classification;


working with informal classification;


management aspects of classification; and


classification in digital space.

Fully updated to reflect changes to the major general schemes (Library of Congress,

LCSH, Dewey and UDC) since the first edition, and with added chapters on working with

informal classification, from folksonomies to tagging and social media, this new edition

will set catalogers on the right path.

52 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management

Cataloging and Managing Film and Video Collections:

A Guide to using RDA and MARC 21

Colin Higgins | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1299-7

”Although I’ve been a cataloger for more than a decade, I never really enjoyed reading any

book about cataloging until now . . . Higgins is not only an adept cataloger who gives clear and

precise explanations of the pertinent MARC fields and RDA rules, but he is also a devotee of

cinema eager to share his broad knowledge and love of the art.” —Catholic Library World

2015 | softcover

240 pp | 6" x 9"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

This handbook clarifies the protocol for DVDs and Blu-ray discs, expanding upon established guidelines

for AACR2 and integrating them into the new standard. Along the way Higgins introduces the fundamentals

of filmmaking, including its history and technical vocabulary, providing context. Outlining the MARC

21 fields where AACR2 practices differ from RDA, this book unravels the complexity of film and the ways

it is packaged and presented to help quickly determine the title statement and statement of responsibility.

Unusual formats, such as videotape and reels of photochemical film, are also addressed. With Higgins’s

expert guidance, readers will learn how to apply RDA instructions to the cataloging of every type of film and

video collection.

Digital Asset Management in Theory and Practice

Mark Hedges | PRINT: 978-1-85604-935-1

This practical handbook provides information professionals with everything they need to know to effectively

manage digital content and information.

The book addresses digital asset management (DAM) from a practitioner’s point of view but also introduces

readers to the theoretical background to the subject. It will thus equip readers with a range of essential

strategic, technical, and practical skills required to direct digital asset management activities within

their area of business, while also providing them a well-rounded and critical understanding of the issues

across domains.

This book includes an evolving case study that serves to illustrate the topics and issues addressed in

each chapter, as well as a sequence of practical exercises using freely available DAM software.

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$99.95 | Members: $89.96

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Cataloguing and

Decision-making in a

Hybrid Environment:

The Transition from


Anne Welsh

PRINT: 978-1-85604-955-9

This guide draws out the flexibility

offered by RDA to lead

the reader through the decision-making

process, showing

how the skills and judgments

familiar from AACR2 can be

applied to RDA.

2014 | softcover

256 pp | 6" x 9"

$90.00 | Members: $81.00

Information Needs Analysis:

Principles and Practice in

Information Organizations

Daniel G. Dorner, G. E. Gorman,

and Philip J. Calvert

PRINT: 978-1-85604-484-4

Supporting the development of an

information needs analysis strategy,

this text adopts a hands-on,

jargon-free approach and includes

relevant examples, case studies,

reader activities, and sources of

further reading.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$95.00 | Members: $85.50

Managing Digital Cultural Objects:

Analysis, Discovery and Retrieval

edited by Allen Foster and Pauline Rafferty | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1343-7

Bringing together chapters written by leading experts in the field, this book provides an overview of the

theoretical and academic aspects of digital cultural documentation and the state of the art. Case studies

of digitization projects drawn from practitioners within libraries and information organizations showcase

both technical and more strategic issues relating to cultural heritage projects, digital asset management,

and sustainability. Key topics covered include:


semiotics of digital cultural objects: images, music, and film;


digital cultural object retrieval: semantic and emotional indexing;


semantic web, FRBR, intertextuality, and cultural objects;


photo retrieval on the web: Flickr, Facebook, and other social networking sites;


classical music retrieval on the web; and


indie music retrieval on the web: Spotify, social tagging, and recommender sites.

2015 | softcover

232 pp | 6" x 9"

$67.00 | Members: $60.30

Fundamentals of Technical Services

John Sandstrom and Liz Miller | PRINT: 978-1-55570-966-2

Perfect for those just moving into the profession, as well as library staff in need of a brush up, this guide

concisely examines

À À what precisely Technical Services are, with a brief history of the field;


collection development and acquisitions, including budgeting, ordering, and receiving;


metadata and cataloging, from MARC to RDA;


dealing with all kinds of materials, including books, serials, electronic/e-resources, and more;


systems such as ILS, ERM, and EDI;


collection maintenance issues such as book repair/preservation and weeding;


vendors, contracts, workflow, and other administrative functions; and


forward-looking analysis of important trends and developments such as pricing, consortia/co-ops,

languages of materials, and outsourcing.

2016 | softcover

36 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$43.00 | Members: $38.70

Library Linked Data: Early

Activity and Development

Erik T. Mitchell

PRINT: 978-0-8389-5968-8

Library Technology Reports,

January 2016 (51:1)

You’ve heard about the promise

of Linked Data. But what’s

happening now? In the past few

years, the library, archive, and

museum (LAM) communities

have developed new tools and

standards, published new vocabularies,

and explored new use

cases and applications all with

an eye toward sharing more data

and increasing the visibility of

their data across the web.

2014 | softcover

272 pp | 6" x 9"

$88.00 | Members: $79.20

Linked Data for Libraries,

Archives and Museums:

How to Clean, Link and

Publish your Metadata

Seth van Hooland

and Ruben Verborgh

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1251-5

”Can easily be used as either

a linked data textbook for

library and information science

educators or a linked data

handbook for library, archive,

and museum technical

services.” —Technicalities

54 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

American Library Association

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Chicago, IL 60611

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Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management Bestsellers



240 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



e-book available



208 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $55.80




softcover book and


301 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $73.80



Cataloging Correctly for Kids:

An Introduction to the Tools,

Fifth Edition edited by Sheila S. Intner,

Joanna F. Fountain, and Jean Weihs

“A beneficial text for anyone interested in

the cataloging of children’s materials.”

—Public Libraries

The Concise AACR2: Fourth

Edition through the 2004 Update

prepared by Michael Gorman

Featuring examples and updates throughout,

a glossary of important cataloging terms used

in the rules, and a concordance with AACR2,

this is the must-have reference book for all


Describing Electronic, Digital,

and Other Media Using AACR2

and RDA: A How-To-Do-It Manual

and CD-ROM for Librarians

Mary Beth Weber and Fay Angela Austin

“This book is highly recommended for

technical services staff.” —Technicalities

FRBR: A Guide for the Perplexed Maxwell ALA


Robert L. Maxwell



208 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $60.30





240 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $92.70





128 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $41.40



e-book available

FRBR: A Guide for the Perplexed

Robert L. Maxwell

“Truly helps the confused or unknowing . . .

a valuable resource for the professional

librarian or library student.” —ARBA

Information Resource Description:

Creating and Managing Metadata

Philip Hider

“A survey that is almost sure to reveal

something new, even to some of the most

experienced practitioners among us.”

—Cataloging & Classification Quarterly

Introducing RDA:

A Guide to the Basics

Chris Oliver

“This handy guide is an excellent

introduction.” —Technicalities



240 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $55.80





224 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $69.30





234 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $55.80



e-book available

MARC21 for Everyone:

A Practical Guide

Deborah A. Fritz and Richard J. Fritz

“Rich in demonstrating the impact of

authority work in all areas of user-focused

information discovery.” —Library Collections

Acquisitions & Technical Services

Practical Cataloguing:


Anne Welsh and Sue Batley

“Comprehensive, practical, clear, and written

with a dash of humor—this is the textbook

about AACR2 and RDA for which catalogers

have been waiting.” —Karen Attar, Senate

House Library

RDA and Serials Cataloging Ed Jones

“Working catalogers will be able to use this

manual for day-to-day practice and will find

it of lasting value as a reference manual

for unusual or difficult cases.” —Collection


alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Reference | Readers’ Advisory | Librariana

2016 | softcover

240 pp | 6" x 9"

$45.00 | Members: $40.50

Capturing Our Stories:

An Oral History of Librarianship in Transition

A. Arro Smith; foreword by Loriene Roy | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1461-8

Just as it did for society at large, the second half of the 20th century brought monumental upheaval to

librarianship. But as the librarians who worked during this tumultuous period end their careers, the social

memory of their extraordinary generation is at risk of being forgotten. Encompassing a full spectrum of institutions

and roles, Smith’s important oral history draws from the professional life stories of dozens of librarians

to chronicle this transitional period. Offering a primer of oral history theory and methodology for those

studying the form, it explores such themes as


becoming librarians, both consciously and accidentally;


clichés and stereotypes, both inside and outside the profession;


what it was like to experience the beginning of the technology revolution, spanning the card catalog

era through the age of online database searching, OPACs, and beyond;

À À professional challenges such as sexism and funding struggles; and

À À inspiring stories of helping patrons, performing outreach, and serving the community.

2016 | softcover

408 pp | 7" x 10"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

Fundamentals of Government Information: Mining, Finding,

Evaluating, and Using Government Resources, Second Edition

Cassandra J. Hartnett, Andrea L. Sevetson, and Eric J. Forte | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1395-6

Government data and resources are uniquely useful to researchers and other library users. But without a

roadmap, sifting through the sheer quantity of information to find the right answers is foolhardy. This newly

revised, peer-reviewed update covers such key topics as

À À the history of government information, from its colorful beginnings to the era of Wikileaks, Edward

Snowden, and data breaches;


all types of law resources and information, including public laws and the U.S. Code, case law and

the judicial branch, and regulations;


patents, trademarks, and intellectual property;

À À census data, educational information, and other statistical resources;


health information, with an in-depth look at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and

the trend toward and impact of online medical records; and


science, environmental, and energy resources from agencies like the EPA.

2015 | softcover

192 pp | 6" x 9"

$68.00 | Members: $61.20

Reinventing Reference: How Libraries Deliver Value

in the Age of Google

edited by Katie Elson Anderson and Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1278-2 | e-book available

“The book offers an array of ideas about coming challenges and how reference librarians might

respond . . . Its individual examinations of academic, public, school and special libraries make it

a versatile and inclusive work.” —Journal of Library Innovation

This collection takes a critical look at the overarching trends that affect current library policy and practice

regarding the process of delivering information services, and how factors such as public policy, economics,

and popular culture will continue to affect those trends in the future. Library leaders and visionaries from

across the spectrum of institutions address such topics as


the history of reference librarianship and how it relates to the current landscape;


privacy, censorship, and reference ethics;


the effects of the “born digital” library user on the purpose and function of reference;


strategic challenges for reference in the coming decade; and


a reference forecast for 2025.

56 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Reference | Readers’ Advisory | Librariana

Our Enduring Values Revisited:

Librarianship in an Ever-Changing World

Michael Gorman | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1300-0 | e-book available

“Sure to cause a great amount of introspection . . . a must-have for all librarians, from all areas.”


2015 | softcover

256 pp | 6" x 9"

$45.00 | Members: $40.50

In this stirring manifesto, public intellectual, librarian, and philosopher Gorman explores such contemporary

issues as

À À the growing emphasis of the library as a cultural institution, placing libraries within their

cultural context as gathering places for learning, access to information, and community;

À À the impact of technological innovations on core values such as access and stewardship;

À À how the mass digitization of books, archives, and other materials affects the purpose and

function of libraries; and

À À intellectual freedom and privacy in the era of the PATRIOT Act, Wikileaks, and Edward Snowden.

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$74.00 | Members: $66.60

The ALA Guide to Information Sources in Insurance,

Risk Management, and Actuarial Science

Lucy Heckman | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1275-1

Pointing researchers, practitioners, faculty and students of business administration, law firms, and anybody

interested in researching the insurance industry to the most relevant information, each chapter contains

an annotated list of specific print and digital sources, plus explanations on how to make best use of

sometimes-forbidding technical materials. Included are company directories, almanacs, databases, websites,

legal resources, and industry-specific guides that cover


all major lines of insurance, including property/casualty, life, health, and reinsurance;


social Insurance, including Social Security, unemployment insurance, and pensions;

À À the insurance policy from the standpoint of practitioners, regulators, and consumers;


insurance law and regulations;


all areas of risk management including financial, technical and intellectual property;


actuarial science and its current applications to financial engineering; and


archival and historical material.


488 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $70.20



e-book available



248 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $58.50



e-book available



298 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $63.00



e-book available

Guide to Reference in Medicine and

Health edited by Christa Modschiedler

and Denise Beaubien Bennett

“Should be considered by academic,

public, and special librarians in the

health sciences.” —Booklist

Guide to Reference: Essential General

Reference and Library Science

Sources edited by Jo Bell Whitlatch and

Susan E. Searing

”Helpful on both sides of the reference desk

. . . Highly recommended for academic,

school, and public libraries.” —Catholic

Library World

Guide to Reference in Business and

Economics edited by Steven W. Sowards

and Elisabeth Leonard

“Authoritative, easy-to-use, and moderately

priced . . . a useful and handy guide to key

sources.” —Against the Grain

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Reference | Readers’ Advisory | Librariana

2014 | softcover

312 pp | 7" x 10"

$129.00 | Members: $116.10

Reference Sources for Small and

Medium-sized Libraries, Eighth Edition

edited by Jack O'Gorman | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1212-6 | e-book available

”An essential for the well-appointed professional shelf, O’Gorman’s update of current reference

materials accommodates both professionals and young readers.” —VOYA

Completely rewritten by a team of outstanding, experienced reference experts, this new edition addresses

the revolution in reference publishing. It includes the best of the best and most affordable resources, websites,

CD-ROMs, and electronic databases, as well as print. The editors, each a subject matter authority,

provide an introductory overview of their topics, then list their recommended selections with insightful

annotations on each source. Specifications for each source (author/editor, publisher, format, price range,

and Dewey and Library of Congress call numbers) make it easy to access the resources.

Legal Reference for Librarians:

How and Where to Find the Answers

Paul D. Healey | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1117-4 | e-book available

“Healey is both a librarian and an attorney, and his expertise in both areas will be evident to

anyone using this specialized handbook, which is a very readable and concise guide to legal

research in the context of library reference work . . . a handy and recommended purchase for

both new and experienced legal researchers in the library.” —Booklist

2014 | softcover

232 pp | 7" x 10"

$72.00 | Members: $64.80

This handbook


provides a concise orientation on legal research, including strategies for finding information

quickly and a handpicked compendium of the best resources;


offers guidance on how to provide advice on legal research while steering clear of liability; and


covers federal legal reference as well as all 50 states, with a comprehensive list of web-based legal


2015 | softcover

386 pp | 7" x 10"

$75.00 | Members: $67.50

Guide to Reference in

Genealogy and Biography

edited by Mary K. Mannix, Fred

Burchsted, and Jo Bell Whitlatch

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1294-2

e-book available

An excellent starting point for

both reference librarians and

for library users seeking information

about family history and

the lives of others, this resource

profiles more than 1400 print

and electronic sources drawn

from the authoritative database

of Guide to Reference.

2014 | softcover

480 pp | 6" x 9"

$92.00 | Members: $82.80

The Medical Library

Association Guide to

Finding Out About Heart

Disease: The Best Print and

Electronic Resources

Jeanette de Richemond

and Terry Paula Hoffman

PRINT: 978-1-55570-750-7

Heart disease affects millions of

people every year. Hoffman and de

Richemond’s guide organizes and

offers evaluated print and online

resources to help readers develop

a collection or research specific

medical options.

58 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Reference | Readers’ Advisory | Librariana

The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Genre Blends

Megan M. McArdle | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1256-0 | e-book available

”Genre blending is one of the more delightful conundrums readers’ advisors face in popular

reading, and this guide helps both novices and experts . . . An essential purchase for

professional readers’-advisory collections.” —Booklist

2015 | softcover

232 pp | 6" x 9"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

In this informative and entertaining book McArdle gets library staff up to speed on these engaging titles.

Complete with booklists, summaries, read-alikes, and thorough indexes, this guide


covers suspense, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, mystery, romance, and science fiction,

as well as non-genre titles that don’t neatly fit into any categories;


offers guidance for shelving, displaying, and marketing genre blends;


shows how to make the most of online discovery tools in cataloging these titles; and


includes “Blend MVPs,” a section spotlighting several popular authors who regularly

move between genres, and a useful bibliography of additional resources.

2014 | softcover

352 pp | 6" x 9"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

The Readers’ Advisory

Guide to Historical Fiction

Jennifer S. Baker

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1165-5

e-book available

The definitive resource for

librarians and other book professionals,

this guide provides

an overview of historical fiction’s

roots, highlighting foundational

classics, and also covers the

latest and most popular authors

and titles. Baker includes lists of

recommendations, plus a compendium

of print and web-based


2016 | softcover

752 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$258.00 | Members: $232.20

A Basic Music Library:

Essential Scores and Sound

Recordings, Fourth Edition

compiled by the Music Library


PRINT: 978-0-8389-1039-9

With thousands of records selected

by experts in dozens of specialized

and popular areas of music, this reference

constitutes the most authoritative

music collection resource


2014 | softcover

248 pp | 6" x 9"

$62.00 | Members: $55.80

The ALA Guide

to Researching

Modern China

Yunshan Ye

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1209-6

e-book available

“Reflecting an old Chinese

proverb—’good tools are

prerequisite to the successful

execution of a job’—this guide

serves as a ramp to researching

fast-flowing information in

modern China.” —CHOICE

2014 | softcover

488 pp | 6" x 9"

$118.00 | Members: $106.20

Introduction to Reference

Sources in the Health

Sciences, Sixth Edition

compiled and edited by Jeffrey

T. Huber and Susan Swogger

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1184-6

e-book available

”An effective primer for newly

minted health sciences

librarians, this guide is also

useful for those who are

veterans in the profession

. . . Highly recommended.“


alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Bestsellers Reference | Readers’ Advisory | Librariana

Reference and Information Services: An Introduction,

Third Edition

Kay Ann Cassell and Uma Hiremath | PRINT: 978-1-55570-859-7

“An irreplaceable source that can be recommended as an essential item for any library’s

professional collection.” —Collection Building

2013 | softcover

528 pp | 6" x 9"

$88.00 | Members: $79.20

Designed to complement every introductory library reference course, this is the perfect text for students

and librarians looking to expand their personal reference knowledge, teaching failsafe methods for identifying

important materials by matching specific types of questions to the best available sources, regardless of

format. Chapters on fundamental concepts, major reference sources, and special topics in reference provide

a solid foundation, plus fresh insight on new issues, including new chapters on ethics, readers’ advisory,

and reference services for children and young adults; website development and maintenance; RSS

feeds; and social networking.



290 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $73.80





232 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



e-book available



328 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $64.80



Conducting the Reference Interview:

A How-To-Do-It Manual for

Librarians, Second Edition

Catherine Sheldrick Ross, Kirsti Nilsen,

and Marie L. Radford

“Sure to be a favorite among librarians.”

—Serials Review

The Readers’ Advisory Handbook

edited by Jessica E. Moyer and Kaite

Mediatore Stover

“A must for all public, school, and academic

libraries.” —Idaho Librarian

Reference Sources and Services

for Youth Meghan Harper

“A valuable resource that can be used as

a training guide for self-instruction for

reference in locating resources.”

—Library Media Connection



352 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $60.30



e-book available



392 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $54.90





536 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $46.80



e-book available

The Readers’ Advisory Guide to

Genre Fiction, Second Edition

Joyce G. Saricks

“Brilliant, accessible, and quite useful.”


Scribes, Script and Books:

The Book Arts from Antiquity

to the Renaissance Leila Avrin

“The author’s learning and enthusiasm easily

render otherwise dry facts into an enjoyable

romp.” —Internet Reference Services Quarterly

The Whole Library Handbook 5:

Current Data, Professional Advice,

and Curiosa about Libraries

and Library Services

edited by George M. Eberhart

“A remarkable introduction to the field of

librarianship . . . Highly recommended.”

—Library Journal

60 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$68.00 | Members: $61.20

Young Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism,

Third Edition

Michael Cart | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1462-5

In this new edition Cart gives his authoritative survey, already a go-to text for students of

literary studies, teachers and YA staff, a thorough update to make it even more relevant

and comprehensive. Surveying the landscape of YA lit both past and present, this book


sketches the origins of literature targeted at young adults;


shows how the best of the genre has evolved to deal with subjects every bit as

complex as its audience;


closely examines teen demographics, literacy, audiobooks, the future of print,

and other key topics;

À À includes updated treatment of best-selling authors like John Green,

Suzanne Collins, and Veronica Roth, plus interviews with leaders in the field;


presents new and expanded coverage of perennially popular genre fiction,

including horror, science fiction, and dystopian fiction;


offers an updated overview of LGBTQ literature for young adults, including


À À covers such commercial trends as adult purchasers of YA books and the New

Adult phenomenon; and


features abundant bibliographic material to aid in readers’ advisory and collection


2016 | softcover

200 pp | 6" x 9"

$50.00 | Members: $45.00

Inspired Collaboration: Ideas for Discovering

and Applying Your Potential

Dorothy Stoltz with Susan M. Mitchell, Cen Campbell, Rolf Grafwallner,

Kathleen Reif, and Stephanie Mareck Shauck | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1396-3

Collaboration involves a fusion of individual talents and skills through outreach and cooperation.

And it is one of the key ingredients of a vibrant, successful library that is also relevant

to the community it serves. But it doesn’t just happen magically, and it’s a challenge

to kindle those original sparks of inspiration into a sustainable effort. Written by a team

of librarians and community partners who themselves learned how to collaborate successfully,

this uplifting book takes a fresh look at the essentials of how to nurture the best

within ourselves and our colleagues in order to create lasting partnerships that will continue

to thrive. Questions and points to ponder included at the end of each chapter will

facilitate discussion and planning. Helping you harness creative thinking and channel it

into everyday work, this book


discusses why collaboration is so important and provides numerous tips for cultivating



examines what to do when things go wrong, including techniques for generating

patience and perseverance to help produce positive results;


offers new ways to plan and implement, featuring guidance on how to establish

a core group;


explores ways to prioritize by starting with clear goals;

À À describes the fundamentals of engaging with fellow staff and the wider community;


À À highlights ideas to spark curiosity that benefit everyone.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2016 | softcover

144 pp | 6" x 9"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

Engaging Babies in the Library: Putting Theory into Practice

Debra J. Knoll | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1434-2

Public libraries across the nation continue to transform themselves into learning centers for infants, toddlers,

and preschoolers. Focusing squarely on the how of providing quality library service to babies and

families, Knoll’s new book provides sensible, sensitive advice on meeting their physical, emotional, intellectual,

and social needs. This book


explores multiple aspects in the developing life of a baby, discussing physical needs, emotional

expressions, intellectual pursuits, and social development;


highlights real-life examples from public libraries that relate to how these developmental processes

present themselves while babies and families interact in the library;

À À presents Baby Steps for each topical area, providing service tips and suggestions that can be easily

or inexpensively put into practice;


offers Big Steps, conversational points that invite librarians to think creatively about further

investment, support, funding, and collaborative efforts; and


includes carefully selected research findings and other information that can be used for planning,

policymaking, and advocacy.

2016 | softcover

136 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

Once Upon a Cuento: Bilingual Storytimes in English and Spanish

Jamie Campbell Naidoo and Katie Scherrer | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1411-3

Spanish-speaking children need opportunities to hear their home and school languages spoken, and to see

their lives validated through engaging cuentos (stories) that reflect their cultural experiences. Written by

two experienced specialists who understand the nuances of library services, collections, and outreach to

this population, this all-in-one resource

À À discusses the importance of bilingual programming in the lives of Latino and Spanish-speaking

children, addressing the unique educational and informational needs of bilingual children;


provides 18 ready-to-use program plans for bilingual storytimes, suitable even for storytime leaders

who don’t speak Spanish;

À À includes several templates for designing bilingual storytimes, arranged by specific age groups;

À À recommends numerous children’s books, songs, and professional resources;

À À explores the opportunity for digital media usage in storytimes; and

À À suggests ways to perform outreach to Spanish-speaking and Latino communities, emphasizing

the importance of relationship-building and community collaboration.

2016 | softcover

144 pp | 6" x 9"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

Becoming a Media Mentor:

A Guide for Working with Children and Families

Cen Campbell, Claudia Haines, and the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC)

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1463-2

In a time of rapidly changing technologies, the role of the youth services librarian has expanded to include

the realm of digital media. Supporting children’s literacy now means serving as a media mentor. This book

empowers youth services staff to confidently assist families and caregivers as they navigate the digital

world, guiding them towards digital media experiences that will translate into positive and productive lifelong

learning skills. Featuring the latest research, this book


defines what it means to be a media mentor, providing historical background and context;


outlines three types of media mentorship: media advisory, programming, and access to curated media;


outlines the implications of media mentorship in libraries, focusing on a shift from the notion of

“screen time” to “healthy media decisions”;


draws on detailed case studies from a wide variety of libraries and community partnerships to

showcase inspiring media mentorship in action with ages 0-14; and


explores management issues such as ALSC competencies.

62 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2016 | softcover

192 pp | 6" x 9"

$34.00 | Members: $30.60

The Newbery and Caldecott Awards: A Guide to the Medal and

Honor Books, 2016 Edition

Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1448-9

Updated with the 2016 award and honor books, this perennial favorite gathers together the books deemed

most distinguished in American children’s literature and illustration since the inception of the renowned

prizes. Librarians and teachers everywhere rely on this guidebook for quick reference and collection development

and also as a resource for curriculum links and readers’ advisory. With an easy-to-use streamlined

look and format, the 2016 guide features:

À À “Diversity and ALSC Book Award Evaluation,” a new essay by Allie Jane Bruce;


explanations of criteria used to select the winners; and


updated bibliographic citations and indexes for the award winners.

This resource for locating information about the best in children’s books is valuable for every collection.

2016 | softcover

200 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$52.00 | Members: $46.80

More Storytime Magic

Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1368-0

MacMillian and Kirker’s knack for creating storytimes that engage and delight young ones have made their

previous books bestsellers. Now they’re back with a completely new assortment of original fingerplays, transitional

rhymes, movement songs, flannelboards, sign language rhymes, and other activities to spice up storytimes

for ages 2 and up. This ready-to-go sourcebook for children’s librarians, early literacy specialists, and

other adults who work with young children offers everything needed to plan and host quality storytimes,


À À more than a dozen thematic groupings of activities, featuring such fun topics as “All About Me,”

“Bugs and Insects,” “Fairy Tales and Castles,” and “People in my Neighborhood”;


recommended storytime books for each theme, along with material lists, patterns for flannelboards

and stick puppets, and illustrations of American Sign Language signs; and

À À coding for each entry indicating which Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten skills it


Baby Storytime Magic: Active Early Literacy

Through Bounces, Rhymes, Tickles and More

Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1216-4

2014 | softcover

120 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$52.00 | Members: $46.80

”What sets Baby Storytime Magic apart is that each suggested title is accompanied by a

‘literacy bit’—this is a suggested script for the facilitator to use to explain to caregivers the

benefits of a particular activity and how to use it at home. This provides empowerment for

caregivers, as they then have tools and resources to assist their child(s) literacy development

not only during the storytime/rhyme time session, but at home too. The caregivers also

benefit from learning more about the stages of development and early literacy and how their

interaction with their child assists with this development. This book is a smart purchase for

any public library, early education center or professional providing activities for babies.”

—Australian Library Journal

“This will be a go-to book time and again, for ideas, for planning, and for resources for any adult

working with children under age 2, and sometimes older.” —ARBA

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

The Handbook for Storytime Programs

Judy Freeman and Caroline Feller Bauer | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1265-2

Librarians, teachers, parents, and caregivers can energize storytimes and curricula

with this informative and entertaining resource filled with engaging and creative

ways to integrate storytelling and story-related materials into programs for children,

ages birth to 12. This companion volume provides

2015 | softcover

616 pp | 7" x 10"

$65.00 | Members: $58.50


a “quicklist” of 150 thematic program-starters for children ages 1–7

on popular topics such as animals, the natural world, families, vehicles,

and holidays;


story jokes, think stories, convoluted logic

puzzlers, scary tales, funny stories, and dozens

of other thematic program-starters for tweens;


methods for telling stories using pictures,

objects, crafts, puppetry, songs, and magic;


materials such as story scripts, songs, wordplay,

poems, annotated booklists, and non-narrative

sources for storytelling; and


guidance to help story programmers pull

together cohesive themed programs and story




Bundle: Buy

Both and Save!

Judy Freeman and

Caroline Feller Bauer

ITEM: 7000-2652

$120.00 | Members: $108.00

The Handbook for Storytellers

Judy Freeman and Caroline Feller Bauer

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1100-6

“This handy how-to compendium is for seasoned

storytellers or beginning tale tellers and is bound

to become the most highlighted, tagged, bookmarked,

post-it noted, and dog-eared well-loved

volume on the book shelf.” —Young Adult Books Blog

Each chapter incorporates a wealth of delectable

folktales to read and tell, plus the authors’ hand-selected, annotated lists containing

hundreds of classic and cutting-edge children’s books, professional books, and

relevant websites. This book

2015 | softcover

416 pp | 7" x 10"

$68.00 | Members: $61.20


provides an overview of the history and types of storytelling;


shows how to select, learn, prepare, and tell stories, and provides tips for

publicizing and promoting storytelling programs;


begins with more than two dozen easy-to-learn stories that adults can read

today and tell to children tomorrow;


looks at the major types of folk and fairy tales; and


includes “Favorite Stories to Tell,” a compendium of more than 500

suggested tales, from which tellers can find the perfect stories to fit every

occasion and begin to build their own repertoire of wonderful tales to tell.

64 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2015 | softcover

248 pp | 6" x 9"

$50.00 | Members: $45.00

Animal Shenanigans: Twenty-four Creative,

Interactive Story Programs for Preschoolers

Rob Reid | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1271-3

Using a combination of high-quality picture books, fingerplays, movement activities, songs, and games,

these ready-to-use, mix-and-match lesson plans focus on universal themes such as family, friendship, and

school—but with animal protagonists. Reid’s book


includes two dozen complete 30-minute story programs for preschoolers that can also be adapted

for K–2 children;


offers 70 new “in-between” activities such as fingerplays and movement activities, songs and

musical activities, chants, creative dramatics, imagination exercises, and more;


provides alternate book lists at the end of each story plan so readers can further customize their

own storytimes; and


gives tips on how to energize presentations and encourage audience participation.

Kids and grown-ups alike will have a howling, barking, clucking, roaring good time.

The Power of Play: Designing Early Learning Spaces

Dorothy Stoltz, Marisa Conner, and James Bradberry | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1255-3

“A great resource no matter how big or small your learning space project ... I wish I had

something like this when I was getting started!” —ALSC blog

2015 | softcover

224 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

Don’t simply accommodate families with young children—draw them in and make your library a destination!

In this hands-on guide, an early childhood specialist, a designer, and an outreach librarian take you

step by step through the process of designing an early learning space that fits your space limitations and

budget. The authors


use current research to explain the importance of play in regard to early literacy and learning;


show how underutilized spaces of any size can be transformed into play spaces, with planning

secrets for small, mid-size, and large play environments;


present models of successful early learning spaces from across the country, with illustrations and

floor plans; and


suggest ways to motivate adults to help young children develop a sense of discovery.

2014 | softcover

240 pp | 6" x 9"

$52.00 | Members: $46.80

Global Voices: Picture

Books from Around the


Susan Stan

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1183-9

“Provides us with a wonderful

opportunity to broaden

our own and our children’s

worldview and discover picture

books which legitimately

represent cultures, voices and

experiences from around the

world.” —Reference Reviews

2014 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

Folktales Aloud: Practical

Advice for Playful


Janice M. Del Negro

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1135-8

e-book available

“This excellent resource aims to

show that storytelling is still vital

in librarianship and throughout

the greater community . . . With

Del Negro’s selections and a

substantial ‘References and

Resources’ section at the end,

readers will have stories and

collections to consult for years.”

—Booklist (starred review)

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2016 | softcover

184 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

Supercharged Storytimes: An Early Literacy

Planning and Assessment Guide

Kathleen Campana, Elizabeth J. Mills, and Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1380-2

Based on the groundbreaking research of VIEWS2—the first systematic study of storytimes

done to date—this book recommends simple interactive ways to emphasize early

literacy techniques and encourage children to use and practice their pre-reading skills

while preserving the delight inherent in storytime. And unlike many other storytime

resources, the authors use the findings of VIEWS2 to offer guidance in performing assessment,

as well as giving tips for planning and conducting storytimes. This book


presents ready-to-use planning tools based on early learning benchmarks with a

clear focus on developmental stages;


demonstrates how to foster early literacy development by inserting the VIEWS2

early literacy domains into the five practices from the second

edition of Every Child Ready to Read @ your Library®;

À À interweaves testimonials from storytime practitioners throughout the text to

provide real-world insight; and


shows how storytime presenters can connect with parents and care givers to

promote family engagement.

See more from Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting on pages 69 and 74.

Excellent Books for Early and Eager Readers

Kathleen T. Isaacs | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1344-4

For children, reading level and experience level are not always the same. Eager readers are

often interested in ideas and topics that seem advanced, but situations and subjects that

sixth graders can handle with aplomb may be emotionally confusing for a younger child.

Early and eager readers deserve stories they can get into, information that’s challenging

and up-to-date, and ideas that are new and stimulating, all the while remaining age appropriate.

Here, children’s lit expert Isaacs offers 300 book recommendations for early able

readers ages 4–10, honing in on writing that will challenge but not frustrate young readers.

Assisting librarians, teachers, and caregivers, this resource


provides recommendations in a multitude of genres, including short

stories, mystery, fantasy, adventure, picture books, poetry, historical fiction, classics,

biography, folklore, mythology, fairy tales, animal fantasy, and


À À offers guidance on steering kids toward the best books for their age;

À À points to resources for finding quality books; and

À À includes an extensive index for locating titles, authors, and themes quickly.

Isaacs’s experienced guidance will help adults encourage children who love to read . . .

to read even more!

2016 | softcover

264 pp | 6" x 9"

$52.00 | Members: $46.80

66 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2015 | softcover

240 pp | 7" x 10"

$50.00 | Members: $45.00

Wordplay for Kids:

A Sourcebook of Poems, Rhymes, and Read-Alouds

Tim Wadham | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1266-9

”Goes a long way to building a new generation of life-long readers. In the process, children

develop increased vocabulary, insight into the complexity of language, and improved literacy

skills . . . Highly recommended.” —Public Services Quarterly

The key to successful programming is to make children become participants, encouraging a “literary ear”

and love of the beauty of language itself. Wadham offers a range of complete programs for children ages 5

to 12 that introduce literature in a systematic way. Organized by age, each program


begins with a list of suggested age-appropriate poems, ranging from choral poetry and nursery

rhymes to short, humorous selections and longer narrative poems, all designed to be shared orally;


includes read-alouds that encourage engagement, such as folklore, fairy tales, mythology, and fables;


suggests an activity directly based on each read-aloud, with handy information about target audience

and size, program length, setup time, and materials and supplies needed; and


comes with a planning calendar showing the length of time necessary to complete the program.

Cooking Up a Storytime:

Mix-and-Match Menus for Easy Programming

Susan Anderson-Newham | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1203-4

“A valuable resource for those new to preschool storytimes and those who are looking for fresh

ideas as well as anyone who works with preschoolers.” —Booklist

“The large range of suggested titles throughout the book will enable each preschool educator

or librarian to locate desired titles that either already exist in the collection or can be purchased,

while the rhymes and activities will enhance the session with the children.” —ARBA

2014 | softcover

200 pp | 7" x 10"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

Tired of leftovers? Ready to cook up some new storytimes, ones that integrate books and games with math,

science, and early literacy activities? These mix-and-match menus featuring kids’ favorite topics, like animals,

families, farms, and food, will engage young ones while easing their transition to school. Whether

you’re hungry for a full-course feast or prefer to order à la carte, this flexible resource dishes up detailed

program menus with original flannelboard activities, poems, games, and fingerplays.

Building a Core

Print Collection for


Alan R. Bailey

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1219-5

e-book available

Let’s Start the Music:

Programming for Primary


Amy Brown

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1166-2

e-book available

2014 | softcover

160 pp | 6" x 9"

$57.00 | Members: $51.30

“The book is clear and concise,

and Bailey’s selection strategy

well documented and easy to

follow . . . Recommended for

elementary school, public, and

academic libraries that support

early childhood education and

library school programs.”


2014 | softcover

184 pp | 6" x 9"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

“Every storytime presenter should

take a look and a listen.” —Booklist

In this collection of easy-to-use,

easy-to-adapt library programs

for children in grades K-3, Brown

connects songs and musical

activities directly to books kids

love to read, complete with stories,

songs, and flannelboard and other


alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

The Essential Lapsit Guide: A Multimedia How-To-Do-It

Manual and Programming Guide for Stimulating

Literacy Development from 12 to 24 Months

Linda L. Ernst | PRINT: 978-1-55570-761-3

“A necessary resource with a wealth of updated information and resources for public libraries

to have available for staff use and training in the field of early literacy.” —Library Journal

2015 | softcover

288 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$72.00 | Members: $64.80

This innovative, comprehensive resource will help you stimulate the minds of your youngest patrons with

rhymes, songs, books, and other creative activities. Ernst carefully details the physical, mental, emotional, and

social development of children 12 to 24 months. She also guides you through doing more effective outreach

to all segments of your community, building and maintaining effective partnerships, and seeking funding for

early childhood services. A detailed Web Extra provides further ideas and instructional techniques, as well

as excellent marketing scripts and recordings, making this a complete resource for the very best Lapsit programming


Including Families of Children with Special Needs:

A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians, Revised Edition

revised by Carrie Scott Banks; Sandra Feinberg, Barbara A. Jordan, Kathleen Deerr,

and Michelle Langay | PRINT: 978-1-55570-791-0 | e-book available

“Should be considered mandatory reading for school and community library staff members and

a core curriculum supplement for Library Science students.” —Library Bookwatch

2014 | softcover

344 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$62.00 | Members: $55.80

In any given community, approximately one child out of every six will get speech therapy, go to counseling,

attend classes exclusively with other children with disabilities, or receive some other service that allows

him or her to learn. Enhanced with checklists, stories based on real experiences, descriptions of model programs

and resources, and an overview of appropriate internet sites and services, this new revised edition is

a step-by-step guide to serving children and youth with disabilities as well as the family members, caregivers,

and other people involved in their lives. The authors show how staff can enable full use of the library’s

resources by integrating the methods of educators, medical and psychological therapists, social workers,

librarians, parents, and other caregivers.

Programming for Children and Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Barbara Klipper | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1206-5

“Here’s a sensory buffet for librarians to savor! Using these imaginative programs, they will get

all children—with and without autism and sensory processing disorder—learning, moving, and

in sync.” —Carol Kranowitz, author, The Out-of-Sync Child

“A much-needed and accessible guide . . . authoritative.” —Booklist

2014 | softcover

168 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$46.00 | Members: $41.40

Those who understand the unique sensitivities of young people with autism spectrum disorder, now the

second most commonly diagnosed serious developmental disability, know that ordinary library programming

guides are not up to the task of effectively serving these library users. Ideal for audiences ranging

from preschool through school-age children, teens, and families, Klipper's book provides background

information on the disorder to help librarians understand how to program for this special audience and features

step-by-step programs from librarians across the country, adaptable for both public and school library

settings. She also suggests methods for securing funding and establishing partnerships with community


68 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2015 | softcover

144 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

Counting Down to Kindergarten: A Complete Guide to

Creating a School Readiness Program for Your Community

R. Lynn Baker | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1333-8

Baker combines her background in early childhood education with experience as a youth services programming

specialist to present a school readiness program that can be tailored for any public library, offering


a six-week schedule of detailed lesson plans that combine the best practices of the Every Child

Ready to Read® (ECRR) Second Edition (talking, singing, reading, writing, playing) with nationally

identified school readiness skills;


a six-month family calendar to help parents engage their children in activities that foster early literacy

and school readiness skills at home; and


tips for maintaining a collaborative relationship with early childhood stakeholders and policymakers

to help maintain a program that fits the school readiness needs of the local community.

A fully customizable, six-month calendar and other supplemental materials are available as Web Extras for

this book.

STEP into Storytime: Using StoryTime Effective Practice

to Strengthen the Development of Newborns to Five-Year-Olds

Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting and Kathy Fling Klatt | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1222-5

“A valuable resource and one that should be a part of every professional development

collection for youth services staff. It is a refreshing take on library program guides that offers

an accessible method of reinvigorating storytimes while providing deeper insight into early

literacy development.” —School Library Journal (starred review)

2014 | softcover

368 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$59.00 | Members: $53.10

StoryTime Effective Practice (STEP) is an approach that articulates the link between child development

theory and storytimes. This important resource shows how presenters can use STEP to craft a storytime

that is effective for mixed-age groups and adheres to best practices for emotional, social, physical, and

cognitive support.

Bestseller in Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2013 | softcover

296 pp | 7" x 10"

$52.00 | Members: $46.80

Storytimes for Everyone!

Developing Young Children’s Language and Literacy

Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting and Pamela Martin-Díaz | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1169-3

Early literacy experts Ghoting and Martin-Díaz demonstrate how parents and caregivers, children with

their eyes and minds wide open, and the storytime presenter can come together to create a storytime

that is informative and, most of all, fun. Their book


explains how young children develop knowledge critical for reading comprehension;


discusses five vital storytime practices (singing, talking, reading, writing, and playing) that

adults can be taught to use at home;


presents dozens of storytimes for babies/toddlers, twos, and preschoolers, that engage adults

while keeping their children in focus; and

À À addresses how young bilingual children acquire language, the use of science and math in

storytimes, and other current research.

For more bestsellers, see pages 74–75.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

A Year in the Story Room: Ready-to-Use Programs for Children

Dawn R. Roginski | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1179-2

“Contains everything you could need to run a successful story time, as well as much you may

have thought you did not need.” —Australian Library Journal

2014 | softcover

252 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$49.00 | Members: $44.10

“Includes original ideas to inspire even the experienced programmer . . . Particularly unique is

the section on programming for emerging readers. The author is appreciative of a child’s ability

to discuss a story even if he is not a skilled reader. Suggestions for book clubs which develop a

child’s confidence through multiple senses are especially helpful. Appendices include rhyme

sheets and model texts of reminders and policy statements for colleagues and parents.

The bibliography and index are extensive.” —School Library Journal

Filled with ready-to-use programs for winter, spring, summer, and fall, this handy volume includes easy-tofollow,

step-by-step instructions. Librarians can take this amazingly useful resource right into the story

room to encourage fun and learning the whole year round.

Books under Fire:

A Hit List of Banned and Challenged Children’s Books

Pat R. Scales for the Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF) | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1109-9

”Contains a veritable arsenal of information to employ when the book challenger comes

knocking at the library’s door. . . clearly indispensable and belongs in every library collection.”

—Booklist (starred review)

“Concise and clear, this ‘hit list’ is a must-have for any professional collection.” —VOYA

2015 | softcover

232 pp | 6" x 9"

$50.00 | Members: $45.00

Scales gives librarians the information and guidance they need to defend challenged books with an

informed response while ensuring access to young book lovers. Spotlighting dozens of “hot button” titles

written for young children through teens, this book


gives a profile of each book that covers its plot, published reviews, and author resources;


recounts past challenges and how they were faced; and


provides discussion ideas for planning programming around banned books, whether in reading

groups, classrooms, or other settings.

Intellectual Freedom for Teens: A Practical

Guide for Young Adult and School Librarians

Kristin Fletcher-Spear and Kelly Tyler for the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1200-3 | e-book available

“Every librarian will want to be sure they have this reliable, invaluable resource within reach . . .

It is a calm, collected guide—gentle, yet firm in its mission.”—VOYA

2014 | softcover

144 pp | 6" x 9"

$48.00 | Members: $43.20

Year after year a majority of the titles on ALA’s Banned Books list, which compiles titles threatened with censorship,

are either YA books or adult books that are frequently read by teens. Here, YALSA provides muchneeded

guidance on the highly charged topic of intellectual freedom for teens. Among the issues addressed are


how to prepare yourself and your staff for potential challenges by developing a thoughtful selection

policy and response plan;


resources for help when a challenge occurs;


the art of crafting a defense for a challenged book, and pointers for effectively disseminating your

response through the press and social media; and

À À the latest on intellectual freedom in the digital realm.

70 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2015 | softcover

192 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$49.00 | Members: $44.10

Club Programs for Teens: 100 Activities for the Entire Year

Amy J. Alessio and Heather Booth | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1334-5

Want to keep the momentum going after a successful teen event? Alessio, coauthor of the bestsellers A

Year of Programs for Teens and A Year of Programs for Teens 2, and Booth, coeditor of The Whole Library

Handbook: Teen Services, show you how. Designed to be used in either school or public library settings, this

unique themed program guide


offers guidance on how to handle summer, winter, and year-round reading programs, with

activities ranging from easy to elaborate;


provides activities useful for libraries with monthly teen clubs as well as those who want to plan

occasional fun events;


saves planning time and offers maximum flexibility by cross-referencing programs by themes,

allowing one program to be used with different audiences; and


includes booklists, read-alikes, tips for success, and lessons learned from programs that

went awry.

The Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services

edited by Heather Booth and Karen Jensen | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1224-9

”Quite comprehensive . . . Especially useful are the pieces on weeding, booktalking, and selfdirected

(passive) programming . . . this title should be useful to library and information science

students and anyone serving teens.” —VOYA

2014 | softcover

216 pp | 6" x 9"

$62.00 | Members: $55.80

Gathering stellar articles and commentary from some of the country’s most innovative and successful teen

services librarians, this essential handbook


provides a comprehensive introduction to the background and day-to-day realities of teen

librarianship for those new to the field;


offers expert tips and wisdom invaluable to those already working with teens;


highlights trends, challenges, and opportunities in the changing world of how teens interact with

libraries; and


includes ready-to-use marketing resources.

Mind-Bending Mysteries and Thrillers for Teens:

A Programming and Readers’ Advisory Guide

Amy J. Alessio | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1204-1

“I highly recommend this title and will be using it as a resource in upcoming book talks.”

—Catholic Library World

2014 | softcover

152 pp | 6" x 9"

$54.00 | Members: $48.60

Well known from her bestselling teen programming books, Alessio now offers a complete guide to getting

young adults hooked on mysteries. Included are


booklists featuring every type of mystery subgenre, from cozies and romantic mysteries to suspense

thrillers, police procedurals, and beyond;


recommendations of some adult mysteries that older teens may enjoy;


interviews with several popular mystery authors to sketch in the genre’s background and trends;


step-by-step instructions for more than 40 programming ideas, from creating a “Mind Bending

Club” to puzzles and a complete mystery dinner script; and


tips for displays, booktalks, and marketing.

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

Real-World Teen Services

Jennifer Velásquez | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1342-0 | e-book available

”In six fun-to-read chapters, Velásquez covers a wide range of topics . . . Highly recommended.”


2015 | softcover

136 pp | 6" x 9"

$52.00 | Members: $46.80

Former Library Journal Mover & Shaker Velásquez presents new ways of thinking about the role of the teen

services librarian. Her book

À À tackles common teen library service issues such as truancy, curfews, programming philosophy

and mission, privacy, and organizational resistance, whether subtle or overt;


addresses each topic from the perspective of working with teens, family members,

fellow colleagues, and community stakeholders;


presents realistic strategies to help shift a library’s culture toward one that embraces teens

and teen services; and


shows how to get the most out of a library’s teen space, discussing factors like location,

age restrictions, time-of-day restrictions, and staffing.

2015 | softcover

168 pp | 7" x 10"

$52.00 | Members: $46.80

Successfully Serving the College Bound

Africa S. Hands | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1272-0 | e-book available

Whether they’re students taking the traditional path of entering college from high school, or adult first-time

or re-entry students, navigating the admissions and financial aid process can be overwhelming for the college

bound. Public libraries can help provide information and guidance for a successful start, and this book

shows how to do it. Incorporating insight gleaned from interviews with librarians serving college-bound

patrons, this book includes


checklists to help public libraries take stock of current services, programs, and resources

for serving the college bound, with pointers on how to make improvements;


tips for using, marketing, and expanding the collection effectively;


ready-to-adapt program ideas;


reviews of online college-planning tools; and


a directory of college-related organizations, publishers, and resources.

2014 | softcover

360 pp | 8.5" x 11"

$62.00 | Members: $55.80

Booklist’s 1000 Best Young Adult Books since 2000

edited by Gillian Engberg and Ian Chipman; foreword by Michael Cart

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1150-1 | e-book available

With the explosion in YA publishing, it’s harder than ever to separate good books from the rest. Booklist’s

editors’ deep and broad knowledge of the landscape offers indispensable guidance, and here they bring

together the very best of the best books for young adults published since the start of the 21st century.

Drawing on the careful judgment of expert YA librarians, this book


includes a foreword by best-selling YA lit authority Michael Cart, who demonstrates how we have

entered a new golden age of books for young adults;


collects reviews that showcase the most stimulating contemporary YA titles;


features an essay in each section, grouped by genre, presenting an overview and examining

relevant trends; and


indexes picks by author, title, and genre for handy reference.

The thoughtful professional review coverage for which ALA’s Booklist is known makes this volume an ideal

tool for YA readers’ advisory and collection development.

72 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Children’s and Youth Programs and Services

2014 | softcover

216 pp | 6" x 9"

$49.00 | Members: $44.10

Popular Picks for Young Readers

edited by Diane Foote for ALSC

PRINT: 978-0-8389-3605-4 | e-book available

”If it seems like a bunch of enthusiastic children’s librarians

handed you stacks of well-organized and annotated

bibliographies filled with their favorite recent books for

kids, well, they just did . . . Grab this volume now; stock your

shelves with these fun, quality titles; and get ready to press

them into the hands of your young readers.” — Booklist

Featuring contributions by working librarians from across

the country, this guide offers a gold mine of quality books

for children, spotlighting more than 500 titles published

within the last four years.



192 pp

includes 16-page,

full-color insert of

award-winning art

8.5" x 11"


Members: $34.20



The Coretta Scott King Awards,

1970 –2014: Fifth Edition edited by

Carole J. McCollough and Adelaide

Poniatowski Phelps

This edition marks the 45th anniversary

of the prestigious awards.



280 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $41.40





136 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $40.50





208 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



e-book available

Coretta Scott King Award Books

Discussion Guide: Pathways to

Democracy Adelaide Poniatowski Phelps

and Carole J. McCollough; foreword by

Linda M. Pavonetti

”Busy librarians, parents, and teachers will

find this resource invaluable.” —Booklist

Interacting with History:

Teaching with Primary Sources

edited by Katharine Lehman

”Chock-full of concrete activities, hints, tips,

and other advice for K-12 teachers.” —Portal

Experiencing America’s Story

through Fiction: Historical Novels

for Grades 7–12 Hilary Susan Crew

”Definitely for sharing, using, and collection

building.” —The School Librarian’s Workshop



224 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $99.00





296 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $41.40





264 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $46.80



Library Services from Birth to Five:

Delivering the Best Start

edited by Carolynn Rankin and Avril Brock

Building on their groundbreaking book

Delivering the Best Start, Rankin and Brock

return to the subject of preschool and early

years library provision with contributions

and case studies from innovators.

Poetry Aloud Here 2: Sharing Poetry

with Children Sylvia M. Vardell

“The inclusion of both a list of references

and an index make this volume valuable not

only for reading cover to cover but also as a

reference for specific points of integrating

poetry into a classroom or other setting with

children.” —ARBA

Exploring Environmental Science

with Children and Teens

Eileen G. Harrington

”The ready-made programs, activities,

real-life examples and lists of print and webbased

resources makes this an excellent

handbook.” —Australian Library Journal

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


Bestsellers Children’s and Youth Programs and Services


softcover book

and DVD

387 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $64.80





272 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $45.90



e-book available



224 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $51.30



e-book available

1,000 Fingerplays and Action Rhymes:

A Sourcebook and DVD Barbara A. Scott

“This book delivers all that the title indicates,

and more. It is an exceptionally clear,

concise, relevant manual for the timepoor

teacher-librarian in any school.”

—Children’s, Youth and School Librarianship

Artsy Toddler Storytimes: A Year’s

Worth of Ready-to-Go Programming

Carol Garnett Hopkins

Designed for children ages 1 to 3 years

old, the book’s 52 storytimes promote

pre-reading skills such as print motivation,

vocabulary, and narrative skills.

Books in Motion: Connecting

Preschoolers with Books through

Art, Games, Movement, Music,

Playacting, and Props Julie Dietzel-Glair

Shake up storytimes, help children stay

healthy, and encourage a lifelong love of

reading with this easy-to-use resource.


softcover book

and CD-ROM

450 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $83.70





32 pages

plus 105 tip cards

6" x 9"


Members: $46.80





160 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $43.20



e-book available

Connecting Young Adults and

Libraries: A How-To-Do-It Manual,

Fourth Edition Michele Elizabeth Gorman

and Tricia Ann Suellentrop

“Any library serving teens should have this

book in its collection.” —Reference and User

Services Quarterly

The Early Literacy Kit:

A Handbook and Tip Cards

Betsy Diamant-Cohen

and Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting

“An excellent kit for any who work

in the field of early literacy.”

—Midwest Book Review

Every Child Ready for School:

Helping Adults Inspire Young

Children to Learn

Dorothy Stoltz, Elaine M. Czarnecki,

and Connie Wilson

“A valuable tool for anyone responsible for

creating or presenting early-learning training

for adults.” —Booklist



272 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $51.30





324 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $64.80





248 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $41.40



e-book available

Early Literacy Storytimes @ your

library®: Partnering with Caregivers

for Success Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting

and Pamela Martin-Díaz

Here’s a proven way for adults to enhance

children’s reading readiness.

The Family-Centered Library

Handbook Sandra Feinberg, Kathleen

Deerr, Barbara A. Jordan, Marcellina Byrne,

and Lisa G. Kropp

“Thoughtfully combines the theoretical with

the practical.” —School Library Journal

I Found It on the Internet:

Coming of Age Online, Second

Edition Frances Jacobson Harris

“Points out the need to separate quality

from banter and give students the tools to

recognize the difference.” —Curriculum Review

74 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

Children’s and Youth Programs and Services Bestsellers



288 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $48.60





224 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $99.00




loose-leaf binder

and multimedia CD

461 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $83.70



Kindergarten Magic: Theme-Based

Lessons for Building Literacy

and Library Skills Kathy MacMillan

and Christine Kirker

“A must-have resource for school librarians

or teachers who work with kindergartners.”


Library Services for Children and

Young People: Challenges and

Opportunities in the Digital Age

edited by Carolynn Rankin and Avril Brock

“Eminently accessible, and its essays

are each supplemented by a host of

valuable references and websites. Highly

recommended!” —Midwest Book Review

Mother Goose on the Loose:

A Handbook and CD-ROM Kit with

Scripts, Rhymes, Songs, Flannel-

Board Patterns, and Activities

for Promoting Early Childhood

Development Betsy Diamant-Cohen

“Outstanding.” —Library Journal (starred




256 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $43.20





176 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $46.80



e-book available



152 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $43.20



Multicultural Storytime Magic

Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker

“Both beginning storytellers and seasoned

librarians can benefit from these fresh

ideas.” —School Library Journal

Outstanding Books for the College

Bound: Titles and Programs

for a New Generation

edited by Angela Carstensen for YALSA

“Practical and simple to implement, requiring

no expenditures other than reproducing the

list as a handout.” —Catholic Library World

Storytime Magic: 400 Fingerplays,

Flannelboards, and Other Activities

Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker

“There are lots of ideas here on common

themes both in the real world and the world

of imagination.” —Teacher Librarian



336 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $51.30



e-book available



192 pp

6" x 9"


Members: $41.40



e-book available



160 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $41.40



Transforming Preschool Storytime:

A Modern Vision and a Year of

Programs Betsy Diamant-Cohen

and Melanie A. Hetrick

This book presents storytimes that employ

repetition with variety to create an experience

that helps children connect and

engage with the story on a higher level.

What’s Black and White and Reid All

Over? Something Hilarious Happened

at the Library Rob Reid

“[A] high-spirited resource.”

—School Library Journal

A Year of Programs for Teens 2

Amy J. Alessio and Kimberly A. Patton

“The ideas are useful, relevant, and easy to

put into action without significant cost as a

factor.” —VOYA

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252


School Library Programs and Services

2016 | softcover

224 pp | 6" x 9"

$85.00 | Members: $76.50

The Innovative School Librarian, Second Edition

Sharon Markless, Elizabeth Bentley, Sarah Pavey, Sue Shaper, Sally Todd and Carol Webb

PRINT: 978-1-78330-055-6

Taking a strategic approach to the leadership of school libraries, this book raises important questions

about the functions of the school librarian and sets out to encourage the reader to think outside the box for

new approaches to traditional challenges. It aims to inspire and enable school librarians to think creatively

about their work and the community in which they operate. Written by current leaders in the field, each

chapter addresses the practical issues facing school librarians. This new edition has been fully updated to

incorporate curriculum revisions, resource changes, developments in the use and integration of technology

and new routes into the profession. Key topics covered include:


the librarian's vision and values;

À À bridging the gap between different visions for the school library;

À À identifying and understanding your community;


making a positive response to change;


keeping inspired and inspiring others in the library; and

À À integrating the library into teaching and learning.

2016 | softcover

200 pp | 6" x 9"

$55.00 | Members: $49.50

The Wiki Way of Learning:

Creating Learning Experiences Using Collaborative Web Pages

Michele Notari, Rebecca Reynolds, Samuel Kai Wah Chu, and Beat Döbeli Honegger

PRINT: 978-0-8389-1378-9

Essentially, wikis are easily accessible webpages for creating, browsing, and searching through information,

making them ideal vehicles for teaching and collaboration. Here, theoreticians and practitioners from a

range of international settings explore how wikis are being used to create learning experiences in a variety

of educational environments, giving readers


an understanding of how wiki-engines function as a flexible tool for collaboratively creating,

linking, revising, and regrouping hypertext content;

À À pragmatic guidelines for the educational use and application of wikis;


strategies for setting up a learning unit the “Wiki Way” and choosing the most appropriate

and suitable wiki-engine in a particular education setting; and


coverage of two different scaffolding models for learning scenarios that have been implemented

and tested in the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and China.

2015 | softcover

240 pp | 7" x 10"

$35.00 | Members: $31.50

New on the Job:

A School Librarian’s Guide to Success, Second Edition

Hilda K. Weisburg and Ruth Toor | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1264-5 | e-book available

Since its publication in 2006, this guide has served as an invaluable resource for the new school librarian.

From job search strategies and discovering work philosophy to the nitty-gritty details of creating acceptable

use policies, this revised and updated edition shares the joys and perils of the profession along with

a wealth of practical advice from decades of experience in school library programs. With this guide as a

roadmap, new school librarians can

À À tackle the job search with confidence, with tips on everything from polishing a résumé and

acing a job interview to ways of handling any potentially negative Google results and other

digital footprints;


learn the secrets to successfully collaborate with teachers;


create dynamic interactions with students to deepen their learning experiences; and


become familiar with school library technology, including e-book collections, online databases,

and library management systems.

76 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.

School Library Programs and Services

2014 | softcover

208 pp | 7" x 10"

$46.00 | Members: $41.40

After-School Clubs for Kids:

Thematic Programming to Encourage Reading

Lisa M. Shaia | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1202-7

“A year’s worth of plans, plus program-publicity blurbs, lists of books to display each month,

and the expert guidance of fellow librarians? One almost expects her to throw in a set of steak

knives. Highly recommended for all librarians working with youth. ” —Booklist

Conveniently divided by grade level (K–2, grades 3–4, grades 5–6) to allow club leaders and organizers to

closely align activities and book selections to the ages of the club’s participants, this book offers programming

on such themes as science, math, animals, mysteries, art, fairy tales, and more. This handy resource


offers programming on such themes as science, math, animals, mysteries, art, fairy tales, and

more, all of which can be adapted for either a half-hour or forty-five-minute time slot;


details age-specific bibliographies and suggestions for read-alouds, music, and craft or game

activities, with different ideas for each week in a month; and


presents information on publicizing the activity, community outreach, display ideas, set-up, supplies,

management, and evaluation.

Bestsellers in School Library Programs and Services



184 pp

7" x 10"


Members: $38.70





208 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $49.50





300 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $69.30



Being Indispensable: A School

Librarian’s Guide to Becoming

an Invaluable Leader Ruth Toor

and Hilda K. Weisburg

“Toor and Weisburg provide many thoughtprovoking

ideas and questions to ponder,

providing librarians with a framework to build

a better program.” —Catholic Library World

Coteaching Reading Comprehension

Strategies in Secondary School

Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact

Judi Moreillon

Focusing on grades 6–12, this book draws

on the most current standards from the

American Association for School Librarians

(AASL) as well as cutting-edge research.

Developing 21st Century

Literacies: A K–12 School

Library Curriculum Blueprint

with Sample Lessons

Mary Jo Langhorne, Denise Rehmke,

and the Iowa City Community

School District

Less is More

a practical guide to weeding

school library collections

donna j. baumbach and linda l. miller



204 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $38.70





binder-ready pages

and CD-ROM

320 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $59.40





280 pp

8.5" x 11"


Members: $60.30



e-book available

Less Is More: A Practical Guide to

Weeding School Library Collections

Donna J. Baumbach and Linda L. Miller

“This helpful guide encourages even

the most fearful librarians to tackle the

daunting task of weeding through careful

and regular analysis.” —School Library


Power Tools Recharged: 125+

Essential Forms and Presentations

for Your School Library Information

Program Joyce Kasman Valenza

Use customizable forms, letters, brochures,

handouts, and presentations to communicate

the value of what you do to different


Using Web 2.0 and Social Networking

Tools in the K–12 Classroom

Beverley E. Crane

“Crane’s book is a ‘how-to’ and ‘why should

I?’ manual all rolled into one easy-tounderstand

text.” —VOYA

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252




1,000 Fingerplays & Action Rhymes, 74

40+ New Revenue Sources for Libraries and

Nonprofits, 2


Academic Archives, 44

Academic Librarianship, 38

Academic Library Administrator’s Field

Guide, The, 7

Acquisitions, 2nd Ed, 45

Adult Programs in the Library, 2nd Ed, 14

Adults Just Wanna Have Fun, 12

After-School Clubs for Kids, 77

ALA Book of Library Grant Money, The, 9th

Ed, 7

ALA Guide to Information Sources in

Insurance, Risk Management, and

Actuarial Science, The, 57

ALA Guide to Researching Modern China,

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Copyright Law for Librarians and

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Guide, 73

Coretta Scott King Awards, 1970–2014, The,

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Strategies in Secondary School

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Counting Down to Kindergarten, 69

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Designing a School Library Media Center

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Early Literacy Storytimes @ your library®,


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Exploring the Potential of RFID and Mobile

Technology, 26

Extensible Processing for Archives and

Special Collections, 43


Faculty Commons, The, 35

Family-Centered Library Handbook, The, 74

Farmer, Lesley S. J., 2, 38

Feinberg, Sandra, 11, 68, 74

Fieldhouse, Maggie, 48

Film Programming for Public Libraries, 14

Finding the Answers to Legal Questions, 14

Five Steps of Outcome-Based Planning and

Evaluation for Public Libraries, 12

Fletcher-Spear, Kristin, 70

Flora, Maria, 19

Folktales Aloud, 65

Foote, Diane, 73

Ford, Nigel, 37

Forging the Future of Special Collections, 4

Forte, Eric J., 56

Fortune, Mick, 26

Foscarini, Fiorella, 43

Foster, Allen, 54

Foundations of Library and Information

Science, 4th Ed, 22

Fountain, Joanna F., 55

Franks, Patricia C., 44

FRBR, 55

FRBR, Before and After, 51

Freeman, Judy, 64

Frierson, Eric, 27

Fritz, Deborah A., 55

Fritz, Richard J., 55

Fundamentals for the Academic Liaison, 37

Fundamentals of Collection Development

and Management, 3rd Ed, 47

Fundamentals of Government Information,


alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252



Fundamentals of Information Studies, 2nd

Ed, 31

Fundamentals of Library Instruction, 38

Fundamentals of Library Supervision, 2nd

Ed, 9

Fundamentals of Managing Reference

Collections, 48

Fundamentals of Technical Services, 54

Furlong, Katherine, 7


Garnar, Martin, 15

Gerding, Stephanie K., 9

Getting Started with Cloud Computing, 31

Getting Started with Demand-Driven

Acquisitions for E-books, 46

Getting Started with Evaluation, 3

Ghoting, Saroj Nadkarni, 66, 69, 74

Giesecke, Joan, 9

Global Voices, 65

Going Beyond Google, 31

Going Beyond Google Again, 37

Goodman, Amanda L., 30

Google Search Secrets, 29

Gorman, G. E., 53

Gorman, Michael, 55, 57

Gorman, Michele Elizabeth, 74

Grafwallner, Rolf, 61

Graham, Warren, 8

Grassian, Esther S., 38

Gregory, Vicki L., 48

Griffey, Jason, 23

Gross, Melissa, 12

Guide to Reference, 57

Guide to Reference in Business and

Economics, 57

Guide to Reference in Genealogy and

Biography, 58

Guide to Reference in Medicine and Health,



Haines, Claudia, 62

Hakala-Ausperk, Catherine, 8

Hale, Dawn, 45

Hales, Alma, 16

Halsted, Deborah D., 11

Hammerman, Susan Summerfield, 7

Handbook for Corporate Information

Professionals, A, 6

Handbook for Storytellers, The, 64

Handbook for Storytime Programs, The, 64

Hands, Africa S., 72

Harper, Meghan, 60

Harrington, Eileen G., 73

Harris, Frances Jacobson, 74

Hartnett, Cassandra J., 56

Harvey, Ross, 41

Hattwig, Denise, 36

Haunton, Melinda, 43

Healey, Paul D., 58

Heart of Librarianship, The, 18

Heckman, Lucy, 57

Hedges, Mark, 53

Henk, Mandy, 7

Henry, Jo, 37

Hernon, Peter, 3, 9

Hetrick, Melanie A., 75

Hider, Philip, 55

Higgins, Colin, 53

Hiremath, Uma, 60

Hiring, Training, and Supervising Library

Shelvers, 9

Hirshon, Arnold, 4

History of ALA Policy on Intellectual

Freedom, A, 15

Hoffman, Starr, 36

Hoffman, Terry Paula, 58

Holden, Jesse, 45

Honegger, Beat Dobeli, 76

Hooland, Seth van, 54

Hooper, Brad, 13

Hopkins, Carol Garnett, 74

Horton, Valerie, 4

Hubbard, Melissa A., 4

Huber, Jeffrey T., 59

Huber, John J., 2, 9

Hunter, Gregory S., 40


I Found It on the Internet, 2nd Ed, 74

Including Families of Children with Special

Needs, Rev Ed, 68

Information 2.0, 2nd Ed, 26

Information Ethics, 37

Information Governance and Assurance, 7

Information Literacy Instruction, 2nd Ed, 38

Information Literacy Instruction That

Works, 2nd Ed, 38

Information Needs Analysis, 53

Information Resource Description, 55

Innovative School Librarian, The, 2nd Ed, 76

Inspired Collaboration, 61

Instructional Design for Librarians and

Information Professionals, 38

Intellectual Freedom for Teens, 70

Intellectual Freedom Manual, 9th Ed, 15

Interacting with History, 73

Interlibrary Loan Practices Handbook, 3rd

Ed, 31

Intner, Sheila S., 55

Introducing RDA, 55

Introduction to Information Behaviour, 37

Introduction to Modern Information

Retrieval, 3rd Ed, 31

Introduction to Public Librarianship, 2nd

Ed, 14

Introduction to Reference Sources in the

Health Sciences, 6th Ed, 59

Iowa City Community School District,


iResearch, 29

Irons, Kati, 14

Is Digital Different?, 27

Isaacs, Kathleen T., 66

Ivacs, Gabriellas, 42


Jackson, Robert H., 4

Jacobson, Trudi E., 34, 39

James, Russell D., 44

Janes, Joseph, 22

Janke, Karen L., 31

Jensen, Karen, 71

Johnson, Peggy, 47, 48

Jones, Ed, 51, 55

Jordan, Barbara A., 68, 74


Kaplan, Richard, 48

Kaplowitz, Joan R., 38

Kaspar, Wendi Arant, 5

Keller, James R., 11

Kennedy, Marie R., 21

Kim, Bohyun, 30

Kindergarten Magic, 75

King, David Lee, 23

Kirker, Christine, 63, 75

Klatt, Kathy Fling, 69

Klipper, Barbara, 68

Knoll, Debra J., 62

Koehler, Wallace C., 31

Korn, Naomi, 17, 30

Kowatch, Kelly, 10

Krier, Laura, 30

Kroll, Joanna, 10

Kropp, Lisa, 74

80 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.



LaGuardia, Cheryl, 21

LaMantia, Katie, 19

Lampson, Marc, 14

Langay, Michelle, 68

Langhorne, Mary Jo, 77

Lankes, R. David, 19

Larsgaard, Mary, 50

Lavender, Kenneth, 31

Lawson, Judy, 10

Leading Libraries, 5

Lean Library Management, 9

Lear, Brett W., 14

Learning Management Systems, 34

Leeder, Kim, 27

Legal Reference for Librarians, 58

Lehman, Katharine, 73

Leonard, Elisabeth, 57

Less Is More, 77

Lester, June, 31

Let the Games Begin!, 38

Let’s Start the Music, 67

Letting Go of Legacy Services, 7

Librarians and Instructional Designers, 24

Librarians as Community Partners, 21

Librarian’s Guide to Book Programs and

Author Events, The, 13

Librarian’s Legal Companion for Licensing

Information Resources and Services,

The, 17

Librarian’s Nitty-Gritty Guide to Content

Marketing, The, 18

Librarian’s Nitty-Gritty Guide to Social

Media, The, 21

Libraries and Information Services in the

UK and the ROI, 38th Ed, 37

Libraries, Leadership, and Scholarly

Communication, 46

Library Analytics and Metrics, 29

Library and Information Science, 37

Library as Safe Haven, 11

Library Consortia, 4

Library Improvement Through Data

Analytics, 2

Library Innovation Toolkit, The, 19

Library Linked Data, 54

Library Management in Disruptive Times, 6

Library Management Tips that Work, 9

Library Marketing Toolkit, The, 21

Library Security, 6

Library Services for Children and Young

People, 75

Library Services from Birth to Five, 73

Library Services Platforms, 25

Library Technology Reports, 23

Library’s Legal Answers for Makerspaces,

The, 16

Library’s Legal Answers for Meeting Rooms

and Displays, The, 16

Linked Data for Cultural Heritage, 51

Linked Data for Libraries, Archives, and

Museums, 54

Lipinski, Tomas A., 16, 17

Local History Reference Collections for

Public Libraries, 14


MacDonald, Mary C., 39

MacKellar, Pamela H., 9

Mackey, Thomas P., 34, 39

MacLennan, Alan, 7

MacMillan, Kathy, 63, 75

Magi, Trina, 15

Makerspaces, 20

Making Sense of Business Reference, 39

Making the Most of Your Library Career, 10

Mallery, Mary, 28

Management Basics for Information

Professionals, 3rd Ed, 8

Management Skills for Archivists and

Records Managers, 43

Managing Digital Cultural Objects, 54

Managing Electronic Records, 4th Ed, 44

Managing Electronic Resources, 48

Managing Library Volunteers, 2nd Ed, 9

Managing with Data, 3

Mann, Karen, 24

Mannix, Mary K., 58

MARC21 for Everyone, 55

Marketing Concepts for Libraries and

Information Services, 3rd Ed, 20

Marketing with Social Media, 20

Marketing Your Library’s Electronic

Resources, 21

Markless, Sharon, 8, 76

Markuson, Carolyn, 11

Marquis, Kathy, 14

Marshall, Audrey, 48

Martin-Díaz, Pamela, 69, 74

Matthews, Joseph R., 3, 9

Maxwell, Nancy, 7

Maxwell, Robert L., 50, 55

Maxwell’s Handbook for RDA, 50

McAdoo, Monty L., 35, 38

McArdle, Megan, 59

McCollough, Carole J., 73

McCook, Kathleen de la Peña, 14

McCord, Gretchen, 16

McDevitt, Theresa R., 38

McDonough, Beth A., 37

McMenemy, David, 37

McNeil, Beth, 9

McNicol, Sarah, 33

Medaille, Ann, 36

Mediavilla, Cindy, 12

Medical Library Association Guide to

Finding Out About Heart Disease, The,


Meier, Carolyn, 25

Meister, Sam, 13

Mentoring A to Z, 5

Metadata, 2nd Ed, 52

Metaliteracy, 34

Metaliteracy in Practice, 34

Millar, Laura A., 44

Miller, Linda L., 77

Miller, Liz, 54

Miller, Rebecca K., 25, 32

Mills, Elizabeth J., 66

Mind-Bending Mysteries and Thrillers for

Teens, 71

Minow, Mary, 16

Mitchell, Erik T., 54

Mitchell, Susan M., 61

M-Libraries 5, 25

Moats, Jean, 37

Mobile Devices, 25

Modschiedler, Christa, 57

Molaro, Anthony, 19

Moniz, Richard, 24, 37

Moore, Susan M., 50

Moorefield-Lang, Heather, 25

Moorman, John A., 4

More Storytime Magic, 63

Moreillon, Judi, 77

Mosley, Pixey Anne, 8

Moss, Michael, 27

Mother Goose on the Loose, 75

Moulaison, Heather Lea, 31

Moyer, Jessica E., 60

Multicultural Storytime Magic, 75

Murphy, Sarah Anne, 7

Music Library Association, 59


Naidoo, Jamie Campbell, 62

Neal-Schuman Library Technology

Companion, The, 5th Ed, 25

Needham, Gill, 25

Nelson, Bryce, 7

alastore.ala.org | 866.746.7252



Nelson, Paul, 9

Nelson, Sandra, 14

Network Reshapes the Library, The, 26

New Information Professional, The, 10

New Instruction Librarian, The, 32

New on the Job, 2nd Ed, 76

New Routes to Library Success, 13

New University Library, The, 7

Newbery and Caldecott Awards, The, 2016

Ed, 63

Nilsen, Kirsti, 60

No Shelf Required, 48

No Shelf Required 2, 48

No-Nonsense Guide to Archives and

Recordkeeping, The, 43

No-Nonsense Guide to Copyright in All

Media, The, 16

No-Nonsense Guide to Legal Issues in Web

2.0 and Cloud Computing, The, 17

No-Nonsense Guide to Licensing Digital

Resources, The, 30

Notari, Michele, 76

Nyhan, Julianne, 31


O’Connor, Steve, 6

Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF), 15, 70

O’Gorman, Jack, 58

Oliver, Chris, 55

Oliver, Gillian, 41, 43

Once Upon a Cuento, 62

One-Shot Library Instruction Survival

Guide, The, 37

Open-Access Journals, 30

Oppenheim, Charles, 17, 30

Organizing Information, 48

Our Enduring Values Revisited, 57

Outstanding Books for the College Bound,


Owen, Kath, 10


Padfield, Tim, 16

Patton, Kimberly A., 75

Pavey, Sarah, 76

Pavonetti, Linda M., 73

Pearlmutter, Jane, 9

Pedley, Paul, 15

Personal Librarian, The, 37

Phelps, Adelaide Poniatowski, 73

Planning Our Future Libraries, 27

Poetry Aloud Here 2, 73

Polanka, Sue, 46, 48

Popular Picks for Young Readers, 73

Potter, Ned, 21

Potter, Steven V., 2

Power of Play, The, 65

Power Tools Recharged, 77

Powis, Chris, 36

Practical Cataloguing, 55

Practical Copyright for Library and

Information Professionals, 15

Practical Ontologies for Information

Professionals, 51

Practical Tips for Developing Your Staff, 5

Practical Tips for Facilitating Research, 37

Practical Tips for Successful Library

Management, 6

Pratchett, Tracey, 5

Preserving Complex Digital Objects, 44

Preserving Our Heritage, 41

Programming for Children and Teens with

Autism Spectrum Disorder, 68

Pronevitz, Greg, 4

Public Library Association (PLA), 14

Public Relations and Marketing for

Archives, 44

Purcell, Aaron D., 40, 44

Purpose-Based Library, The, 2


Qin, Jian, 52

Quality Infrastructure, The, 7

Quaratiello, Arlene Rodda, 39


Radford, Marie L., 60

Rafferty, Pauline, 54

Ragains, Patrick, 38

Rankin, Carolynn, 73, 75

Rare Books and Special Collections, 42

Rathemacher, Andrée J., 39

Ravas, Tammy, 13

Ray, Louise, 43

RDA and Cartographic Resources, 50

RDA and Serials Cataloging, 55

RDA Essentials, 50

RDA: Resource Description and Access, 49

RDA: Strategies for Implementation, 49

RDA Toolkit, 49

Readers’ Advisory Guide to Genre Blends,

The, 59

Readers’ Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction,

The, 2nd Ed, 60

Readers’ Advisory Guide to Historical

Fiction, The, 59

Readers’ Advisory Handbook, The, 60

Reale, Michelle, 33

Real-World Teen Services, 72

Records and Information Management, 44

Records Management and Information

Culture, 43

Reference and Information Services, 3rd

Ed, 60

Reference Guide to Data Sources, The, 27

Reference Sources and Services for Youth,


Reference Sources for Small and Mediumsized

Libraries, 8th Ed, 58

Reflecting on the Future of Academic and

Public Libraries, 9

Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning, 39

Rehmke, Denise, 77

Reid, Rob, 65, 75

Reidsma, Matthew, 30

Reif, Kathleen, 61

Reinventing Reference, 56

Reinventing the Library for Online

Education, 29

Researching Prospective Donors, 7

Responsive Web Design for Libraries, 30

Reynolds, Rebecca, 76

Rice, Robin C., 35

Richemond, Jeanette de, 58

Rightsizing the Academic Library

Collection, 46

Roemer, Robin Chin, 34

Roginski, Dawn R., 70

Ross, Catherine Sheldrick, 60

Ross, Celia, 39

Rossman, Edmund A., 2

Roy, Loriene, 56

Rubin, Rhea Joyce, 8

Rubin, Richard E., 22

Running a Small Library, 2nd Ed, 4

Russell, Carrie, 17

Ruthven, Ian, 42


Sáez, Eileen Elliott de, 20

Safer, Alan M., 2

Saffady, William, 44

Sanders, Bridgette, 10

Sandstrom, John, 54

Sannwald, William W., 11

Santamaria, Daniel A., 43

Saricks, Joyce G., 60

82 ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.


Sauers, Michael P., 29

Say It with Data, 7

Scales, Pat R., 70

Scherrer, Katie, 62

Schmidt, Aaron, 28

Schopflin, Katharine, 6

Schull, Diantha Dow, 14

Scott, Barbara A., 74

Scribes, Script and Books, 60

Searing, Susan E., 57

Secker, Jane, 15

Seikel, Michele, 51

Sevetson, Andrea L., 56

Shaia, Lisa M., 77

Shaper, Sue, 76

Shared Collections, 45

Shauck, Stephanie Mareck, 61

Showers, Ben, 29

Silberman, Jonathan, 21

Singer, Carol A., 48

Sittler, Ryan L., 31

Small, Ruth V., 39

Small Public Library Management, 9

Smallwood, Carol, 9, 20, 21

Smart Libraries Newsletter, 23

Smith, A. Arro, 56

Smith, Susan Sharpless, 39

Social Media for Creative Libraries, 27

Solomon, Laura, 18, 21

Southall, John, 35

Sowards, Steven W., 57

Stan, Susan, 65

Start a Revolution, 19

STEP into Storytime, 69

Stephens, Michael, 18

Stickell, Lois, 10

Stielow, Frederick, 29

Stoltz, Dorothy, 61, 65, 74

Storytime Magic, 75

Storytimes for Everyone!, 69

Stover, Kaite Mediatore, 60

Strasser, Carly A., 30

Strategic Planning for Results, 14

Streatfield, David, 8

Stripling, Barbara K., 39

Stuart, David, 30, 51

Student’s Survival Guide to Research, The,


Successfully Serving the College Bound, 72

Suellentrop, Tricia Ann, 74

Supercharged Storytimes, 66

Sustainability of Scholarly Information,


Swogger, Susan, 59


Tattersall, Andy, 35

Teaching for Inquiry, 39

Teaching Information Literacy, 2nd Ed, 39

Teaching Information Literacy Online, 39

Teaching Information Literacy Reframed, 32

Teaching Information Skills, 2nd Ed, 36

Technology Disaster Response and

Recovery Planning, 28

Tennant, Roy, 31

Terras, Melissa, 31

Theimer, Kate M., 46

Thomsett-Scott, Beth C., 20

Tidal, Junior, 28

Todaro, Julie, 5

Todd, Sally, 76

Toor, Ruth, 76, 77

Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to

Know, The, 28

Transformed Library, The, 9

Transforming Preschool Storytime, 75

Tucker, Virginia, 14

Tumbleson, Beth E., 34

Tunstall, Patricia, 9

Tyler, Kelly, 70


Understanding Gamification, 30

Usability and the Mobile Web, 28

Useful, Usable, Desirable, 28

Using LibGuides to Enhance Library

Services, 31

Using Massive Digital Libraries, 30

Using Mobile Technology to Deliver Library

Services, 31

Using Web 2.0 and Social Networking Tools

in the K–12 Classroom, 77


Valenza, Joyce Kasman, 77

vanDuinkerken, Wyoma, 5, 8

Vardell, Sylvia M., 73

Varnum, Kenneth J., 24, 26, 28

Velasquez, Jennifer, 72

Verborgh, Ruben, 54

Vinci, Emily, 19

Visual Literacy for Libraries, 36

Vnuk, Rebecca, 47


Wadham, Tim, 67

Waggener, Leslie, 14

Walker, Wendy, 13

Walsh, Andrew, 31

Walter, Virginia A., 12

Ward, Suzanne M., 46

Warwick, Claire, 31

Watson, Margaret, 10

Web 2.0 Tools and Strategies for Archives

and Local History Collections, 44

Web Metrics for Library and Information

Professionals, 30

Webb, Carol, 76

Webb, Jo, 36

Web-Based Instruction, 3rd Ed, 39

Weber, Mary Beth, 55

Weeding Handbook, The, 47

Weible, Cherié L., 31

Weihs, Jean, 55

Weir, Ryan O., 48

Weisburg, Hilda K., 76, 77

Weiss, Andrew, 30

Welsh, Anne, 53, 55

What’s Black and White and Reid All Over?,


White, Leah L., 19

Whitlatch, Jo Bell, 57, 58

Whole Library Handbook 5, The, 60

Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services,

The, 71

Wiki Way of Learning, The, 76

Wilson, Connie, 74

Wilson, Daniel T., 11

Winning Grants, 9

Woodward, Jeannette, 9

Wordplay for Kids, 67

workshops, 10

Wosh, Peter J., 44


Ye, Yunshan, 59

Year in the Story Room, A, 70

Year of Programs for Millennials and More,

A, 19

Year of Programs for Teens 2, A, 75

Yelton, Andromeda, 30

Young Adult Library Services Association

(YALSA), 70, 75

Young Adult Literature, 3rd Ed, 61

Young, Gil, 5


Zeng, Marcia Lei, 52

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40+ New Revenue Sources for Libraries and Nonprofits .....................................................................A, C

Acquisitions: Core Concepts and Practices, Second Edition .................................................................A, C, I

Adults Just Wanna Have Fun: Programs for Emerging Adults .................................................................A, C

Becoming a Media Mentor: A Guide for Working with Children and Families ..................................................A, C, G

Capturing Our Stories: An Oral History of Librarianship in Transition .........................................................A, C, I

Digital Library Programs for Libraries and Archives: Developing, Managing, and Sustaining Unique Digital Collections ...............A, C, I

Engaging Babies in the Library: Putting Theory into Practice .................................................................A, C

Exploring Discovery: The Front Door to Your Library’s Licensed and Digitized Content ...........................................A, I, X

Five Steps of Outcome-Based Planning and Evaluation for Public Libraries .....................................................A, C

The Heart of Librarianship: Attentive, Positive, and Purposeful Change. .......................................................A, C, I

Inspired Collaboration: Ideas for Discovering and Applying Your Potential ....................................................A, C, G

Librarians and Instructional Designers: Collaboration and Innovation ..........................................................A, I

The Librarian’s Nitty Gritty Guide to Content Marketing ....................................................................A, C, I

Libraries, Leadership, and Scholarly Communication: Essays by Rick Anderson ..................................................A, I

Library Improvement Through Data Analytics ............................................................................A, C, I

Linked Data for Cultural Heritage .........................................................................................A, I

The Newbery and Caldecott Awards: A Guide to the Medal and Honor Books, 2016 Edition ......................................A, C, G

The New Instruction Librarian: A Workbook for Trainers and Learners ........................................................A, C, I

Once Upon a Cuento: Bilingual Storytimes in English and Spanish ............................................................A, C

Shared Collections: Collaborative Stewardship .............................................................................A, I

Teaching Information Literacy Reframed: 50+ Framework-Based Exercises for Creating Information-Literate Learners ..................A, I

Young Adult Literature, From Romance to Realism, Third Edition ...........................................................A, C, E, I

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