Deluded In Love Novel by Rema King

Deception is a modern epidemic, a disease that has been festering in the hearts of mankind since the dawn of time. We deceive our bosses, those in authority and loved ones as a course of habit. But sometimes the most harmful deceptions are those we play on ourselves. Deluded in Love is a nail-biting and tragic tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very last page. Suzanne Sinclair is a single parent and up-and-coming celebrity who is plagued by traumatic memories of her abusive past. When she meets Carlton Patrick, an ex-convict, she’s drawn into a world where, deluded in love, she exposes herself to deceit, betrayal and ultimately, murder. Suzanne reminds us we must be careful what we wish for, because we might just get it.

Deluded in Love Paperback by Ms Rema King - Amazon
Deluded in Love Paperback by Ms Rema King
Deluded in Love by Ms Rema King Paperback – Large Print - Amazon
Deluded in Love by Ms Rema King Paperback – Large Print
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