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Real-time Alert Messaging System<br />

Local<br />

Police<br />

County<br />

State<br />

Patrol<br />

www.copsync.com/responderNA<br />

Every agency, every officer, <strong>ONE</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Certified by<br />

Powered by<br />

One <strong>Network</strong> connecting law enforcement Nationwide.

Get Your Officers Connected!<br />

Oicers can’t predict the future, but if they have real-ime access to history on the person,<br />

vehicle or address they are about to approach, they enter the future beter prepared.<br />

That informaion could be lifesaving, and that’s the kind of informaion found in COPsync<br />

Responder with <strong>Network</strong> Access.<br />

The COPsync <strong>Network</strong><br />

Two-way communication<br />

Local Police<br />

County Sheriff<br />

Oficers communicate<br />

and share information<br />

across jurisdictional lines.<br />

State Patrol<br />

COPsync History<br />

Responder with<br />

<strong>Network</strong> Access<br />

COPsync911 Alert<br />

AVL<br />

Real-time information<br />

Buildings send<br />

COPsync911 alerts<br />

and receive<br />

Reverse Alerts<br />

SMS<br />

Oficer Emergency Alert<br />

BOLO<br />

Real-time location and<br />

communication<br />

Real-time messaging<br />

offcier-to-oficer<br />

and from<br />

COPsync911<br />

Advance warning notiication<br />

www.copsync.com 972-865-6192

Improve Officer Safety<br />

COPsync Responder with <strong>Network</strong> Access is diferent from the in-vehicle sotware<br />

already installed in many patrol cars. It’s simple and focused features enable oicer<br />

paricipaion in the only naional oicer safety community - For Oicers By Oicers.<br />

SAFETY for every oicer<br />

Auto Vehicle Locator (AVL)<br />

Map oicer, EMS and Fire<br />

locations in real-time.<br />

Be On the Look Out (BOLO)<br />

Receive real-time warnings of<br />

people, places, vehicles and<br />

objects of interest.<br />

Distance Based Alerts<br />

Get back up at the push of a button!<br />

If an oicer needs help, the ive<br />

closest oicers are alerted by<br />

one simple click.<br />

“When an oicer is injured or falls in the line of duty, a Blue<br />

Alert is acivated. The COPsync system enhances those<br />

features by informing oicers of danger before it happens.<br />

COPsync and The Blue Alert Foundaion hope the COPsync<br />

technology will reduce the need to ever acivate a Blue Alert.”<br />

- Tom Berry, Execuive Director and Founder,<br />

The Blue Alert Foundaion<br />

©2015 COPsync, Inc., a DATAonix company – All rights reserved

Improve Officer Communication<br />

COMMUNICATION among every agency<br />

COPsync911 Alerts<br />

Real-time alerts directly<br />

to oicers if a community<br />

building or high proile<br />

individual is<br />

under threat.<br />

Messenger<br />

Instantly communicate<br />

with EMS, Fire or any of the<br />

thousands of oicers on the<br />

COPsync <strong>Network</strong>.<br />

Map-based Messaging<br />

Instantly share your location<br />

and communicate with one<br />

or many patrol, EMS or Fire<br />

units and see their location<br />

on a map.<br />

INTEROPERABILITY nationwide<br />

Oicer Created BOLO<br />

Warn oicers across the county, state or the<br />

nation to be on the lookout.<br />

COPsync History<br />

A complete nonadjudicated<br />

log<br />

of oicer entered<br />

encounters between<br />

people and law<br />

enforcement.<br />

Oicer Notes<br />

Oicers create<br />

notes seen only<br />

by other oicers.<br />

Comments in oicer<br />

notes are included<br />

in COPsync History.<br />

Innovation at the point of incident<br />

COPsync’s proprietary in-car soluions use innovaive technology to increase<br />

oicer safety and eiciency, reduce agency costs, and protect schools,<br />

government buildings and inancial insituions as no other system can.<br />

Real-time information sharing Real-time alert messaging system Real-time link to COPsync911<br />

®<br />

Real-time threat alert system<br />

Software driven in-car video<br />

Building security Personal safety<br />

www.copsync.com 972-865-6192 ©2015 COPsync, Inc., a DATAonix company – All rights reserved

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