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Topical Newsletter from Forest Ireland - Voice of the Smoker in Ireland.

Forest Ireland

JULY 2016 NEWSLETTER About Us Forest Ireland was established in 2010 in response to the introduction of strict tobacco control measures in Ireland. We advocate on behalf of smokers in Ireland and aim to protect the interests of adults who choose to smoke tobacco. Forest Ireland PO Box 322 Churchfield Cork t +353 85 117 0943 e t @Forest_Ireland We have selected some topical issues that may be of interest. If you have any queries or require further comment please don’t hesitate to contact us. John Mallon Forest Ireland WHO URGES STRONGER TOBACCO CONTROL…IN SYRIA “I can see the problem. While fleeing from air strikes, mass graves and ethnic cleansing, Syrians have just got to resist the temptation of a quick gasper to calm their nerves. Your home may be in flames, your family enslaved, your torturers itching to pull out your fingernails – but above all you’ve got to ignore the pretty ciggy packet in your pocket. Has the UN no sense of shame? ” Robert Fisk, The Independent, 13 June 2016 In what is unquestionably the best recent example of tobacco control having lost all sense of perspective, the World Health Organization (WHO) chose June of this year to highlight what it believes to be a pressing need to control tobacco and shisha consumption among Syrians. In highlighting the issue, it urged Syrian health authorities “at all levels” to collaborate with the WHO in implementing plain packaging of cigarettes. (We would have thought that all levels of Syrian government already have their hands full.) Innocent Syrians are routinely subjected to drone strikes, bombings, rape, torture and death as their country disintegrates around them. Their daily plight is a reminder to those in the UN/WHO who, by their own admission, have failed to protect the hundreds of thousands who are dead and the millions fleeing for their lives amid the rise of so called Islamic State. That they now consider it appropriate to focus on what are individual lifestyle choices, being exercised by persecuted people, is perhaps the best available indicator of just how removed the organisation has become from reality. It’s almost laughable. Except, of course, that it’s not.

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