Trading and price movement with last week’s spot market was fairly mundane, with

only a few quotes deviating from levels earlier in the week to the end. Buyers’ interest

for adding inventory was muted, as they chose to wait until this week to analyze

weekend clearance. Very hot and humid weather in many areas of the country may

have played a role with restocking this week. Live cattle had sold between $116/cwt

to $118/cwt, prices that are steady to softer from week prior levels. Last week’s cash

cattle market saw the live animal trade in a range between $117/cwt to $120/cwt;

dressed carcass sales at $186/cwt to $190/cwt.


81/19 FINE GRIND: We did see a slight increase over the previous week and

we are calling the market firm over the next few weeks. We should see a moderate

increase as we get closer to the Labor Day holiday.


PEELED KNUCKLES: Slight decreases were reported this week, but we do

expect the knuckles to hold steady to slightly softening until the seasonal demand kicks in.

INSIDE ROUNDS: The market was mixed this week, with choice product off just

a bit and select and ungraded picking up a few pennies. They are expected to hold

fairly steady at this time.

BOTTOM ROUND FLATS: Although this market went slightly backward this

past week, we are still calling the market steady this week across the majority of the

grades. Look for increased costs out front as retail ad features will drive up costs based

on heavy demand.

EYE OF ROUNDS: A slight decrease was reported this week, but we still expect

the market out front to report moderate increases going forward with heavy demand

from retail and exports.


STRIPS: Strip loins continues to be under pressure as the packers continue to

discount this item to keep product moving. We believe we will continue to see lower

pricing well past August.

TOP BUTTS: With top sirloins we saw modest upward pricing on all grades last

week, and we are still projecting the market to remain unstable through August. We

should see higher prices as we get closer to the Labor Day holiday.

TENDERLOINS: The tenderloin market was flat on the choice grade and only up

slightly on the select grade but we all know that it will continue to go higher as we

move into the fall and winter months.


RIBEYES: Both light and heavy choice product took large gains last week and

continue to show strength going into the Labor Day holiday, while select product only

showed a moderate move up. We may see a slight downturn once we get beyond the

holiday before the fall and winter rallies occur.


CHUCK ROLLS: All grades reported flat this week, however, with the roasting

season and schools starting we do expect continued increases going forward well into

the fall months.

TERES MAJORS: Continues to be unstable across all grades as we saw a

minimal increase on the choice grade and a modest decrease on the select grade this

past week. This market looks as if it will remain unstable going forward.

BRISKETS: This week we saw a modest increase on all grades; however the

market indicators are showing brisket falling off once we get beyond the Labor Day



BALL TIPS: With Ball Tips, the market continues to rebound, and we believe we

could see moderate increases out front as the retail sector is actively featuring this

item on their ads. Look for increases to occur well into the fall.

FLAP MEAT: Despite the market indicators showing this as coming off, flap meat

took a moderate gain this past week. We still expect the market to lose value well into

the remainder of the year.

FLANK: All grades reported a modest increase in cost this week, and it is expected

to continue going forward until mid-to late-September.

SKIRT MEAT: The skirt steak market remains very unstable with declining pricing

reported last week. It is not out of the question we could see increased costs until

Labor Day, but after that we think we will see more downward price adjustments.


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