(WHITES AND BROWNS): New season opened as scheduled on Monday,

August 15. The fleet is out shrimping and we expect to see shrimp to the dock this weekend.

Prices continue to rise as we leave the spring catch and inventory is low.

DOMESTIC PUDS: New season opened Monday, August 15. There is a shortage of

mid-sized PUDS.


(BLACK TIGER AND WHITES): Black Tiger Shrimp 26/30 and smaller are starting

to firm up in price. Tiger inventory is low and we feel pricing will continue to rise as we get

closer to the holiday season. Farmed whites, both Asian and Latin America, are seeing price

increases. This market is unstable with pricing and product.

(MEXICAN BROWNS AND WHITES): Mexican farmed shrimp are seeing a

decrease in production. This will have an effect on Asian and Latin American Whites. Wild

Mexican shrimp should get in full harvest swing by the end of August.


DOMESTIC: With this warm weather pattern in the South, farmers are now able

to feed fish daily. Fish are growing fast but the warm weather has caused algae

blooms that have caused off flavors, so harvest has been slow. Outlook is for a good

season, late but good.

IMPORTED: New season produced a fair amount of fish. Prices remain high due

to USDA bill and uncertain costs associated with inspections. We are going to see

higher pricing next week. Long-term outlook for the summer is higher pricing.


CHILEAN FARMED SALMON: The fresh market is now firm on fish from Chile.

Fish from Europe and Canada are seeing higher prices. However, frozen portions remain at a

premium as those fish were priced during the strike and continuing algae bloom. Wild fresh

Salmon catch is now reported to be lower than expected.


The Mahi season for the most part is over in Peru and Ecuador. Fishing was subpar

on larger fish, causing high prices and low inventory. Most feel the Central and South

American product is the best quality. Make sure you are comparing “apples to apples” on

Country of Origin.


SEA: Pricing is starting to see signs of weakening 10/20, and 20/30 Dry Scallops could

be at or near the bottom.

BAY: Pricing is now steady, but we feel there is some more upside to this market.

Inventory is tight.


Pricing is unstable with reports of a drought and salt water entering the ponds. Inventory in

the US seems to be good; replacement cost seem to be trending lower.



We are seeing an uptick in prices that will happen as new product starts to hit the US. We

expect to see unstable to higher pricing as the USDA starts to take over inspection of Imported

Catfish. There have been some Vietnam producers shut down due to lack of profits. Shortages

of small fillets (3-5 oz) are causing this price rise.


COD: The market for Atlantic and Pacific Cod continues to see stronger pricing. It is expected

to see cod pricing higher than haddock this year. Pacific Cod fishing was a good catch.

POLLOCK: The fishery for Pacific Pollock has produced just smaller fish

(2-4 oz ) fillets. This could cause an inventory issue for once frozen loins if they

don’t start catching larger fish.

HADDOCK: Production seems to be in good shape with continued fishing.

Additional fish from the Bering Sea are keeping pricing down. Some suppliers feel we

can see these lower prices through Lent 2017. Summer fish are being harvested. This

will be softer flesh fish and we may see this fish at a discount



(FROZEN STEAKS & LOINS): Tuna is fairly stable in pricing and inventories are good.


The catch in Central and South America has been slow, with mostly smaller fish being caught.

We could see higher pricing as this fish hits the market.


(RED & GOLDEN): King Crab pricing is unsteady at this time. Inventories are

getting low and we could see higher prices throughout the summer.


(BLUE & RED, PASTEURIZED): Imports on Blue and Red Swimming crab are

stable and pricing seems to be steady at this point. Mexico is now on conservation on the

West Coast.


ALASKAN: Vendors are reporting they are out of product and will not have any more until

the new season. The new quota should be out by the end of October.

CANADIAN: Pricing moved up a little this week but many think that we are at or near the

top. We are seeing retail step into the market in these summer months, keeping pressure on

the 5-8 market both in price and inventory.


NORTH AMERICAN LOBSTER: Production is picking up and we could see

more inventory soon. With any luck this will lead to lower pricing.

LOBSTER TAILS WARM-WATER: Warm-water tails are now steady on all


LOBSTER MEAT: Pricing remains firm, and inventory is tight.

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