Michigan is the main sourcing region. Current market is

flat over last week. Quality is good.


Green: Growing regions out of Tennessee, North Carolina

and Michigan have reached a lot of rain this week. Market

is slightly lower this week. Quality is generally good but is

becoming variable due to the weather. Western supplies

continue to be weak but demand is even weaker. Market

is slightly down on all sizes compared to last week.

Red: Supplies are improving which is causing the flat over

last week. Quality is variable.


Rounds: Supplies continue to be fragmented and light

in Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Demand is picking up which is causing the market to

go up over last week. Hot and rainy weather has caused

volume and quality to be spotty. Vine ripes continue to

cross at Baja and McAllen. Some vine ripes are crossing

through Nogales. Supplies are light, paired with increasing

demand, has caused the market to go up over last week.

Quality is variable.

Romas: Like the rounds, Roma supplies are light and

fragmented in the East. Market is down on all sizes over

last week due to light demand. Quality is variable due to

heat and storms. Western supplies continue out of Baja

and California. Supplies for larger romas are becoming

short, which caused the market to go up on large.

Excessive heat is causing some quality issues.

Cherry and Grape: Cherry supplies and demand are light.

Market is slightly up over last week. Grape supplies continue

out of North Carolina and Virginia Eastern Shore fields.

Current market is slightly down over last week. Western

grapes continue out of Baja but supplies are lighter, which is

causing the market to go up. Quality is variable.


Carrot market is mixed this week. Carrots out of Kern

District, California are flat. Carrots out of Mexico crossing

through Texas are down. Supply is good and demand is

moderate. Quality is good.


Celery market is mixed this week. Celery out of Michigan

is down. Celery out of Salinas-Watsonville, California

is down. Celery out of Santa Maria, California is down.

Supply and demand are good. Quality is good.



Green onion market is up this week with light supply and

moderate demand. Light supply is due to lighter supplies

out of Northern Mexico. High temperatures and humidity

have the slowed growth. Expect lighter supplies to

continue through the month of August.


Cauliflower market is up this week with moderate supply

and good demand. Quality is good.


Asparagus market is mixed this week. Standard, large and

jumbo asparagus out of Peru is down while extra large

and small asparagus is up. Asparagus out of Mexico is

up on both standard and large. Supply is fairly light and

demand is good.


Broccoli market is mixed this week. Broccoli out of

Salinas-Watsonville, California is down. Broccoli out

of Santa Maria, California is up. Supply is steady and

demand is light. Expect supplies to be steady over the

next few weeks. Quality is good.



Import volumes on Gold Pineapples continue to be up every

week as expected. We are in the “pre-fall” push where size

profile is larger and overall availability is strong in support of

the coming holiday ads. Quality is excellent with high sugar



The banana market has improved as volume picks up.

Plantings and harvest are aligned for full production with

school starting. Volumes are good and fruit quality is strong


Supply is abundant with good volume.

Quality is good and prices are reasonable.


The ever-changing avocado market continues to make

headlines as this weekend brought another change to the

Mexican harvest. Floor inventories at shipping point and the

border cleaned up and harvest halted. The size profile has

shifted from a smaller profile to a larger pack, where 48s and

60s are now more abundant. Markets are not softening, as

demand has picked up too.

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